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A Hoverboard That Won’t Explode

A Hoverboard That Won’t Explode

Hoverboard That Won’t Explode! New Upgraded Safe Hoverboard
That Won’t Catch Fire! Hey what’s good guys? Keaton here. So
we all know this by now, but these hoverboards
are pretty dangerous and some of them even explode but I think
I found
a hoverboard that
is pretty safe
that won’t kill ya. So, lets check it out. I need to get stronger jeez.


you stupid! !!!!!! the hoverboard is way better than something that cost 500$ and it does not die out of nowhere it turn red and beeps louder then you corny thing!!!!!!!!

you better mention about the differences of batteries, Ninebot does use the LG battery pack, which is really safe and not gonna explode, but normal hoverboard uses the fake Chinese batteries, which is really dangerous and easy to get discharged.

the green Segway is actually better. why? because one the green hoverboard Is lighter 2 it has the gokart attachment and lastly its cheaper even with the good battery that does not blow up YEEEET

Keaton was quite different in 2016
Way more quite
But this year way more confidence and loudness (that's probably not a word)😂
Good job doe Keaton x

SegwAys have a app too. Bruh my hover board has a app😒 and has the same thing that the app for the retarded "hover board"

Good vid but i think if u really have a good hold on your balance it's really easy to turn on a regular Segway

I heard its kind of uncomfortable the way you have to stand on that Segway with the handle i would think it wouldn't give u the freedom/ flow that u get on a regular Segway. ( experienced point if view )

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