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– Hi, I’m Shelby Dash. – And I’m Ted Evans. – And we’re here yet again to show you
50 of the web’s top videos that went viral during October of 2016. – After this, be sure to also
watch all the original videos by clicking the playlist link
in the description. – We will do this all in just one take.
– In under four minutes. – Starting now! – Dog freaks out on his owner
when it sees him wearing its favorite chew toy, Gumby. – The dog sounds like a TIE fighter. – The dog gets rescued, is cared for, and nearly grows all its hair back. – Guy swims down the river.
The elephant thinks he’s in trouble, crosses the river, and adorably
nudges him back to the shore. – This groom gets the wedding
dance of a lifetime when his bride busts out
an intense dance routine for him. – That isn’t a sizzling meat patty. It’s a smoking overheated Samsung phone! – That isn’t a ghost ship. It’s more than likely a mirage
of a nearby lighthouse, unless that’s what the ghost ship
wants us to think. – More like fractures his arm. But he surprisingly takes it like a champ, even though he lost. – This guy takes extreme
preventative measures against the hurricane by whipping his hair and rocking out to SLAYER! – Shep Smith says that the hurricane
moves 20 miles to the west. You and everyone you know are dead!
And your kids die too! – The Family Matters opening theme is remade using scenes from Luke Cage. – (sulkily) Good grief. OnlyLeigh mashes up
Stranger Things with Peanuts. Will gets over being depressed
from the upside-down when he realizes the whole town
came together to save him. – Remember that real
court case that was dubbed and played by Rick and Morty in July? Well, it got fully animated by a fan. – Trailer for the new Wolverine
movie has his extra beardy, slowly losing his powers,
and burying someone. (gasps) For the love of god, please don’t let it be Professor X! – Trailer for the new
Planet Earth documentary showcases amazing animal moments, such as flamingo parties, bear twerking, and a giraffe kicking a lion’s ass. – The shark breaks into the cage, and the diver eventually comes out unhurt. – The president– wait,
actually, that’s Bill Murray, who predicts that the Cubs
will beat the Dodgers, which they did. – Bruno Mars is back with
a brand-new stuck-in-your-head single while dancing all over Las Vegas. – “Pineapple Pen” dude is back
with another song, this one about putting
on and off sunglasses. – The fanny pack rapper
is back with a remix featuring Ghostface Killah
and raps on a burning hoverboard. – Do not try this at home. Cody’sLab drinks a small
amount of cyanide, causing him to have a slight tremor, and explains that
it’s the dose that kills you, not the fact that
it’s a dangerous chemical. – Guy accidentally knocks
over four TVs, which break. But some people think it’s fake. – Take my money. Microsoft introduces its new desktop
that angles up and down. – Take my money! Nintendo introduces
its new video game system that’s half console and half portable. (anxiously) Please have good battery life! – Halloween event for Pokemon Go
gives increased candy rewards and more spooky Pokemon. – He instructs various synchronized
formations and actions with other players in Overwatch. – This majestic clip of a pigeon
from Battlefield 1 has you flying as it to notify
the artillery team to fire. – This not-so-majestic clip of pigeons have several of them getting
sucked into a grain grinder. – The huge plane tries to land
and nearly crashes. But thankfully, it successfully lands
on the second attempt. – Another huge plane tries to land and almost crashes in heavy wind. But thankfully, it successfully lands
on the second attempt. Damn you, scary wind. – He takes back the armrest and ignites a comment war
over armrest etiquette. – Leokimvideo opens the egg sac and reveals hundreds of dead baby spiders. – Fan goes onstage with Green Day
and rocks out on guitar to the amazement of the band and crowd. – Current kid and future
U.N. leader speaks Russian, English, German, French,
Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic and amazes the judges. – First, Lexi’s upset
that Ava’s a minute older. Then Ava’s upset that
Lexi’s half an inch taller. Get ready for a lifetime
of competition, girls. – They shave the wood EXTREMELY thin. – The pink car stands up
on two tires and wins the race. – He does insane tricks with his bike, like climbing a roof, biking
underwater and on a barrel of hay. – Another month, another crazy jump. This time, the guy drops 129 feet, barely making it into the water. – Elevators? Pssh! They scale their way down,
eventually jumping off a bus, and make it to the ground. – Speaking of elevators, Tom Hanks
dances and spooks a couple as David S. Pumpkins
in this SNL Halloween skit. (deep, goofy voice) Any questions? – 1,000-watt LED plus drone
equals this UFO-looking machine. – Guitar strings plus shovel equals this awesome
electric guitar shovel. I dig it. – If you’re a Walking Dead fan and you haven’t watched
season 7, look away! The premiere’s shocking death scene is remade with adorable Legos! – Roomie does impressions of 16 singers, such as Drake, Justin Bieber,
and even Ellie Goulding. – Jesse Wellens dresses up
as Silver Surfer and skateboards all around NYC! – Ken Bone asks a question
about energy policy at the second presidential debate,
became an internet sensation, and soon after came under scrutiny when he was linked
to controversial comments. – Epic Rap Battles has
the two presidential candidates going head to head. Many of the comments
thought that Abe Lincoln won? But what do you think? – The second presidential debate
gets covered by SNL, who makes fun of Donald Trump’s hovering and Hillary Clinton’s over-preparation. – And finally, the second
presidential debate gets redubbed to have both candidates singing
“I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” which also describes the feeling
I had after watching it. It’s hilarious how random that video is. – I know, it’s like no one saw it coming. – (lip-syncing) ♪ Because I’ve had ♪ ♪ The time of my life ♪ ♪ No, I never felt this way before ♪ ♪ Yes, I swear (Yes, I swear) ♪ – Thank you guys so much for watching our monthly YouTuber spoilers show. – It’s always a blast
doing this for you guys, and we’ve been loving all
the support you’ve been giving us. – Keep those suggestions
coming in the comments and let us know what videos
we should cover next time. – That’s all for this month. And now, here’s all
the times we messed up. (tone) – Dog freaks out on his owner
when it sees him wearing its favorite chew toy, Gumby. – Dog sounds like a FIE tighfer– – FIE tighter? (tone) This guy takes extreme
preventative measure to agance the hurricane by– yeah, okay. – (chuckles)
– Damn! (mocking tone) Extreme
preventative measures– hurricane. (tone) – Bruno Mars is back with
a back-in-your-brand face… – (imitating) “Back in your bam!”
(laughter) (tone) – Epic Rap Battles has the two
presidential debates going… NOOOO!!!!
– NOOOO!!! – NO!!
– NOOO!! That was cooking! (tone) – It’s hilarious how random that video is. – I know, it’s like no one saw it coming. ♪ (song begins) ♪ – Sorry.
– God damn it! (crew speaks indistinctly)


i like how they covered a video by tiarawhy imagine the young viewers finding that video and being curious about the animator

Please react to B.A.P's "Skydive" music video!! It's seriously a masterpiece with great music and cinematography and an intense, dark story!

Cubs winning the world series definitely making it in the next video hoping the Hamilton Chicago cast singing "Go Cubs Go" makes it in too!

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