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6 Of The Most Unique Fidget Spinners!

6 Of The Most Unique Fidget Spinners!

Fidget Spinner Mania!!!!!! *Music* Whats going on guys? Lemme Smash Welcome to a new Video on me channel ha ha ha Brian looked for and tried to find the coolest fidget spinners that we could by on the planet alright, there are some pretty dope fidget spinners that you can’t buy that we can’t buy but coolest one that you can buy right now. links, There are gonna be in the disruption below if you want some of these puppies BOOM!!! And it also helps the channel out if you actually buy some of those. So, imma let you know wether if each one of these is a ‘Cash It’ or ‘Trash It’ is it good or bad?? Were gonna find out Guys Remember to turn on post notifications next to my channel On desktop and Mobile. To get noticed when I upload Coz’ were uploading don’t want to miss a woo because I
comment back in the first 30 minutes wheat let’s look at the first item shall
we you just naturally I’m not naturally stoked to be doing fidget spin everybody
else fidget spinner finger toy fidgety your
f—ing digit finger finger toys budget finger no fidget what digit spin her
finger toy what do you mean vigeous fingers this
one’s a bit different you know we’ve all seen the normal fidget spinners I think
I even have one in my pocket yeah so for those of you not familiar with the craze
this is a fidget spinner alright this is not one of the cool ones that we’re
looking at this is just a regular person well I mean it’s just a normal average
fidget spinner right it’s got ball bearings in it you take this out you can
see all the ball bearings in there and it’ll just essentially spin and it’s
meant to allow you to you know something to do with your fingers because a lot of
people like me fidget right and sometimes they fidget with things around
the annoy people this kind of gives you an outlet I know it does for a fact help
people that like help kids that are artistic and stuff like that I’ve seen
it makes a huge difference this one looks like it’s made all out of aluminum
meteorite like alloy balanced human magnetic field I’m very curious about
these like balls in there that maybe like something else that like if you
have a fidget cube it’s cool to like have that
tactile stimulation am i right and of cars okay a little smaller than I
thought it was going to be okay so I’m slightly disappointed already by the
fact that I thought these would spin they don’t they’re just balls they don’t
move in there I would hope they’d at least spin maybe click if I’m lucky I
don’t know so it says average spend time is what this is two minutes minimum
that’s entirely dependent on how fast I spin it so if I spin it like this I’m
gonna spin for two minutes it actually spins Oh spins for a while but barely
tapped it I barely tapped it that’s a good ball bearing in this thing I’m not
gonna lie okay maybe it will do like 30 seconds barely even tapped it alright
alright alright I’ll take your word for it
one of the things I like about this guy is that it’s very slim and compact
comparatively speaking to you know this one I mean ultimately they’re the same
size but this one’s like waist more slim and compact ooh and that sound 15 bucks
I would say it’s worth it link down description below next one fidget
spinner EDC ADHD focus ultra durable high speed three to eight minutes
spins on this one 3 to 8 minutes pins which is pretty crazy the body is made
from 100% titanium alloy material that’s cool it looks like it’s lighting up that
absolutely cool if it lit up let’s check this one out what just ruined their own
package with the tape that they just decided to like keep on the product get
out this is heavy this is very very heavy again slightly disappointed these
don’t spin again going back to the original style is that you can hold it
right here and kind of like spin it back and forth like this one’s a little bit
wide but you can spin it like this and it provides a bit of a different
kind of feeling but I tell you that looks beautiful doesn’t it not before
Lilly I do that is ready dude since it’s heavy it’s probably gonna spin longer
it’s very pretty oh no joke dude don’t laugh at me dude
it’s true you guys you guys get that that’s nice huh that’s a smooth spin
Valon really this won’t spin as long as the other one you’re right I can
actually see it in your hand it’s like jiggling back and forth this one right
here it’s drier you can see how that one’s gyrating so that one yeah you’re
right that one’s not balanced this one will spin foot Oh
so check this out I’m going to show you a little trick here too since this one’s
not balanced oh I’m doing it there bro I’m doing it I’m doing it you see that
but oh that’s way too heavy though dude that was it dude one time it just
destroyed it it’s all super loose now kind of falling apart here oh no
actually that’s just a screw so I can actually tighten that up but that’s a
little that’s dumb that it’s a screw though because naturally spin so it’s
naturally going to unscrew it I like the weight of that though $21.00 I say this
is a traction I say do not get this one LED glow premium fidget focus spinner
this puppy has LEDs in the spinner so that when you spin this guy it’ll look
like that that’s pretty cool curbs undesired habits like smoking nail
biting pen chewing and refocuses attention I mean there are some pretty
bold promises here oh yeah just spin a fidget spinner in your hand and you’ll
never smoke again in your life let’s you want sum fuk? Lemme smash that’s cool
all right cool that is really fast though or I wish you could like set
different patterns on it this one isn’t that expensive this one’s
only 12 bucks you know you can kind of forgive the fact that you don’t have any
control over the led salary though that looks pretty cool but see when you turn
it upside down it’s not even there definitely not balanced it’s this one’s
very very light to see that Oh almost dude I got cocky chicks out all right so
put it on the pen right stick it in there so it stays right and then spin
this puppy big-time you can do this with like a
pencil at your school or something like this what the issue is that this one is
not which is writing okay so now that you put this puppy on the pen and you
spin that puppy not impress your match if you’re that why
they’re like corrects itself that part that’s our school and it’s like still up I say this one’s definitely cash it you
can you can have some pretty dope parties with this Pro you just be like
watch my face it’s banning it look at it then get hypnotized boom noob a hand
spinner try spinner fidget spinner toys stress reducer so we have another one
it’s very similar to the previous one it’s just smaller down in the comments
below do you guys have digit spinners if so are you allowed to take these to
