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$900 28+mph Raldey Carbon All-Terrain Electric Board (vs Evolve Carbon GT)

$900 28+mph Raldey Carbon All-Terrain Electric Board (vs Evolve Carbon GT)

this is the all-terrain 28 plus miles
per hour fast and powerful Raldey carbon 80 electric longboard priced at just
$899 I’m Ben from authentech let’s check it out huge thanks to Raldey for
sending me the board and let’s start with an unboxing and my first
impressions off-roading this thing is gonna fly carbon fiber top good grip
tape huge two rear motors belt driven really like the design and the tires
here here’s a controller some spin belts a charger here output 2 amps 42 volts
here’s the controller feels a little cheap but I like the smooth slider we’ll
see how that goes little LCD screen just like they also include a little USB
cable charging your remote and a little skateboard tool which is nice all right come on in and check this out
let’s power it up see how she goes for our first time we’re gonna hold power
turns on there’s a sweet little vibration motor in there which is cool
and then underneath here is the power button as soon as I press that there we
go vibrates again that’s sweet shows remote and aboard
battery percentage and let’s check this power out oh sweet
there’s a toggle switch here to go from reverse to forward mode jumping into
speed three check this out I think I need a helmet all right let’s start in
speed one and go for a little test drive all right so we just got down here to
the light I can tell that this Court has a ton of power it rides pretty smooth
there’s a little bit of oh you’re traveling south from the back rear
wheels I’m just getting used to it but so far it’s riding really nice and I
think once you get the hang of a board like this it’s gonna be insane amount of
fun let me try all right so the braking is really nice
and smooth same with the acceleration I actually I like this little knob it’s
very easy to control forward and backward with brakes the board is carbon
fiber so there’s not a lot of spring in it I wish there might have been a little
bit of spring I have a feeling going off-roading is gonna be where it’s at
with this sort of board so much power and those dual motors in the back I’m
still in speed mode one which is a nice balance for me to kind of learn the
board and get comfortable on it but I can tell when we jump up to two and
three this thing is gonna be crazy power not sure hopefully we can switch that
two miles per hour on here it’s really fun so far though I’m starting to get
the hang of it the grip tape up top is really good there’s a little groove on
here which is gonna keep you up locked in and you you know where your feet are
located on the board so I later learned from my contact at Rosie that sound is
the spacers between the wheel and the truck I think they were just incorrectly
sized at first well I received an early unit they’ve
since resolved this issue they told me so it shouldn’t be a problem for future
boards I’ve been riding the board a bit more since then and I’ve definitely
become a lot more comfortable far far from pro but comfortable enough to
cruise in second or third speed mode here’s some of the key features and
things that I like first things first the power and speed dual motors is
absolutely the way to go and off-roading or all terrain large tires is definitely
the way to go makes your riding experience all-around
from road to sidewalks to the grass and dirt so much more smoother and more
enjoyable and fun those wheels and tires that I loved right out of the box
they’re puncture free non inflatable meaning you’ll never have a flat those
holes also add some dampening performance for all-terrain riding the
carbon fiber deck is t700 with skid proof and water resistant grip tape as
for max Rae they say you should get around ten to 15
miles or 20 ish kilometers on a fall battery it also looks like there’s two
battery models available on their website all right I just got back from a
long ride rode the board all the way down it says the trip was seven point
eight kilometers now there’s a little bit juice left but not a live sign that
cut out a little bit at the faster speeds a little dangerous too I was
doing a ton of off-roading lots of hard acceleration testing uphill capabilities
basically trying to push it to the extreme and my results were about five
miles on a full charge also side note the battery was not completely dead on
me I have no idea how much juice was truly left in the tank all I know is the
little icon showed empty battery on the remote and when coming back to the house
there were a couple times when I was requesting more power from the board and
it almost cut out on me I could feel that there wasn’t enough battery for
maximum power now I clearly understand if you take an average rider weight more
gentle cruising around the roads or sidewalks mostly level ground well then
for sure your range will greatly exceed mine I’m thinking at least a few more
miles and possibly getting to that 10 plus mile range though that’s just a
guess of mine plus there’s regenerative braking which I’m not sure how much that
adds but if you’re going down a lot of hills well maybe that’ll help your
mileage will vary I’m just sharing my experience to fully charge that battery
they say takes about three hours as for top speed this one is rated to hit up to
28 and a half miles per hour that’s 46 kilometers an hour now I am NOT skilled
no we’re dumb enough to try to hit that speed at my experience level however I
was able to hit right around 25 miles per hour and that was way wicked fast
for me exhilarating yes terrifying absolutely
please please always wear a helmet plus extra protection if you have it
I even had a tank slapper or death wobbles at one time at high speed it was
because I looked down at the remote to check my max speed and nothing short of
a miracle I let off the throttle slowed down and regained control it was
a closed called up the key takeaways be careful these boards are super fun and
fast but we gotta respect the power and speed oh and speaking of that wireless
remote I really like this smooth slider it’s very soft accelerating and braking
which is a huge feature and honestly might have helped save me in those
wobbles also a great little touch they added a flashlight built right into
the controller as I also mentioned previously the carbon fiber deck is nice
but for a wishlist item I also think a more flexible deck option would be sweet
maybe wood or mixed in carbon fiber this would be super nice for dampening the
all terrain plus having some flex on the turns and carving makes it feel a little
more intuitive and natural maybe we’ll see this model down the line those
massive 1500 watt dual motors in the back have fantastic power which haul me
up steep hills with ease they rated up to 30% grade I always love all-terrain
riding whichever electric rideable I’m on and this electric board is no
exception it’s a lot of fun ripping all around especially in the grass and dirt
oh and that super sick helmet I’ve been rocking it’s from Roo Rock massive
thanks to those guys for sending me one I have the RG 1 DX core with a stealthy
matte black grey finish it’s lightweight comfortable lining blackout goggles I’ll
drop you the link down below for this roll the all-terrain board price at just
$900 that’s pretty sweet when we compare it to the competition its direct
competitor I think as the evolve Carbon GT which is a sick board in itself that
one costs about two thousand bucks that helps to give context and shows how this
pricing aligns at more than half the price if you want to check out more info
I’ll give you the link down below thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon


