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A Hat That Plays Music? WTF

A Hat That Plays Music? WTF

– My dancing goes with this song. Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So what I got is a Bluetooth
hat that also plays music. I know, pretty crazy. Drop a Like on this video
if you’ve ever worn a hat just ’cause I wanna know that your head has been staying warm. That’s really all I care about. And if you’re new around
here, add me on Snapchat, my code’s right up here, I
go an video call you guys back on Snapchat, as soon
as the video goes live so I’ll be doing that for
around an hour, and it’s worked out really well so far. So yeah, let’s check it out. So of course I got a
Bluetooth hat, heck you. So yeah this is the
Bluetooth hat, it wasn’t too expensive, but it come with a freebie we got some gloves, mom,
my hands are stayin’ warm. I know I haven’t worn
gloves since I left Chicago but hey, it’s me, Keaton
Jackson here, with the gloves. I love it, if you don’t want
the gloves, this hat actually is cheaper, I’ll leave
links to that down below. I’m gonna have one glove on
for the rest of the video. So actually one of you guys
sent me this on Twitter, and if you guys wanna send
me anything, sent it to me on Twitter, my name’s right here. And yeah, thank you to that
one person who I forgot, ’cause now I’m checking
out the Bluetooth hat. Awesome, cool. So yes this is the Bluetooth
hat, it plays music it’s pretty simple. Now they’re only like
two parts on this hat that you gotta keep track of. The left side and the right side. Whoa, and then of course there’s this cord since it is a smart hat, we
got another smart hat here. This is the main portion of it, Bluetooth, if you didn’t already know ’cause it said it like eight
million times in this video. You got last track, next track,
play/pause and then there’s a hole in our hat, already,
I know, and it’s just a micro USB port where
you can charge the hat. And a cable is included so
you don’t have to worry. Let’s go ahead and try this
hat, I guess it’s a beanie, we’ll try the beanie on. Uhh, there goes my hair for
the day, worked hard on that nice to know, nice to see ya hair. Okay, alright, alright,
it’s pretty comfortable. I mean it wasn’t too
expensive, I’ve had some really nice beanies before,
wanna go snowboarding. Oh, I miss the snow. Yeah I mean feels nice, covers
your head, that’s really it. I mean, as a beanie
it’s super comfortable. Let’s go ahead and turn this
on, we’re just gonna hit the play/pause button
here for three seconds. Gog! Yo that was loud and it
was a nice voice, it said, “Bluetooth mode.” Let’s grab our iPhone here,
still on that iPhone’s oven challenge, if you haven’t see
that video, right up here. So many of you guys liked that video. Magic hat, oh my god!
Legit, it says “magic hat”. That is funny. I didn’t
know, it’s a magic hat. That’s tight, I like that. It’s a magic hat, so cool. Made another noise, we are connected. Sweet. Let’s play “Beat
It” by Michael Jackson. ‘Cause that’s where he
got the glove, alright. Use the control volume from your phone. Alright, not too loud so
turn you all the way up. I’m waitin’ for it to start
then I’ll start dancin’ and gettin’ into it, ’cause I
know you guys love my dancing. Alright, the speakers, got
really have ’em over your ears. It’s a nice, comfortable volume, I’m at max volume here on my phone. I just know the chorus, I don’t
know the lyrics, actually. I know the song, just not the lyrics. Beat it, beat it. There
we go, I’m so white. Just put your hands up against it it’s better but I wish it was louder. My dancing goes with the song. Chorus, beat it! Beat
it, beat it, beat it! Beat it, mmm. So beat it, just beat it. Alright you guys wanna listen to it? You guys wanna jam out? Alright, I’ll let you jam out. (muffled “Beat It” by Michael Jackson) – See, like I’m at max volume
and it’s not super loud, it’s kinda like 50% on your
iPhone, so if you put your iPhone on like 50% or
whatever phone you have, and you hear that from your phone, that’s what it sounds like
at max volume on the hat, I wish it was a little louder. See if it gets better. We’re gonna go to the next song. Got another banger here, ooo I like this. Go to the next song. Oh Deziya, beautiful, such
a summer song, love this. See I mean, it sounds okay, the smart hat, it’s definitely a smart
hat, I really like it. I mean anything with a smart hat’s cool. But it’s not as cool
as the other smart hat. This one has a solar panel
and will charge any phone. Got that USB port here,
so, that’s awesome. If you haven’t seen that video,
check it out right up here if you have, welcome, you’re in the club. Drop a Like on it, because
everyone’s in the club now. See yeah that’s pretty much
it for this video, if you guys enjoyed it and want
me to call you on Snapchat, be sure to drop a Like on this video. And I wanna respond to
more of your comments. It’s kinda been something
on my mind recently. I do read every comment
in the comment section, I just don’t always get a
chance to respond to ’em. So we’re gonna start doing
them at the end of every video. Now my dog, Sean the Homie asks, “How do I stop getting your
videos in my recommended?” Well, Sean, there’s a lot of
people out there like you. And there is a solution. I’ll tell you how to fix this. First, you add me on Snapchat. First step, it’s the most important, okay? Then, you drop a Like on this video. This video and the last two videos. No more than two, it’s very specific. And then finally, you get
subscribed just by hittin’ the icon right on my
chest, you just tap it, it works on most mobiles. So if you’re on an
iPhone, you tap that thing you’ll get subscribed. And actually, Sean,
you’re gonna keep gettin’ more of my videos, buddy. See, now if you guys want
your comment answered in my next video, leave it below, and yeah, I’ll see you guys soon. ♫ Beat it, beat it, beat it. ♫


Keaton, I think you are totally awesome and I love all of your videos! Please don't ever stop making them. I love seeing you get excited over new gadgets and your dancing is very unique! ❤️❤️

Maybe press next button and hold it for 10 seconds maybe that will increase volume that happen with my headphones!

"I'm on my way bro, sorry my hat was on the charger" that sentence is the only reason I'd get this haha.

My hat broke after I listened to one song… the music got unbelievably quiet, and I can't sync it to Bluetooth anymore. Well done.

yes , this music is very good !
i bought one from ubit store

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