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a NEW type of hoverboard? TEST!!

a NEW type of hoverboard? TEST!!

– Dang, Holladay. (group cheers) What’s going on, Holladay? I’m legitimately spooked. – Hollday lost his air pods. And he’s freakin’ out. – I can’t even focus on anything else. – You lost your ear pods? How do you lost your ear pods?
– Yeah. – Trust me, dude, I’ve
thought like of, everything. I don’t know if someone– This is past the troll. This something you don’t mess with. You’re wife got in a car accident. Like you don’t do that. It’s too much. – I like that you just
equated your ear pods to your wife’s health. (laughing) – Listen, I’m sayin’ the troll-level. Like, you can’t mess with
like that kind of thing. I know for a fact that Shon
would never do this to me. – These are worth so much money. Someday we’re going to
auction these off on Ebay. – I don’t think anyone
in the Space Station Crew would do this to you. We know how valuable they are to you. – The best part is how he
goes into conspiracy mode. Alright, okay guys,
something more is happening. – Chicken, dude! Chicken would do this. – No.
– Chicken would do this, bro. Did you win? Number one! High-five! Hey, where’s my ear pods at?
– I don’t have ’em. – Give me a high five. Where’s my ear pods at though, dude. Did I bring them in here? Either two things. Either I brought them in there and left them in here on accident. Or would you take my ear pods?
– No. – Let’s start over. Would you ever take my ear pods? – No. – Just makin’– That’s like me coming in and like messing with Chicken’s set up. You do not do that. Like that’s disrespectful. (laughing) – Wait! Wait! Wait! – You would never do that to me. – Wait a minute. – Sorry to interrupt
your stream by the way. I really apologize. But my ear pods are missing
and that’s a big deal. – I wanna say hi as well. – I remember, very strange–
– What? and out of character. Alex wandered in here.
– No. I didn’t! No, I was looking for them. I was looking for them. – He wandered in here,
didn’t say a single word and then walked back out. – I was looking for them. Very suspicious behavior. – I was trying to help you out. – Alex, prime suspect number one. – I come in everyday and talk to Chicken. You never come in here. – No! And look what I did. What did I do? – Check the stream, bro. No one even knows who you are! – Albert? Yeah, that’s not even his name. They don’t even know. – I walked in here and was
looking around for them for you. – Let’s get this on film Gentleman’s handshake, I
trust Chicken when he tells me that he doesn’t have it.
– Yep. – This room is clean. – Welcome back to another episode of– – What’s in Holladay’s car,
where are his iPod ear pods, and how long is it taking us to find them? – How we looking? – So far, not so good. – I found a lot of water bottles that don’t have any initials on the– – Good thing they’re not in the office. – Neck pillow,. Chap stick. It’s not looking good. – I don’t think it’s in his car. – Today’s episode is really short. – You enjoying that vlog? Chicken was lovin’ that Mox. You’re just shovin’ that down. – Small white horse. Probably this week. – Is that a black widow?
– Thursday. Looking at Thursday. – What are you lookin’ at? – The white mini horse, yeah. – I don’t know what that’s all about. – Okay. If we get a cup. Okay. – You on this? – I’m on this. I’m going to get a cup.
– Spider duty. Easy, tiger. – Let me call my Norwegian
ancestors to get through this. Here we go.
– Wait, you’re Norwegian? – I have some Norwegian in me. I know we don’t look it. What does a Norwegian look like? Dude, the first thing you don’t want to do is get close to it. Me, breaking rule number one. Okay, this is nerve wracking. – We’re having Marcos
deal with this because he has a huge fear of spiders. And here at the Space Station, we’re all about facing our fears. Right? – Yes, exactly. And one time I had a neighbor. She looked at me and said, “Don’t you ever kill spiders because it’s bad juju in your life.” – You can’t use anymore of that. – I don’t want anymore of that. Okay, here we go!
– Oh, goodness. (singing) Okay, now, we’re hoping that its– – You see? I should have used a
clear, used a clear cup. I want to do is– Oh you! (laughing)
So helpful. – Wow! He’s probably fallen into
the cup at this point. – You think so? – Look at it. Let’s take a look. He’s in there.
– Alright. – Wait, Marcos! You gotta finish this! You gotta finish it.
– I’m just opening this up. – Nope! You gotta finish it. I’m leaving it. – Okay. Don’t you touch me. I swear.
– I’m not. – Okay, little buddy. Alright, boys and girls. – Is this your first black widow roundup? – Yeah.
– Um, Chicken’s car. Chicken’s car, please Chicken’s car! – Dude.
– Chicken’s car. – I’m tempted but I can’t. I can’t, it has to be out here. – Alright. Hold up! Maybe Chicken’s car?
– No. – Alright. – See what I want to do is
make sure it’s far enough away that he doesn’t ever come back. But it’s also– – Do black widows like flower bushes? – They love, no they love them. Especially with pink on them. – Alright. Here we go. One, two, three, yeah! Now. Hold on.
– I got it. I got it. I got it. Alright. There we go. – Weird day at the Space Station. Holladay’s ear pods are forever gone. Spiders everywhere. Albert’s been on the phone for an hour about some white horse. I think the best thing
to do in this situation is open one of the boxes that’s
been sitting here all week. And hopefully it has a really
