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90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)

90s Kids Skateboarding And Hanging Out (1994)

What are you videotaping? What’s up Mark? -Do you think you’ll actually find a memorable moment
-Let’s party! -in all of this sh*t? F**k that!
-Mark, let’s get crazy. There is nothing. We should all start a camp and kill ourselves -A camp?
-Make a statement to the rest of the world cuz it’s ALL gonna come DOWN. -Wanna help me slam this?
-I’m going to soak my toe. What was that? Where’d you get that, Len? What? Where’d you get that? Stole it. Just kidding. In the name of ROCK! Hey! Oh Jesus. Do you want some rotten toe? No, I don’t want no rotten toe. -mmmmmm!
-Let’s see that. mmmmmm! That’s crazy! What happened there? I didn’t take my shoes off for a month from drinking party-ness. Passing out in bushes and sh*t. Now you have to let it hang out for a while? I gotta let it air-out. That’s cool. -That’s cool.
-Take my shoes off, enjoy the sunshine. ha-ha-ha-ha! -Can I record?
-Sure. It’s going right now. Jeroma, you’ve got a car behind you. Car… Jeroma, can I use that for a little bit? Yep. Where’s the um… …the non-record button? Are you guys pissed off and crazy? Hell yeah, and I just farted. That’s cool. Hey Len, do you know what Jerome just did?
-What? -Pulled my penis out.
-Yeah! That’s cool. And it had a big old snake tattooed on it. Hey man, tell him about your board, dude. Let’s hear about it. Is that your board? Tell him about your board with the gold wheels. -You’ve got gold wheels?
-Not gold wheels, brass. Brass wheels? How much did it cost? Three hundred and something, I don’t know… -Three hundred dollars.
-Three hundred bucks? -Can I ride your board?
-I gotta skate, man. -C’mon man…
-It’s in my blood. Come on, let him ride your board. Look, kid… Let him ride it!! You ain’t gonna ride my board!

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