school I doubt it just because any time kids like get into something teachers
are like no you can’t get into that like it was pogs pokemon cards teachers
always ban it am i right like why do if it helps me focus you just spend
something come on teachers get with it dude because those photos are loud here
maybe one of the teachers on Benny you add a card haha okay I like a little
case that this thing comes in that’s kind of nice okay this is definitely
heavy nothing else I like it when there’s other little additions to the
sides and stuff like that but this one doesn’t have that it’s just it’s just
for spinning oh that’s loud it’s just loose very loose it’s heavy though so
it’s going to spin for a while I didn’t see any guarantee about how fast it’s
going to spin you hear how loud that is see that would be a distraction in the
classroom this one would definitely be a distraction in the classroom this one I
don’t think would be no Jesus what is that sound I don’t think so
you guys know what a soothe stone is it’s like a stone that has an
indentation that fits your finger a lot and it’s supposed to really relax and
like relieve people but that’s the feeling that this has it’s like a nice
feeling on your thumb much better than like the ones that have like the flat
right here that’s just flat this one has like an indentation for your finger it’s
enjoyable for my thumb it’s actually harder to spin because the edges are
smaller oh that’s scary and that’s heavy too is that when you do eventually like
lose control over it dude I almost broke my screen but this one loud I’d say it’s
a shit today she’d lose fidget toys spinner relieves anxiety stress they all
have the same title fast bearing focused toy for killing time so this one $17.99
pricey but it looks pretty cool this looks unlike any fidget spinner
that I’ve seen very unique very unique everyone your school is walking around
with one that looks like this I mean you get these things at 7-eleven for like a
buck 80 not for a dollar fifty when were you in seven love it I had one of these
one of these things and someone was like you get that at 7-eleven and I was like
nah and it was like they saw him at 7-eleven and I was like sweet and now
that was our conversation and then he was like Assad is this one looks very
dignified if you’re like if you want to be a dignified fidget spinner you know
one with class this may be the one for you
the card not a box not as dignified as the other ones already and that’s it it
just came in that not even sealed how blur okay so here we go this guy what
look at that edge the edge does not have that same if you look at that tactile
edge I was actually kind of looking forward to feeling that is it balanced
or not that’s the question oh I would love to dude
all that is like butter do your face oh oh you can barely even tell that I’m
spinning it too bad too bad this is plastic I’m slightly disappointed by
that I wish that was metal I really wish that was metal because this one doesn’t
have a lot of heft like like this guy this one’s like twice the weight the
more weight the better it’ll spin I really like that so far this one is my
favorite all these guys have all of these like protruding edges right
protruding protruding we like the spokes and the spokes
essentially when you try to spin it after it’s already spinning like I
experienced before you like Nick your finger you kind of like bruise your
finger a little bit not a huge deal but this one that’s all you do and it’s
spinning doesn’t hurt near as much to spin it when it’s already spinning so
smooth to put your finger against that yeah that’s nice see that one’s quiet
Alan’s away quieter this one would not be a distraction in class okay I like
this one this one favorite so far fidget or fidget spinner anti-stress okay
everyone has the same thing 1899 that ain’t no joke
spin it every environment low noise spinning perfect for work in school
that’s perfect for work in school middle caps hard to drop premium ABS material
rolling wheel to reduce stress I don’t know if this one’s really cool I’m an
expert oh why you’re going to break the products dude
what if you break them I have never broken a product that’s not true from
Carly oh you can break it you straight-up just broke it Oh fell right
out this one is a beast of a fidget spender this is for like the man’s man
the he-man yeah I want a fidget spinner but I don’t want to look stupid come
along dude that’s disappointing you can’t
think of it the way the gearing system set up they can’t spin it should that’s
really disappointing you see what I’m saying guys I wish that when this thing
would spend they would all spin with the gear that would be possible it wouldn’t
spin as long because there’d be a ton of friction but it’d still be pretty cool
no but there’s a there’s a bearing right there you see these are all bearings is
it too tight neat see it just comes comes apart like that see it’s like
supposed to kind of do it as you can see it’s like kind of happening but it’s
really really difficult to do it and they just keep getting caught on
like each other that’s a bummer if you’re designing a fidgets spinner that
one looks cool though looks and it’s huge though so this is still kind of
like for someone that’s got really big hands disappointing
I’d have to say trash it if you’re looking into designing pigeon
spinners redesign this one and have it work the way I want it to work and it’ll
sell boom am i right guys let me know down in the comments below also tomorrow
stay tuned on my channel on the community post I’m going to post a poll
where you guys can choose your favorite spinner out of all these spinners so
make sure you think about which one my favorite spinner is this guy right here
the smoothest spinning ones quiet it’s simple Brian Oh easy ones Brian finds
into the LED one it’s the LED boom what is your favorite
let us know tomorrow when I post a poll all you got to do is come back tomorrow
in the sub feed I’ll post a poll and you can pick which one is your favorite
alright now let’s see what they look like Oh running boom biggest banner
mania yes or night when I do the stopwatch
we’re going to be here forever dude I see this one you’re called Stronach no
one’s going yeah I know it’s because it’s super weighted I was still going
really strong you might be right that one stopped
yeah you’re out I don’t know slowing down pretty quick
this one just keeps going through those are over I balanced out that one’s out no way ty no behemoth the behemoth one I
would have never called it you see that thumbnail right there with that pink
little thing you’ll never have you never guess what that is
it’s really weird it’s not what you think it is so go over there click that
find out I’ll see you over there high-five


