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hi everyone it’s your skitter Priscilla Trinidad and this is what I have learned about skating every day for one year [Music] [Music] first of all I learned to love the process of each and every day prior to the final result that was to skate for one year history even if I was practicing every day it doesn’t mean that you’re learning something new every day so I learned to be very conscious about what I wanted to learn challenge my creativity way up high I started making better videos using hula hoops I started to do a slalom three different things within skating teen isn’t that if you feel that routine with something that you really trust in and that you are truly inspired of doing that routine it means these are plain energy and to be smart and because I was feeling that I was doing something that was impacting in my long-term goals and with everything that I wanted to do in that moment on every new city that I was in was pretty magical and a way to learn and connect different with the people and connect with literally the experience of being in another part of the world if you stick one thing that you love the most one thing that you don’t like too much the thing that you love will have a really positive impact in the other thing that you don’t like example I wasn’t that into learn Chinese but because I was going to the beginner all everyone I wanted to interact with these skaters that were Chinese to know what they wanted to share with me made my Chinese game better because it was all about skating you don’t need to be like a superstar or anything like that to inspire others you just need to be through to yourself and do the stuff that you’re doing because you truly true enjoy that it happened to me every day that I was skating outside and people were looking at my face and my joy inspired by it my example but the stuff that I was doing in that moment even if they were in skaters even they have like much of an idea of what I was doing and so that was something that was super important for me I receive gift from Matsu our skates [Music] please Lally legs estrogen and DITA thank you so much sugars if you are watching this it keeps me inspired to skate more thank you so much you skaters for watching my progress all the comments and all the supportive byes that I have received along my journey Liv you are going to start the challenge you shoot like it’s one of the most amazing things to do so thank you so much for watching this video if you liked this subscribe and I’ll see you in the next [Music]


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