5 Really Cool Tech Ideas Under $50 (April 2017)

hey what’s going everybody hope you guys are doing good out there in YouTube land I work here once again on TECA tomorrow so right now we’ve got something cool going on for you folks we’ve got five cool tech products for under fifty bucks that’s right without finding five would be cool too the nifty little devices all for under fifty bucks so that you can afford them in your little wallet so with that said though let’s jump in and let’s check out the top five for April 2017 all right so first up in April folks we have the Belkin bsv 3000 TTC w3 outlet wall mount cradle surge protector with dual USB charging points 2.4 amp total but what this little Belkin bad-boy is is it’s pretty much just a charger and a wall mount but what’s really cool about it is has two USB charges on the top then you have three plugins on the bottom but the nifty thing is that the set you can actually cradle your phone on top of this little Belkin so we have to worry about it sitting on the floor getting dirty you can even vacuum around it and do everything else so if you’re looking for something that’s pretty convenient that won’t break the bank I mean this thing’s really like twenty-two bucks on sale right now it’s a pretty nifty little product who’s looking for something that’s really cool and it seems like kind of the theme this month is pretty much a lot of chargers so the first one we got is this Belkin if you’re looking for something that’s pretty powerful very very inconspicuous and you can cradle your phone on it then hey this Belkin little bad boy you might be the charger and plug you’ve been looking for now for those of you who are always in the go and are looking for a charger to charge up your laptop of your phone this next one might be for you the product I’m talking about folks is the EZ ACC 13,000 milliamp hour power bank it’s a portable charger for smartphones tablets pretty much anything you need to charge it’s black and it’s armed so if you’re into that theme kind of Halloweeny for me and this might be your thing it features dual inputs to recharge itself to full is about 3.5 hours which is about 2.5 times faster than a regular portable charger it features a very powerful 4.8 output and achieves a powerful charge up to 4.8 through both ports at the same time which means it can charge two high-end inputs at the same time at full speed this device also features smart technology now this auto detects and outputs the exact current your device needs delivering a fast and universal charging all around this little bad boy though can provide for charges to an iPhone 7 2.5 charges to a galaxy s7 or one charge to an iPad air 2 and best of all it doubles as a flashlight in case you get lost in the dark the easy ACC features two standard USB and two micro USB charging ports and best of all this powerful little charger comes to market for under 25 bucks all right so this next item is probably going to be kind of hit and miss with you folks so we all know that a lot of phones out there won’t use a wireless charger depending on how they’re built but if your phone can use a wireless charger check out this next device because I think you’ll think it’s pretty damn cool so what am i rambling on about I’m talking about the s’ti Qi fast wireless charger and this device can charge any phone out there that features the key technology it’ll work with your Samsung Galaxy s7 the x6 your active your edge your edge plus your note 5 and pretty much any key enabled device that you can find out there and once again this handy little device is under 25 bucks ok so so far we’ve seen a charger for your portability a wireless charger a wall charger but hey how about a charger for your headphones so check this folks the morphe power capsule what exactly is this thing well like it says it’s something to charge up all of your headphones it has a rechargeable 1400 milliamp Universal battery which provides wireless earbuds with up to 60 hours of audio playback it also features a soft touch interior which protects your device and prevents scratches so that means when you put your headphones and to charge them even if you’re running around bouncing around doing stuff you’re not have to worry about damaging your headphones whatsoever and like some of the cool advice that we’ve seen before you can actually charge up the power bank and your headphones at the same time and if you’re wondering yourself hey Laura how do I know when my Morphy power bank is fully charged where there’s an LED light on the bottom that lets you know when your power bank is fully charged now even though Mophie claims is the power bank for charging up your headphones there’s actually a USB charging port inside so you can pretty much charge anything you want all right folks this last item it’s not a charging port whatsoever it’s actually a sandman clock that’s right now this is a very new product that just actually came out of the mark about a week ago I contact the company up and I said hey man this thing looks like it will fit perfectly inside of our top five video so they sent it along let’s check it out now the Sandman it’s actually something pretty cool no it’s not as cool as the Metallica song but still it is a four port USB charging alarm clock now the one that we got is white it also comes in black now for you folks out there who have a white desk you guys can see on our white table this thing just looks badass it’s clean its elegant it’s very minimalistic as well now with the sandman you can eliminate fighting with your wife over who gets to charge their phone first because there were actually four USB charging ports located on the sandman so you can keep your nightstand looking good and you also get integrated cable management so it doesn’t look messy whatsoever and with the sandman you never have to worry about knowing what time it is because it has such a large display you can see it from even way across the room and obviously the sandman does feature all the standard things that a normal clock has it has wake up all that stuff if you don’t like the lights so bright you can actually dim them but all in all it’s pretty much just a fancy clock with four USB ports and if that alarm clock just bothers the crap out of you simply hit that snooze button on top and click more Z’s but you have to admit this thing sure does look nice alright folks so hopefully with this video you folks are all charged up anyways like usual all these items will be down the like button hopefully you guys know what to do by now if you’re not subscribed please subscribe the channel and also if you don’t have your notifications on please I hate to keep you know saying this over and over again but make sure you turn them on so that you can see the video in your video feed otherwise you can’t see all the goodness that’s going on here on TECA tomorrow so with that said though folks it’s the weekend so I hope you guys enjoy your Saturday I’m off to have a little fun next week we all know killer stuffs coming from AMD so stay tuned detector tomorrow for more tech coming your way

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