cool hover board inside. (upbeat music) (ripping) – Hey, step on this. So these guys sent me an email. Mr. Doras, do you want
to try our hover boards. I was like I think I already
gave a lot of hover boards. But do you have one like this? I don’t. That looks really cool. Right? So this, is a hover board. But it’s actually used
for abdominal exercises. I just can’t. That doesn’t work at all. Oh! I like that. You can recalibrate it. – Can I have first run? – First run. We’ve become hoverboard scientists here at the Space Station. What’s your read on this? – It’s got a lot of platform. So I’m gonna try to jump 180. It’s got reaction time. – Dude, the lights! When you go forward it’s white. And then you go backwards
– Red. – Red. Do any other hover boards do that? I think that’s one real status. That’s good. – C’mon let’s see it. (yelling) – Oh! – Oh, wow, this feels weird! Being real, this feels different
than a normal hover board. It feels more smooth. (shouting) 360! (yelling) – Oh wait, he’s mad. He’s back. – c’mon guys, give him some love. – [Voices Off Camera]
Holladay. Holladay. Holladay. (cheering) – It’s all in your shoulders. He didn’t believe. He didn’t believe. – It’s like too smooth. Do you see that? If you lean down, it doesn’t go forward. It’s just like, oh you’re leaning down. I don’t know. I’ve never ridden a hover board like this. I can’t stay I like it or dislike it. – It’s a lot more movement before it goes. – It feels less like a hoverboard and more like robotic legs. (cheering) – Done!
– Oh! (crashing) – Good night! I like this thing though. – What is? – Hi. – Are you still after that white horse? – Space station’s weird today. Figured it out! Guys! We know why it feels different. There’s no bend in the middle. – Look at this. – That’s why it felt
like we could do tricks. – It’s because it’s not going to like– – But this is just one flat sensor. That’s unique. I’ll be honest with ya. When we got the email I
just thought it looked cool so I wanted to try it out. Now knowing it’s only one sensor. And it doesn’t have two unique, that explains the butterry-ness. I wonder if it’s better or I don’t know. To be determined. To be continued. To be fun. I gotta plug it in still. (beeping) – Whoa! You guys ready to test this? (crashing) As I drift car right there. Let’s give it another shot or something. – [Voice Off Screen] Okay! – Just hop on. Smooth moves. Just like riding a spider. – Dude, I can’t! C’mon.
– Yes, you can! (laughing) If he jumps and lands on it we
need some serious thumbs up. – Seriously!
– I don’t ask for thumbs up often. But when I do, I need them up! Jump and land. (screaming) Oh that was close! Please, we need these thumbs. (upbeat music) Coach Shondas, I am
probably the most qualified to teach hover board lessons in the world. I’m going to start that. Hover board Lessons with Shonduras. Leave a comment on the side–
– What’s up? – You’re running me over! First impressions, I
do like the LED lights. I like the colors like
when you step on it. That’s cool! I like the fact that it’s unique. There’s no joint in the middle
so it’s all one fluid motion which gives it a different feel. Again, I still don’t know if it’s better. It’s definitely something. I gotta figure it out. Oh boy!! Okay. Yes, here it is. I’m figuring it out. It doesn’t react as fast. The other one I can be– and just like shimmy
around and feel all cool. You know you can just like go
really fast back and forth. This one you can’t. There’s no fast movements. But it’s much more smooth. If you lean forward
you’re not going to like fly off and fall. It’s more of an experience. And when you’re done. This is the most important part. It’s just a simple bend, grab, jump, grab, and you’re on your way. We have to find my ear pods. Have you looked in here already? – I already did. – Did you check my jacket from yesterday? – Yes. Checked your pants pockets,
I checked your dresser, I checked everywhere. – Where are they at? Only thing I can think of is Nixon. Nixon came by the office today,
I picked him up from school. Well, well, well. I’ll take this. (smooching ) Love you. – That’s a deer. Where you going, bro? – It’s coming towards us! – What the heck? Careful! It’s slippery right there. – Deer? – They’ve returned to the mountains. – Well, that’s the end
of another best day ever! See you tomorrow!


Just for future reference you can find your AirPods using find my iPhone.
It has saved me a whole lot of trouble being able to ping the AirPods instead of wasting time searching for them.

What is happening with this channel. Not gonna thumbs down any more vlogs with hoverboards. Just not gonna even open them. Put that crap on spacestation stuff.

Fun video as you do and do well. The black widow is called a black widow because the female carries more dangerous levels of poison compared to the males. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.


Omg Holladay, I'm shocked..this is a side if you weve never seen! SALTY.
When is everyone going to stop picking on poor tall chicken?!;)

Thanks for trying out the all new Mozzie Hoverboard. We are glad the you enjoyed it. Available at

I want to sign up for hoverboard lessons. BUT, i don't have a hover board. Also you aren't accually doing it right?


How come I didn't notice the "What does a Norwegian look like" popup before now LOL
Marcos did awesome. I can speak on the behalf of all the Norwegians when I say we're proud of ya.

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