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5 Pound Hershey’s Chocolate Bar!!

5 Pound Hershey’s Chocolate Bar!!

We just got home from Hershey. Do you hear it? So, we’re adding this to the video because we’ve got some presents for the girls. London we got you a present. Claire we got you a present, too. Really? Yeah, but Lincoln… I guess Claire has a present for Lincoln. Is that right? (upbeat melodic jingle) What’s your present? Whoaaa! Feel how soft it is! He’s so fluffy! Wowww. – [Dad] Lincoln got a big boy bed. He’s always had– Dad, I know! I’ve had the same bed sheets
from the same bed still since that was my 1st
ever bed and I still… – [Mom] Since three years old. – [Dad] Wow. – [Mom] Beautiful. Since three years old.
Three years old. And you’re a lot older than that now. (yells) And feel this. Aaghhh! Thank you, Claire but Mommy. Thank you, Mommy. You’re welcome. – [Lincoln] Tessa likes it. – [Mom] I think he’ll
be really cozy tonight. – [Lincoln] Oh yeah,
Tessa’s like, “Oh, this is “This is it.” Let’s go pick out nail polish. Now, we gotta get them a present. (techno music) Alright, girls I have
bad news for you, good, good news and bad news. Mom said that you could only
get two pieces of chocolate. She said one but we
got you one and a half. So, we got one candy bar but you have to split it, sorry. We got one Hershey Kiss
for each one of you. That’s it. So Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Dude, we just got one to you. – [Dad] Just one Hershey Kiss, that’s all. (dramatic jingle) It’s so big. It’s chocolate.
What is it? It’s chocolate. First I thought it was tiny, but I didn’t wanna say,
“Oh but I want more of it.” So I just said, “Okay, good.” Good, so good but then… (whispers excitedly) And then we, we had to, only get you one candy bar because that’s what, you
have to split the candy bar. – [Dad] Here’s your chocolate bar! Oh no! I told you, I told you he was gonna give me it. You have to split it. I knew it. (Dad drowns out daughter) Let me hold it!
Do you feel how heavy that is? I wanna hold the chocolate. (sirens) (sings high pitch note) Chocolate, chocolate.
(laughter) – [Mom] That is crazy, big. Chocolate that is– [Mom] What do you guys
say to Daddy and me? – [Together] Thank you! It’s bigger than my head. We’re gonna have
It’s bigger than half your body. Like, two years probably. – [London] No, they’re
gonna eat that in a week. No, they’re not. – [Dad] Why don’t you just take it in your school, to lunch? And you just pull the kiss out, and then you just unwrap it at school? (laughter) And then you just start eating it. – [Woman] Smells chocolatey, eh? Yeahhh! This is where I hide my chocolate. From someone known as my sisters. This is like a bunch
of crushed up chocolate so I can just reach in
the bag and get some. Bunch of good Hershey’s. You letting all the kisses out? Those are the babies of that one? Yes (upbeat melodic singing) Alright, here is the deal we are gonna be vlogging
a lot over the next 30 to 60 days, just for
the rest of the year. We’re gonna try our best
to give you a daily video, in some form on our family channel. So, I am going on a trip
right now to San Francisco and then to Boston, then coming back we got some crazy stuff coming up. I brought this, right here. For this guy, (laughs) good timing, man. This is so huge. Five pounds. You can break that in
half with your pinkies. Yeah but it’s gonna take
six years to eat it. (laughs) I don’t know, I’ve seen you eat chocolate. Alright so, we’re having a
quick YouTuber fun meeting, and then go to the airport, travel vlog. I guess, whatever, San Francisco stuff. I’ll tell you more in a minute, but 30 or 60 days of
vlogging is coming up. What do you think about that? 60 days? Maybe not 60. Of videos, yes. Does that work? Yeah, man. (harmonious upbeat jazz tune) Perfect timing, the horn starts honking right as I get out. Here is the deal, 25 minutes til my flight takes off, it already started
boarding five minutes ago. Somehow, I made it to the airport. That meeting was awesome. A bunch of our friends that are YouTubers all chatting together about
all these business strategies, about YouTube tips, and about
all these different things. Just so fun and whenever you get together with a bunch of YouTubers you just have so much in common, we’re all just good friends so that was fun but I have to
make the trip to San Francisco. I haven’t explained why I’m going there and I definitely will but for now let’s get on this plane. (upbeat music) There is not one person
in the boarding area and I told her, “Wow
it’s already boarded?” she’s said, “Yeah, not very
many people on this flight.” So, that’s great. So, we been coming to San Francisco a few times this year, and I
always think it’s interesting they have this Christian
Science Reading Room, and there’s always somebody
in there, reading books. Oh, man it is hot. I’m going back in. (Upbeat techno music) The baseball game is on it is one to one. So, I’m watching the game intensely. It’s so cool. YouTube TV is the main sponsor of it, so you see the YouTube button? Let’s see if we can find it. Almost every time that they are up-to-bat you see the YouTube play button. There we go! YouTube TV baby! Right there in the World Series. Let’s see if this guy hits a homerun, just happens to hit one,
while we’re watching. Nope. I’m gonna go get some food. This place is super fancy. Stanford University is next door. Let’s go get some food. (Melodic Club music) Okay, Palo Alto. You win. One of the best cities in the world. For those of you that go to
Stanford you are so lucky. Not only a good education, but the weather is perfect here. So, yeah I’m on the hunt for
Nordstrom, just had Chipotle. See how it goes. (upbeat club music) That is a ginormous Apple store
right there, it’s beautiful. In this mall we have walked past three of our favorite stores. The Apple Store, the Tesla
store, and the Nike store. Again, Palo Alto, you are amazing. I love this place, and I still haven’t found the Nordstrom yet. – [Man] Eventually… This is it. I did it, I did it, I did it. I got me some clothes. I’m gonna look sharp. We decided that we’re
gonna vlog a lot more, that’s why I’m bringing you guys along. Tomorrow I’m speaking to some people at Google Headquarters, like
the main Google Headquarters, the mothership I’ve never even been there. I don’t know what’ll
happening that’s interesting, but we’re gonna show
throw up some content, show you our life. It does kinda stink,
to not have the family, like, no Lincoln, no Leslie but they will be back, in some
videos when I get back. So, let’s go see what
Google Headquarters is like. Let’s first figure out how
to get back to my hotel. (upbeat music)


