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A GAS Car at a TESLA Supercharger?

A GAS Car at a TESLA Supercharger?

(upbeat music) – Welcome to a Lincoln and Dan vlog today. We are in Salt Lake City, and we’re going to a BYU football game. – We’re charging our Tesla
next to a non-electric car that’s taking up a spot. – We’ve come to this many, many times. The Salt Lake City Super Charger. If you look at some of our past videos. Like, what was the one? I got a ticket for this,
that was one of the videos. I charge at this one pretty often. Salt Lake City, this is the closest one. And, it’s always a ghost town here. Well, finally the state of Utah, allowed them to use this as a dealership, and like store cars on the lot. And, then also right now, we
are a week and a half away from the end of the quarter. Tesla is trying to
deliver these Model Threes as quickly as possible. Because it’s the end of
the quarter and Elon Musk wants to show profit
for the first time ever in the history of Tesla. It’s totally packed. You’ve gotta check this out. One thing that’s really funny,
there’s a car next to us in the super charging station and it’s not even an electric car. It’s like some Lexus has
just pulled in there. You’ve got, Tesla, no
Tesla, Tesla, no car, Tesla, Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. Model Threes over here. There’s the Tesla store. And then more Model Threes over here, more Model Threes right there. They are everywhere. The other thing that’s cool, I’m gonna bring you around here
on the side of the building. This is where they
actually do the deliveries. Elon even threw out a tweet yesterday saying he want’s people to come and help with the deliveries
that are Tesla owners. That’s be cool, I’d be down. I just don’t have time this weekend. All these Teslas, the
P100D, more Model Threes. Even across the street,
you’ve got more Teslas. Look at all of these Teslas
in the lot across the street. Tons and tons of Teslas. For all of those doubters
that say that it’s gonna fail, like the former CEO of GM, that says, “Tesla’s gonna be in the graveyard.” It doesn’t look like a graveyard to me. They’re selling more cars than
anybody right now in the U.S. It’s just an older guy that
didn’t know any better. There goes the Lexus. Aww, the drive of shame. That guy was probably
just a really nice guy, that didn’t know about Super Chargers. And he just pulled in there. We’ll cut him some slack. But, this is a public
service announcement, PSA If you have a gas powered car, do not park in a Tesla Super Charger. I’ve seen a lot of videos
of people doing mean things to the gas cars if they park there before. They’re pretty funny. Wow, that’s a beautiful Model Three. Look at it, white. Ooh, that’s probably what I would get. What’s your favorite color? – Blue – (Dan) Blue – Royal Blue – (Dan) Royal Blue car? – A royal blue Model SP100. – Ooh, that’s Lincoln’s
dream car right there. So, this isn’t just
about being here today. We’re going to a football game right now, a BYU football game. We thought we’d bring you guys along. – I don’t think you could
have told, because I didn’t have any BYU clothes. – We’re not wearing anything,
we might have to go. Oh, look, the blue jeep. That’s the color Lincoln
wants, it just drove by. We barely saw it. Alright so off to the BYU game. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, where are we off to now Lincoln? Pre-game what, pre-game snack? – Yeah. – [Dan] Lincoln’s favorite, the J Dawgs, the hot dog place that we’ve put in probably ten videos. (upbeat music) Perfect, thank you, look at that. Two pickle slices, J Dawg sauce, and mayo. They’re seriously so good. These are the best hot dogs. Look at this guy, this is called Rated R. It has everything on the board. (upbeat music) (cheering) Alright, we made it to the game. That wasn’t a great play. Whenever you go to a BYU game one thing you have to do is get ice cream. Check this out, BYU Creamery ice cream. Oh boy, this is a lot. Alright, BYU Creamery ice cream is good, BYU is losing three to nothing. They gotta beat this team, this team is, shouldn’t
be at the same level. But good for them to play well. (upbeat music) When you go to a sports game, you should be repping