I had a rainbow circle fidget spinner that is matthiasses most favorite but all metal ,sorry if spelling was bad I’m just in a rush

I have the titanium alloy but it was a hand me down from my friend and led,the on with gold ring around it

When i was in 4th grade, fidget spinners was so popular in my school, but my teacher would always take mine's or my friend's.

The main reason teachers don’t allow fidget spinners is because they distract other students. Even if it doesn’t make noise other children will still watch it and get distracted

Teachers: The banning machines that banned Fidget Spinners and Pokemon Cards
Us: Telling parents to sue the teachers…

I have one fidget spinner that is lighting the color of The fidget spinner is color blue and the color off the light is blue green and red

I Do Hv A Few Fidget Spinner’s But Don’t Use It. I’ve Got Maraca Fidget Spinner, Ninja Spinner, 2 LED Fidget Spinner, A Regular Fidget Spinner, Bat Fidget Spinner, A Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner, Patterned Fidget Spinner, And A Diamond-Like Fidget Spinner.

My school always bans all the trendy stuff like fidget spinners, Bottle flips, and Pokémon cards. But my teacher dabs. 😼

Figit spinners r banned in my school its a 3 day suspension in my school if u get found with a figit any type of figit oof

No, because the sometimes bring sharp ones. And when I mean sharp I MEAN SHARP! A kid almost died! And are very easy to throw like a ninja star

Course you Matias when I keep seeing videos like this you are through you hear me through one more video like that and you’re fired and… I’m… Course you Matias when I keep seeing videos like this you are through you hear me through one more video like that and you’re fired and… I’m… Not… Kidding

I do have fidget spinners and I’m an adult.
I also have a.d.d. and tap desks, play with pens or jitter my legs, fidget spinners stop all of that. And the smoking thing, you need to replace a habit with a habit so it could help, not alone but it could help.

I was allowed to take One to school because I kept on tapping my pencil on the table or fidgeting in some sort of way and This helped. But every one else wasn’t allowed them so I had to hide it under the table when in used it.

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