Guys like this so they can see please……. Whats inside? Family and the regular i LOVEEEEEEEEEE you guys so muchh!!!!!!!! Ive watched all of your vidoes, entered every single one of your giveaways (Never won) And just thank you guys so much you help me out a ton cuz i can get really really stressed and you guys just really help me so much! Thanks!!!!!! P.S I want to win that phone so bad like wow. Thanks for letting me waste your time! Bye!

Omg wile you where driving and vloging I seen a place that I seen wile I was in Utah I all most cried I was so close to where you all live I really wanted to meet you guys wile I was in Utah but there was a lot going on my grandpa passed away wile me and him where there on vacation

Where does @WHAT'S INSIDE? FAMILY get their music, it's super cool and I might want to use some of the songs in a video i'm working on.

Could you do a vlog on what's it like to be puppy owners & give tips to people looking to adopt puppies?
Also, it's been long since we've seen you hanging out with Shonduras, hope to see y'all collab on a Whats Inside video soon~

I had the same reaction when I saw that big giant Hershey Kiss I'm like this is huge it was a couple years ago I wish I can find it again in New York

omg im soo addict to candies aka chocolates omg lol that looks sooo good right now😂😂 is nov 16 2017

I just tried Hershey milk chocolate (I live in Australia) and it was absolutely disgusting literally had a vomit taste to it

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