the clothes of your team. Unfortunately, we’ve been traveling, we don’t have anything so Lincoln is looking for a shirt. – I can’t find anything. – [Dan] Can’t find anything good? – I think this is pretty good. – [Dan] This is a good one guys. – [Lincoln] I think it might be too big. – [Dan] Yeah, that’s gonna
be too big for Lincoln, that’s pretty funny though. Cougartail is a donut that’s here guys. That’s what that is. That little booth did not have the white shirts or the
shirts that we wanted so we’re going to the big store and we’re doing it while the game’s going, which I feel kinda bad about, but there’s huge crowds here at halftime. So Lincoln, find yourself a shirt. – Okay! – [Dan] Get a good one. (playful music) Alright look buddy, let’s see that shirt. What’d you get? You got a football, that’s cool for me, thank you for that buddy. – Yeah, you’re welcome. – [Dan] Yeah that’s a winner, throw it on. Let’s see it, a little
big around the neck. Straighten her out. Good job buddy, success,
let’s go watch the rest of the game. Touchdown time, here it is. Right here. – [Announcer] And it’s a touchdown! (cheering) (upbeat music) – [Dan] There’s the stadium right there. This is BYU police and this must be the motorcycle area. Look at all the scooters and motorcycles. They’re everywhere. (upbeat music) Third quarter right now,
think we’re gonna watch a couple more plays and take off. We’re beating them by a lot, we’ve got a long road trip ahead of us. Let’s see what happens here. (cheering) Interception, that’s pretty good. That means we’re gonna score right here so I guess we gotta stay
for a little bit longer. (upbeat music) Should we go, let’s get out of here. (electronic music) Good game, BYU won. We filmed all that with our iPhone. I think iPhones do a great job at filming 4K 60 frames per second, the audio isn’t as good, I need to get an external
mic for my iPhone, but I’d like to start vlogging just with our phones. We are going to head south, go down close to where my family lives. It’s about a four hour drive. (electronic music) This video ends where it began. At a Tesla Super Charging station. And this time we are in Nephi, Utah, heading south to see our family. It’s like four hours
south of where we’re at. We’ll get there pretty late, but fun day, hope you liked seeing a bit of BYU football. We’re going to one other game that’s gonna be in
Massachusetts later this year and we’ll try to make it to a home game. Those are our front row seats. If any of you are
watching that are BYU fans that go to BYU football games, if you come to section H on the front row, it’s like the north
end zone on the corner, we’re right there on the front row. That’s our seats. We don’t go to all the games because we’ve been traveling a lot, but if we’re there, come say hi. We’ll take a picture with you and say hi. So anyway, hope you like these vlogs. We might vlog a little
bit more if you like them. See ya! (electronic music)


Thank you for mentioning and going to J Dawgs. I love that place. 😀 And for mentioning the BYU Creamery. 😀

You should press the button on the charger 10 times on your tesla when charging and it will change colors

Not everyone is as rich as you to own a Tesla. And also non those Tesla's are for sale their mainly all reserved. So technically they still fail

The guy parked in the supercharging station that has a gas engine is like a person that parks in a wheelchair space without a wheelchair permit.

So… When is Elon going to integrate solar panels on the roof of the cars? As long as the sun continues shining, and you park outside, you'll be charged… 👍😉

At 1:13 I thought he said four model 3's there I was about to say u freaking dumb that's 3 but he said more not four

Yo this is weird I live in North Carolina and use to live in Massachusetts and u have been to North Carolina

I meant actually why is there a random car in the Tesla charger station charge charge sure station OK now I don’t even know what I’m saying

Did you ever saw a video about a woman trying to gas up the Tesla? Yea, she went to the gas station and trying to figure out where can she put the gas pump into the Tesla charger. It was pretty funny. lol. 😂

I saw a blue Tesla irl and Tesla’s can’t drive where I live so I guess since he owns a funeral home and a Tesla he owns his own charging station too

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