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Hello! And welcome to FridgeCam.
If you eat food… …then this is the show for you. In the fridge today… …we test every kind of kitchen gadget
you’re gonna need this Black Friday… …we go old-school and play
a party game with chocolate… …but first! Everyone has leftover turkey
at this time of year. Especially in America. So Ben’s gonna show you how
to make something great with it. And then we’re gonna show you how
to make something spectacular with it. Leftover turkey dish…
not a curry in sight. This is a good one for
using up breast meat. So what we’re gonna do is
make a savoury crumble, and it begins with all the fillings and flavours. So, red onion, garlic.
Peeled. Sliced, diced. Sweat the stuff in a pan
with a shot of oil. Okay, while that’s sweating off, I’m also going to sheath a couple
of corn and wilt some spinach. So just boil a kettle,
pour it straight over, and the whole thing will wilt down, then we’ll drain it and
squeeze off the water. This wasn’t good enough to make
our Black Friday Kitchen Gadgets, so I thought I’d shoehorn it in anyway. If this wasn’t good enough to make it, then I dread to think what
we’ll be using later. Not what I thought it was
gonna be, (inaudible). Well, you should’ve held it back.
Oh no, there it is. Oh, it’s broken. Single use. That’s better. Oh look, that’s easy. Useless or not… You decide! If you can’t be bothered to pull it, slice it. Let’s be honest, this is for the
day after the big celebration when you’ve got loads
of turkey left, or… Mm-hmm? If you wanna make it and
you haven’t got turkey left, get any turkey or chicken and just quickly
roast it, seasoned, and you’re good to go. But because it’s the day
after the big celebration, you don’t want lots of effort or FATH. Yeah. I’d like a bit of FATH every now and then. Well, you’re married, so you gave it up
a long time ago. Now we’re gonna combine
everything into this bowl. We’ve got our turkey,
we’ve got our softened onions, spinach, corn, crème fraîche,
and mustard. Ah, that actually looks good. I mean, the thing is,
everything in there… You know, you can eat
the corn just as it is. So that could also be the topping for a jacket potato,
could go into a sandwich or a sub. In our case, it’s the base to a crumble. That does look good, but it is gonna come
down to what the crumble is on top. You are gonna be judged
on your crumble, mate. Because if this is now a sugary,
brown, buttery type crumble… In our case, it’s butter rubbed
into flour, a bit of corn meal, some garlic granules,
and smoked paprika. Heavy on salt and pepper,
and scatter it over the top. What does the corn meal do? It goes in here. Yep. Adds texture, colour, and a slight…
not a nuttiness, but a slightly different flavour. And we’ve got corn in here,
so I feel like it’s just working. The base and the filling
needs to bubble. It’s pretty much already cooked,
but the crumble needs to cook, so probably 20 minutes
at 200°C will do it nicely. Which gives us the perfect amount
of time to make a banging b?nh m?. Am I right? Mm-hmm. Yeah. The banh mì… one of the world’s
most famous dishes. And why? Because…? It is just delicious. And? It’s a cornucopia of flavours.
Sweet, sour, salty — delicious. Much like the cornucopia of flavours
of our four personalities. And we’re gonna start
with a pickled veg. We’ll go with carrots,
cucumber, and radishes. We’re gonna slice them
finely de Julienne. Pass. Mm-hmm. Pass. That’s not happening for you, is it? No. It’s more Julian. -That’s definitely more Julian than Julienne.
-Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Once you’ve got your veg all
Julienne and Julian’d up, stick it on a bowl with some salt
and leave it for 10 minutes. For our broth, we’re gonna
finely dice some chili, some garlic, some ginger,
and some shallots. We’re gonna bruise a stick of lemongrass,
we’re gonna chuck it all into a pan, and we’re gonna bring it up to a boil
along with some fish sauce, some soy sauce,
and some chicken stock. Broth on! And now for the pickling liquid. Rice wine vinegar, salt, sugar,
and water in a pan; bring it up to a boil. And onto our bird. We’re gonna take the fat off
and then we’re gonna peal all the lovely brown meat off it. Watch out for the tendons, because
they’re thick and (inaudible). [Hallelujah! Hallelujah!] “Mike’s nipples are so profound today that I can
imagine them spouting off some Aristotle quotes.” “Barry is like the Buzzfeed of SORTEDfood.” Yeah. Yeah, I’ll agree with that. My life is just in lists and short sentences. Question: “How long does it take
to cook a human leg?” Roasting it a couple of hours maybe,
to get through to the core. “I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.” Sorry we changed thing. But Comment Of The Week
is back so, you know…yay! [Hallelujah! Hallelujah!] And now to finish off our picked veg,
in with a load of water to wash off that salt. Give it a little wiggle… Nice wiggle. And then pour over our vinegar. Give it a stir and make
sure it’s submerged, and then you want that to cool, so whack it in the fridge
for about 20 minutes. And onto our bread! These are French baguettes;
they need to be toasted in an oven. We are gonna halve them,
we are gonna open them, we are gonna put them on a baking tray
and put them in the over for 5 minutes. Our broth is reduced by half. The boys have picked all of our turkey… we’re gonna put the turkey in the broth
for about 10 minutes. And our bread is out of the oven and
it’s time to slop on some mayonnaise, some pâté, and some shredded lettuce. Whilst we wait for our
turkey to cool down and construct the rest of our sandwich,
why don’t we review some gadgets? I mean, that’s why you’re here. Let’s not beat around the bush. Yeah. Ooh. That looks like an adulterous
husband torture device. This device is the Egg Topper. If you’re a fan of soft,
or hard-boiled eggs but you don’t want to waste
your time tapping and peeling away the shell from
the top, this will cap it in one. Okay! This goes on here, and you… I quite like that! I think that’s pretty good! Well! That is the Egg Topper. Useless or not? You decide! I put my shoe on with one
of these this morning. Is it a SheWee? The Ring Pull Can Opener. If you struggle to get your fingers
under that tight ring pull, then this leveraging device
will make it super easy. That’s why they created ring
pulls in the first place! The Ring Pull Can Opener…
useless or not? You decide! I like peaches, though. I know what this is. I had these as a toy.
