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A JUMPING RC Car?! Parrot Jumping Sumo quick review!

A JUMPING RC Car?! Parrot Jumping Sumo quick review!

This FPV spy rover is a ton of fun and it’s easy to drive! Wha-wha-wha-what’s going on, guys? Dingy dawg here! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Parrot RC Jumping Sumo FPV Spy Rover. This thing is built pretty solid and it has a pretty cheap price, which I always like when buying an RC. Unfortunately, the vehicle does not include a dedicated controller you need to install the app on your iDevice or other smart device. That is terrible in my opinion! I wish they had just included a controller The FPV feature is cool, but I wish you didn’t need to use the app to control it This thing has two very thin rubber tires mounted onto very, VERY thin plastic rims which can actually become inverted. Two things on this vehicle that make it really stand out are the 720p Wi-Fi FPV camera on the front, and the spring-loaded mechanism in the back. And that is what makes the Jumping Sumo jump, up to four feet in the air, which is pretty impressive. Now, driving this thing is a huge pleasure! I found it to be very easy to maneuver. It was very agile and responsive. I did find the fpv on the app to lag a little bit which can be a bit of a trouble if you want to drive only using your sight in the camera and not actually looking at the vehicle, like some people might want to do. And the battery life is okay, I found it to last around 15 minutes before it would start to run low and when the battery reaches 10 percent or lower, it cannot jump. The vehicle has a ton of really cool stunts like Spin Jump, Ondulation, and Switch. I found it really cool how you could spin and jump at one time. The thing charges through a MicroUSB port in the top on its… forehead, I guess you’d call it? and I really like the BattleBot graphics on this, it makes it look really cool. And it can sense when you pick it up, Its eyes will change color when you pick it up because it has gyro sensors to detect that. Thank you so much for watching this video! Please be sure to like, share, and subscribe for more awesome videos! Hit that subscribe button and that like button, And the notification ball for notifications on new videos every week. Thanks for watching, talk to you again soon. Have a great day! BYE! (signature Dingy Dawg closing) That looks like a cool video! I think you should click on it. You might get a free bag of Cheetos if you do. BYE…


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