Adley Skate Routine! Ultimate 3 year old skateboarder!! (new backyard skatepark)

(intense music) – Go! (intense music) Hi five! (laughing) Bye. – Good job, Adley!
– Good job! Oh. – This is a cake, Dad.
– Okay. I’m gonna make more food over here. This is spaghetti. This is gonna be a cup of water. – Yeah. – Okay. – I made a cake! – And then this will be a chocolate. I’ll be a chocolate bar. – What’s that, Adley? – This is a another cake. – Another cake!
– Another cake! – Yeah. – [Shaun] Guys look, I
made a glass of milk. – Hey, let’s go skateboard! – You wanna skateboard? – That’ll be fun. – Yeah.
– Okay, we gotta do your routine and get your pads on. – They’re over here. – Hey, where’d they go? – I know where they are. – Where are they? – Pads! Remember you put them in there? – [Adley] Yes! I always put them in here. – [Shaun] Okay, get your pads on. – Where’s my helmet? – Right here. Bomp. There’s your helmet. What else do you need to skateboard? – A water bottle! – A water bottle? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay, I’ll go get you one. – All right, now I need your elbows. – Elbows. – I do wanna see how strong. Whoa! That’s so strong! Put your other one on. – Let’s see how strong my other one. – [Jenny] Whoa. – Water bottle. – Water bottle. – Okay, let’s get your skateboard. – Let’s go! – Hey, grab your skateboard! – [Adley] Hey. Yeah. (dramatic music) – Hi, Olive. – Hi puppies. – Hi puppies. – [Jenny] Hi, Poupa! – You can’t come out, Olive. – This. Now what do we do? – Stretch! – Stretch? Okay.
– Yeah. Toes.
– Touch your toes. – I can touch my toes. – Toes. – Arms. – Arms. (jazz music) Stretch. – Windmill. (jazz music) – Feet. (jazz music) – Squat. Jump. – Jumps.
– Jumps. (laughing) – Alright, ready?
– High fives! (slapping) (laughing) Where do you stand? – Me! (screaming) You go on the line. – [Shaun] Yeah. – Woo. – Woo. Okay, are you ready? – Yeah, my turn! – [Shaun] Yep, you’re gonna go first. Where do you stand, do you remember? – Yup. Gotta stand on the screws. – [Shaun] Yup! Okay you ready? – Go! (upbeat music) – Oh yeah! – Whoa. – Good job. (laughing) We almost did it! One, two, three, jump! – Go. (cheering) – Good job! (upbeat music) (cheering) (mumbles) (cheering) – Okay, Vlog watch right there. She’s gonna do a trick. – Watch where you’re going. (shouting) – I did a big one! – That was a big one! – I did a big one! Dad, it’s your turn!
– Okay, it’s my turn. – Dad, get my skateboard out. – Switch! – Dada, no! Watch this. I’ll do yours first. – [Mom] Oh. – I want to make some. – You almost hit the vlog. – Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – Go. – Blast off. (yelling) (wheels rolling)
(upbeat music) – I gotta learn this time. – Hey. You need a helmet. (knocking) – Be safe. – Safety’s first. – Yeah. – Safety first. Go. – Woo hoo. – Woo. I’m scared. – You’re doing good. (yells) Good job. – I’m scared. – That was really good though. (upbeat music) On the screws. – On the screws. – Okay. – I want to go that way. (upbeat music) High five. (laughing) – Good job, Adley. – Yeah. – Push. – Good job. – Go higher. Higher. (cheering) – She did a trick. What the heck. – I did a trick. – You did a trick. Oh, I’m so proud of you. Push, push. Stand on it. Good job. Spread your feet on the screws. Good job. (upbeat music) – Mom, it’s your turn. – [Shaun] Is it mom’s turn? – [Adley] Yeah. – Okay Mommy, good luck. – I’m scared. – Hey wait. – Oh yeah. – Watch out. (laughing) (screaming) – Good job. – I’m scared. (laughing) Oh my God, how do you do this? You’re so good. (screaming) Don’t let go of me. (laughing) (screaming) (laughing) – Mom, you did so good. – I can’t believe you’d do that. You’re so brave. – Are we done? – Yep. – What do you want to do now? – Let’s go play with chalk. – Chalk. Sounds good. – I’m almost done though. – Should we leave them
here and skateboard later? It’s a fish you can eat. – Oh, I said that that was a cake. – Oh, it’s a fish cake? – Yeah, a fish cake. – Okay Adley, come look what this says. – What is that? – Thanks for watching. Bye. – Psh. (heavy rock music)

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