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my name is Ricardo lino and I´m a wheel addict today I’m going to try my new adidas skates they´re actually quite cool I’m going to tell
you about my experience with this in my last video I show you my adidas skate
basically they are some USD Franky Morales fm3 that I customized I took off
the soleplate I put like higher cufs then made them triskates with a kizere trimax
frames instead of 110 I’m using 100 millimeter wheels from matter and wicked
abec seven bearings and in that day I took them out for a ride just outside
my place with my family yesterday I ended up going to a skate park in town and
cruise around the city doing some slides and stuff and today I had the
opportunity to skate them around in the park and try somw tricks with them so
that’s what we’re going to do today I’m going to tell you about my experience
with this So the first thing that i realized is man I do know why free skates
have that protection slider on the side because I skip them like twice trying
tricks and they’re already getting destroyed so I think I’m just going to
have to put the soleplate back on at least to protect the skate
even if I like the look of this skate just like this a lot
it looks super slim and when you look from the top it looks so sick I really like
how these skates look on your foot also, because I put it a cuff higher I
still them a little bit more supportive but I do feel that there’s a little foam
underneath on these carbon skates I know if I can take this format but I would
love to be able to because then the frame will go straight into the carbon
instead of going into this foam which somehow I feel there’s like a little bit
of torsion from the frame coming from this piece of foam which is like I don’t
even know I don’t know if you can see it here but like two three millimeters of
foam which it’s not the best usually it creates a little bit of torsion other
than that the lacing system works super cool because I feel like I can pull the
laces from the top and the whole skate gets tight and that’s super cool I feel
like this case super snug on my foot but if I don’t lay them right and I don’t
have the right places I don’t have any wax places so because I don’t have the
right laces I feel that they get tight super cool super easy but then they also
get loose super easy fry them to the right not a carbon with the 110 ends up
working I was first scared that it was going to be too low and that’s why I put
a D tire cuff but with these higher cuffs I kind of feel like it’s amazing
seriously I really like the way it feels I don’t want to grind with these I
wanted to just more like tricks around the park try to flow a little bit more
do some slides and I really really enjoyed it probably I could even go to
bigger wheels that I could even use one times instead of 100 because if I’m not
going to slide I’m not going to need this gap here final thoughts do I liked
it yes I do love it a lot I feel like it’s bad that I’m breaking these here
and I wish these add a patch so if I can advise you on something instead of
getting these there’s this cage called the USD Carbon force the USD carbon
force basically they have a higher cup you can change the liner and outside the
liner they have a little piece of fabric and that piece of fabric somehow
completes the original USD Carbon cups I don’t know if I explained it really well
but if you just google the USD carbon 4 you’ll see what I’m saying basically
they have a removable liner removal of my seat liner I think which is eat
moldable and then there’s some fabric in between the cuff and the liner kind of
like the save escapes and those USB carbon fours they also have a slider so
even without the soleplate they might work I don’t know if those USB covered
for that these form that I was telling you about these ones and if they do if
it’s possible to take it out and just go plastic on car
that will be amazing other than that amazing this 45 degree strap keeps your
heel in the right position it’s a carbon skate it’s stiff it’s responsive and I’m
happy with it I’m going to show you some clips of what I’ve done in the park and
hope you enjoyed by the way I want to let you all know
that I started a patreon so if you like these videos if you want to support
these videos and what I’ve been doing first thing that you should do is just
subscribe to the channel and then if you if you really a fan of the videos if you
really want to support this which is taking a lot of my time every day you
can always go to it right – over there hope you enjoy
this video give me thumbs up if you did give me a thumbs down if you didn’t let
me know why it isn’t like it if you engagement and more important than
anything else let’s just not forget why I started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys see you soon


Hey Ricardo! Seeing how good you are on those half pipes, could you give us some tips in a future video about someone like me who is just discovering the half pipe. I find it quite terrifying going so high up. Also those "adidas" skates look really slav 😀 Are you sure you don't have slavic blood? Anyway. Cheers.

I'm rocking a pair of 2012 USD Carbon Free boots with the trimax 110m. And so far i feel like the support isn't enough.. Kinda annoying.. Do you know of any boot that would be decent enough/cheap enough to benefit the trimax? I'm not looking to do grinds etc on them, they are my cruising and fitness skates as of now 🙂 Thanks Lino <3

Great video! Really enjoyed it and all of your vids. Thinking of setting up my Seba SX with Trimax frames sometime soon if I can't find k2 R-100's. Just a quick tip, make sure you get your entire Patreon link in your video description (http and all). Otherwise it won't be clickable!

Cool, wish we had a skatepark around here.. But hey, I'm a carpenter, maybe I'll have to make my own haha

Really Appreciate That You Spend So Much Time Making These Videos For Us For Little To No Money Thanks Man If I Ever Get The Chance I'll Donate To You 4sure 👍

Great follow up. I also like how they look without the soulplates 😉 Also if you plan on doing makio kinds of tricks, there is no point of taking the soulplates off 😁

hi Lino, me again, jajaja i just want to ask you, were can i find a frame like that you have in your ADIDAS, i don´t know if you know the brand AGRESSIVE BLACK SKATES; but i want to buy a frame to can skate fastter, and that frame really like's me, do you have an internet page or something? jejeje greattings

Cool Skate Ricardo. The foam is on every carbon skate. Even on my carbon free. Without it the soulplate would do noises from scratching and touching the hard carbon beneath the boot, while skating.

Si te gustan los vídeos sobre viajes, pásate a mi canal hago vídeos sobre viajes en patines, espero que te guste, saludos.

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