5K SPECIAL FLOW -Inline Skating Paris 10

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inlineskater and
welcome to today’s special flow special because we just hit 5,000 subscribers
thank you so much as promised I’ll answer to some of your questions and
show you my workspace and art let’s go go go where are you from or urgent I am
half French – Golan and I lived in multiple countries apart from Paris
friends I lived in Brazil for five years and Angola for almost ten years
so I speak at least three languages French Portuguese and English what
inspires you to new ideas and do – very interesting question I have a lot of
ideas that come like that and I read them all in this book but yeah my
inspiration comes from a lot of things actually from your comments to things
that have absolutely nothing to do with I’m skinny but I adapt to this
discipline and my own personal style your top 5 anime oh it’s going to be
difficult so much amazing content and I have to pick only 5 Wow okay so boku no hero academia Deadman
Wonderland Air Gear tactical histo malleable baka pistol the last one is so
hilarious it was difficult to choose if you had only 24 hours to live and you
had the opportunity to make out with Robert Downey jr. would you make out
with him what does make up me let me check on Google Translation
what how do you skate on terrible terrain I’m planning on doing it to tell
about that but basically I’m skating on terrible terrain you should get lower
and shift your weight on the most powerful wheels of your skate into the
hill zone if you were just kid with a speed skate what wheel size would you go
with and wet bearings and frame I don’t know nothing about speed artha I don’t
know nothing about speed skating but hopefully I’ll soon skate with a speed
skater don’t miss this episode now this is the question that got the most likes
and it’s also the question I get asked all the time
could you make top 5 slalom tricks to learn for beginners thanks first of all
I have to say that you have an original user name and avatar it’s amazing
so my answer yes that’s it for Q&A now let me show you my workstation welcome
to my room I mean the part that’s organized this is where I work on my
drawings photography and video so I draw and edit my squad Rafi on lino desktop
PC that’s super slow seriously I have to do something about it I use a 27-inch
screen so it’s easier for me to see things without having to get closer to
the screen but it’s not the most color accurate I think it has around 70% of
the Adobe RGB color space I’m not sure some people ask me what tools they use
to draw on my computer and edit my photography I use a graphics tablet it’s
like if you’re drawing on paper with a pen but you’re staring at your screen at
the same time as your programs I use for that are pin tool Sai and Photoshop
I love Photoshop it’s my favorite program ever you may have noticed that I
have a few film cameras right this one is my favorite the Nikon F for first
camera to be designed by a Ferrari automobile designer and look how fast
the burst mode is almost as fast as my nikon d750 anyway I prefer going on because I may
speak for an hour basically I lost geography I love
technology and my problem is but I always end up collecting things even if
they are useless my room is super messy and full of objects it’s like a museum
here and for a video I use a word powerful gaming laptop because video
editing requires more power from your GPU and CPU and the programs I used to
make these videos are Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop and painful cipher with drugs
I tried to make vids and super fast because my videos take a lot of time to
edit the longest videos to edit for me our shortest ones like a free two five
minutes video will take me around 6 to 7 hours to edit anyway now let me show you
my professional portfolio this is what I showed to my client
I’m a photographer specialized in product and portrait photography and I
love creating fancy lights I would consider my style as a mix of an
American style and French Dutch I absolutely love to work in a studio or
several light sources my goal is to make the most precise image I can do I play
very close attention to detail if you want to see my photos in HD I recommend
you to go to my website at Jaguar comm the link is in the description of this
video now let me show you my old drawings when
I used to draw on paper some of these drawings come from another YouTube
channel I had many years ago I used to do speed drawings I don’t draw on paper
anymore I prefer drawing on computer I even give
away all my drawing gear like my Copic markers everything man these are old I’m
kind of embarrassed this one is in my last speed drawing video on my other
channel and I was celebrating 300 subscribers but has been so inactive but
many people went out man and the following drawings are some tests I made
and some random stuff I’m thinking on making videos on my other channel like
doing speed drawings again and some behind the scenes of my photoshoot or
maybe behind the scenes of this channel I don’t know what do you think about it
guys I tried to make it more personal video this time did you like it
I showed you my passion what is yours again thank you so much for the 5000
subscribers you are all really amazing thank you so much for your support see
you in the next episode

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