It’s the feet to Mr. Potato Head. Where’s the rest of him? The Potato Foot… a cheap piece of plastic,
perfect if you want to microwave a baked potato. It pierces the skin and keeps
the potato off of the plate. A perfect, even cook every time. Oh, I’m actually right! Is it actually…? Good! Mr. Potato Head’s feet… useless or not? You decide! Oh, what is that?
I don’t want to hold it like that. This is the Cherry Tomato Halver Guard. If you’ve got a bunch
of cherry tomatoes that all need halving for that gorgeous
salad, this will do it. Stack them up into the chute, slice down with
a serrated knife, and pop them straight out. Chop done! Okay! One… The fruit and veg slicing guard…
useless or not? You decide! This looks like one of those camping knifes that
Ben uses when he goes away for a weekend. This is Spread Dat, the world’s
most advanced butter knife. Made from a heat conducting metal, it transfers the heat from your
hand to the blade of the knife no electricity, no heating up required. This way, you can spread cold
butter straight from the fridge. Okay, that is making the butter
more spreadable. The spreadable butter…hot
spreadable butter knife. Useless or not? You decide! And yes, this is how much
butter I put on my bread. What? Oh my goodness! I’ve always wanted one of these! This is Darth Maul’s lightsaber, isn’t it? Oh my God, it actually comes out! This handy gadget is the Sushezi. If you haven’t got years and
years and years to train as a sushi chef but you want a tight roll,
then this is how to achieve it. Press in your sushi rice, add your fillings,
close it down, and plunge. The perfect sushi roll to (inaudible). Oh, so I’m pretty damn close. And I’ve got to make one. Great! Let’s see what happens! Oh, this is weird. Oh! Look at that! Okay, I started off a little
bit dodgy at the end, but by that side, absolutely fine. I get that. That does make some sense to me. But it’s just another gadget
to fill up the drawer. Do you need it? The Sushezi… useless or not? You decide! Somehow I feel stupider
having watched that. More stupid or stupider? Stupider. Definitely stupider. Anyway! Let’s construct our bánh mì! Well, that’s enough fat
for every sandwich. Well done. Yeah.
-Well done. Well, I don’t think we can
pass any judgment until both of our dishes have been
put through the sex scenes. Well, Ben, you’ve already tucked into yours,
so shall we have some as well? Sex scenes are sexier
when you can see into it. No! How is that a… You twist my words every time! How? That’s actually really good. There is far more flavour in that
crumble than I expected. Man, that is banging. Speaking of “bánh mì…” That is superb. So good. Really proud of that. Guys… it’s Thanksgiving. Should there be a loser? We can agree… -they’re both equally awesome.
-Absolutely, yes! We’re gonna put a poll up so you can vote
for which one of these is your favourite. Jamie, say something now. Of if you don’t agree that one of
these should be your favourite, then why don’t you comment
down below and let us know what you would cook
with your leftover turkey? Perfect. That’s what I wanted to… No! No! Double turkey. I’ve really enjoyed today’s episode. Me too. If you enjoyed it and you
enjoyed our turkey recipes, then there’s plenty
more on Oh! And if you’re going
to, you might just see that we have
a whole brand new completely fantastic absolutely incredible sexy
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our YouTube channel, because we will make you hungry.
But for now… …I think that FridgeCam had everything. It had one of the best Ben innuendos
we’ve had for a long time. Sex scenes are sexier
when you can see into it. And it had Julian and Julienne,
which was surprising. And if you stick with us now, we’ve
got an old-school party game. We’re playing spin the bottle! No we’re not. -No we’re not, We’re not playing spin the bottle?
-That will always end badly. We are not playing spin the bottle. Well, I don’t know what we’re doing then. Well…neither do I. Something with gloves,
something with chocolate. Can somebody explain what’s going on? -I’ve never heard of this game in my life.
-One more awesome kitchen gadget! Wow!

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