So far that board is interesting, but the rattle…. No Mas! If they can fix that, we may have a sale after my one wheel

Do you think it would be possible to install handlebars on this? I prefer scooters over skateboards but all of the 25 mph+ scooters are over $1k. Also, do you think you could review the turbo wheel lightning electric scooter?

I'm so excited, finally you're back on outdoor toy rides This is so exciting outdoor ride thank you so much for that

Hello sir how are you . My name is Sourik Saha. I want to buy a action camera in this year. Which is the best one please suggest me. And you all videos are great.

Great video and info. Skater here who would love to lay my hands on one of those. I did check out the helmet, and I find it to be a little over priced. I have an Icon motorcycle helmet for my sportbike that didn’t cost as much as these helmets. I do like the design and idea of the helmet, but won’t buy as I feel there are other alternatives that are just as good without being so expensive.

Did I mention how great the video and info was? Please keep up the great work. Thank you for what you do!

Sick video bro, solid review, the motor placement is concerning. Looks like a 2 in high center rock,root,crack anything you can find off road, will do some damage.

Raldey Carbon AT ➜
*Use my link for a Gift Bag ($110 value; includes 2 wheels and 2 belts) OR Coupon code: RALDEY$30OFFBEN

You should try to maintain a slight carve when going at higher speeds to avoid getting speed wobbles. Cool board, cheers

Forgot to take out the metal spacers. But good review my dude. 🙂 Mine rips. My favorite board of 12 I own.

It rides really high and it looks like it's pretty carvy. There is no way this board is safe. but i want one so bad.

speed wobbles…. we used to get those when we pulled each other on skateboards behind motorcycles. ha ha, no clue how we lived.

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