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Adley’s First Skateboard!!

Adley’s First Skateboard!!

Whoa. Mom pushed you I saw it. Hey, what is this? Oh you got me lunch. That’s mine. Okay, thank you. Oh and guess what else we gotta do? We got to review the vlog. Do you wanna watch the vlog? Welcome to the best day ever. We’re starting in the
afternoon time ’cause it’s been a busy, crazy morning. This started with Adley
waking us up way too early. Huh babe? Yes. It is. Adley doesn’t sleep. I’m getting sick too. Ew, get away. What do you think? Was it good? It was so good. She didn’t like it you need to make edits. – [Man] I’ll try to make you happier. Just kidding. She loved it. Was it a good vlog? Did you like it? I think that means yes. Okay, vlog’s approved by Adley. Fun fact, did you guy knows Adley watches every single
vlog like three times? Confirm it babe. Confirm it. Confirmed. And the Disney vlogs she’s
no lie watched 15 each. – [Jenny] Oh yeah for sure. Each of the Disney vlogs she’s
probably watched 15 times. She’s the biggest best
day ever fan there is. How’s your day? What have you been up to? Tell me about it. I’m sick. We went to the store and got Halloween decorations half off. Ready? Okay, there we go. Ah, good catch. Whoa. Watch your head. Adley we need to open up some more boxes. Do you wanna help me open up a box? Which one you choose? This one. – [Jenny] Yeah. Adley chose box number eight, which I know exactly what’s in this and it was a very good choice Adley. It’s big. Okay, you’re ready. Yeah. You gotta open it. Adley thinks this is actually
how you open packages ’cause we always do it on the vlog. She does punch boxes at home. Push. – [Man] Adley, keep going. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot this is actually for Adley even. Are you ready for a big surprise? Okay. Ready? What’s that? It’s sparkly. Guess what? It’s not daddy’s skateboard. This is Adley’s skateboard. Cool. – [Jenny] Oh cool. Adley, that’s your first real skateboard. That’s so awesome. I randomly said let’s open a package. She randomly chose that one
out of 10 different packages. It’s actually her package. Dude Halliday, look at this. She just got her first skateboard. Okay, be careful. Stand up. Okay, ride it. Oh, good job. Whoa. Mom pushed you I saw it. That was my fault. – [Shaun] Let’s try again. A little less mom pushing. Good job. Good stance. Whoa. Look it’s sparkly and green. Oh, is that Trolls? Santa Cruz Trolls, same thing. Do you wanna jump on it? Do you wanna do a trick? Ready. Okay jump. Yeah. You did it. – [Jenny] Good job Adley. Should we open up the rest of the box? High fives. You got your first skateboard. I’m so proud of you. We got more OJ wheels. These are really good wheels. Remember that really cool skate park up in the middle of the mountains, I kind of left my skateboard there, that’s why you haven’t seen me skateboard for a month. It was a cool skate park and it was in the middle of the mountains. Flashback to it. (upbeat music) Yeah, it ate my skateboard. This is the reason we got sent this box. These are limited edition. Who remembers the Garbage Pail Kids? Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids? – [Man] I do. – [Shaun] Exactly. Halliday, do you remember them? No. Everyone come over here and look at this. This is Adam Bomb. – [Man] Really hard. Pull. It says peel here I don’t know why. Oh, repurpose the sticker. I like that. Repurposing a sticker somewhere over here. Oh, I like that. Dope. I think I’m gonna keep one
in the package actually. These are super limited
edition skateboards. Cool Star Wars skateboards that
are at Mike Lauder’s house. Those are Santa Cruz as well. – [Man] Those are Santa Cruz. Okay. Santa Cruz does really cool collabs. Adley, you taking off? Whenever she gets mad she
just gets on her skateboard and storms out. – [Man] I know but there– Dang. – [Man] Wow, that’s awesome. That’s really rad. Look what I got. Look what I got. Look what I got. – [R.J.] What is that? Garbage Pail Kids skateboards. – [R.J.] I like it. And look. Adley show R.J. what you got. R.J. look. You got a skateboard. – [Shaun] Show him. No way. – [Man] Nuclear glow. – [R.J.] That’s some
legit grip tape on them. I know. It sparkles green. I’m so high. Alright, continuing on. So, I need to build an
entire new skateboard ’cause I left the other
one in the mountains. We got bearings. We’ve got struts. We’ve got wheels. We got a skateboard. It looks wide. I’m down with wide boards. Dude. – [Man] Wow. – [Shaun] That ones gnarly. Look at that skull. – [Man] That one too. Awesome. That one’s rad. Have you guys seen this before? Even if you’re not a skateboarder you should’ve seen this before. – [Man] Oh yeah. Santa Cruz hand. We got some grip tape. Oh, we got a whole box of grip tape. If anyone needs grip tape
you know where to find it. Let’s just grip tape everything. Let’s like regrip the one wheels. (claps) – [Man] That’s a good idea. (mumbles) Oh, should you can just
like have good traction while you’re working. Your feet aren’t slipping around. Right in there. That was a solid box. Adley, good choice on the box. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (screaming) Bye boys. Bye. Adley, you picked the perfect package. Thank you for sending all
the cool skateboard stuff. The limited edition
