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yeah i kill you…ya 8 am session with zane Olá YouTube, my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m on skates at in the morning with my friend Zane we´re in Hermanus and i need to do a drone shot for a work that im doing right now and what a better way to get there then skateing? where the 8 am slide? show me the 8 am slide ahhhhh 8 am slide might be the roughest floor that we’ll ever skate we´re ging dowhnill after , check this it’s even worse than gravel it doesn’t really roll yah, but thats what i gotta film Zane, Zane is trying to convince me not to go down this.. he’s like yeah you know he´s like, yah you know, you should go around the corner. would be a lot coller…bla bla bla i think he´s just scared to go down this shit look at him, he just went all the way around , now he’sI gonna call me like hey here is a cool place . you wanna bet? then come on he’s ZANE!! COME ON.. ahahah he’s good man this guy is so good with skating he didn’t skate for way too long look he’s getting speed.. he didn’t skate for way too long and he started skating again after 10 years without skating so it’s my pal ahaha.. you’re getting speed ? no no speed..thank you ahahah, i think i’ll slow down OK, Let’s do this. we got this shit check this …. oh my god this floor is amazing ….what a mess that’s cool…yooo.. haaahha DONE!! I hope I don’t loose my frame How you doing? its nothing, that was a easy one. lets see Zane, lets see what he has to say still waiting on him. i have no muscles left who needs muscles man? ahhhh.. i got that shit what’s your name? Daniel. Daniel doesn’t know yet, Daniel is my friend now yeah daniel is going to be the filmed, you’re going to be a cameraman is that ok? thank you ok now ! can you grab this here ? ok this just like this ok ok Daniel’s you filming? can you point it to me ? ok yeah all right go lower a little bit lower yeah check this. you can see it here let ya ok ok ok ok ok yeah ok yeah yeah yeah yah i kill you yah that was cool hum Daniel ? ya it was cool..ahaah yahhh!! now its Zane time..I’m gonna film zane now cheers man, thank you!! BETTER! Man, what do you think of skating ?what’s your name ? Miguel well yes Michael yeah what do you think of skating Michael have you seen skating in Hermanus? Yeah i have seen but yeah i never tried need to try this thing man!! I think its dangerous. .is not dangerous it is did you saw us falling once ? we´re just enjoying see we didn’t fall! i can’t ahhaha..give me 5 cheers man, chap chap so Zane was sliding for the first time in a different type of surface other than flat because he can actually slide really good flat ..even if at eight in the morning you couldn’t do it.. hihih I had to say it..I’m sorry, but..hahaha..but he learned how to slide on a flat bank .he’s quite happy .that was cool angled bank angled bank its how you call it? yeah !!…okay … YEAH Again….switch?? switch? no I’m not doing it switch the security is actually really cool i think he really enjoyed to see us skating i think he was just confused when we first came in like what the hell just happened? like , those skates don’t even have four wheels those are fake skates….haaahh..these is hermanus, they don’t even know what skates are nah they do..they do know what skates are but they were confused by the three wheels so they didn’t know if they could call this skates..they are triskates we came to show them what that is….woooo Hermanus gets triskates and now, is it left here? or we keep going straight? i think its left here, otherwise we´re going to a … that felt good! that was a cool morning session OKAY and that was half a morning session, with a little bit of work and lots of fun i hope you enjoyed this video and say good bye to zane bye zane!! ahahahahaha..and that was it, cheers!! see you soon, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel


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