Garbage Pail Kids board. Andrew you’re the man. – [Jenny] Oh, we’re locked in. Are you guys going for a nap? She needs a nap, so does mom. – [Shaun] Okay, night night. Tell the vlog night, night. Real talk though how cool is this? It is so cool dude. Real talk though film this. I don’t have the right shoes for this but maybe. This thing’s tiny. – [Man] Your feet are like over it. (laughing) (mumbles) – [Man] Close enough. It was a bad idea. But we’ve got a skateboard for Adley. Hi. Welcome to the Jenny and
Adley part of the vlog. It’s your witch hat. It’s hitting me in the face. Should we go play outside? I think we should too. I feel like the leaves
all dropped in one day. I remember when I was a little kid I used to rake up leaves and jump in them. And I think that sounds fun, so we’re gonna go do that
with Adley right now. Wanna jump in some leaves? (mumbles) (upbeat music) It’s okay. You’re so nice. Thank you. (laughing) (mumbles) I can’t breathe. Oh, you’re getting them off. Thank you. You’re so nice. Okay, help me up. Throw that up on the big TV right there. Yeah. Check it. That’s our Smite team. Look at those jerseys. And our boys are gonna crush it. – [Man] Game on. Space station gaming we love you. And we got the first kill so far. Wait, there it is. It’s statistically known,
statistically known am I right? Yes. First kill usually wins. Statistically known. You know those statistics. Yeah, by the third round– Okay, you’re done. There’s our boy Zapman right there just going to town. Okay, this is so super exciting. I know I showed a lot
because it’s actually just really cool to see
like the logo we made and the jerseys we made
and all the stuff on TV getting viewed by lots and lots of people. And one more important announcement, that’s where Parker is. He’s not even here right now. Parker’s in Georgia right
now with the Smite team at this big super regionals playoff thing. I think he probably films. Cut to some footage of Parker right now. Hello. Is this thing on? Yo, what’s up everybody? It’s your boy Fat Cheddar
Pooks checking in from the ATL. ♪ Yeah, get it boys. ♪ I have no idea what I’m talking about when I say that kind of stuff. So the section you guys are
about to watch was edited by me, so the quality’s probably
a little bit worst than what Brandon would produce. I’m sorry but I’m tired
and I just wanna go to bed and I got to get this up. So, put some cool cats in the chat in the comments down below. Just say cool cat. Pookie you suck at editing cool cat. Get good. Put that in the comments. (upbeat music) Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that
little travel edit thing. I tried to be artistic but I realize I have really shaky
hands when I am filming. So I’m out here in Atlanta. ♪ Welcome to Atlanta ♪ ♪ Jackin’ hammers and vogues ♪ ♪ Back to the mackin’ ♪ For our esports organization
Spacestation gaming. We participate in an esports game. I’m gonna turn off the TV. You might be getting back into this. Mute. Our Smite team is playing
in super regionals. Let me try to break this down
for you as simple as I can. Welcome to the Smite Beginner’s Guide. Smite is the online
battleground of the Gods. Players choose from a
diverse cast of Diodes and use their unique powers to
triumph over their opposition in a variety of different game modes. But it’s really cool
’cause it’s based around mythological Gods from different Diodes across the world. We got like Zeus, Poseidon,
Aphrodite, (mumbles), Bakasura, Raw, Khepri, (mumbles) and a lot, a lot more than that. Today, our team
Spacestation gaming went up against Luminosity gaming
and boy was it a barn burn. – [Narrator] Kill and
cleans up Aquarius as well. He’s going in looking
for a little bit more. (mumbles) get out of there. You’re just an elephant. Triple kill. Today’s matches were pretty crazy. – [Narrator] Jetman
does clean (mumbles) up. (mumbles) actually had two kills. In favor Spacestation so
far and Jeff (mumbles) looks to be the third. He can’t get away from that cripple field. Aquarius is left alone and isolated. That’s four dead. I don’t see a lot of Smite
matches that are this intense and I feel like because
I’m so emotionally invested into the team it makes it that much more exciting for me to watch. The series ended up going
the whole five games. It’s the best of five. And we ended up losing in game five, so understandably it was kind
of a tough one to swallow. Feel free to give us a follow
@spacestationgg on Twitter if you wanna keep up to
date with how we’re doing. That was ridiculously intense. I’m actually exhausted. I can’t imagine how the players feel like. That was mentally draining. We thought it was best of three. We thought we were killing it. Turns out it’s best of five and then so we went all
the way to game five. We were rooting and hooting and hollering. If you need to cut back
to a clip right now of how hard we were rooting, do that. I’m coming for that high five. Go. Okay, welcome back. Yeah. We were rooting hard. We put a lot of energy into that game. We barely didn’t make it. In other news we’re working
on a secret project. It has nothing to do with vampires. I don’t know why I said it like that. Hey. Hey. – [Man] This is where
I think you should go. Hey. (singing) (upbeat music)


Hey Shon I listened to your talk about brand deals and what you do with them and I have a company that my uncle and I came up with, I was wondering if you could maybe make a story about it? We just got it going and have the product in produce stands, the product is called Plunk, I will give you details of what it actually is. If you could, then that would be awesome, let me know if you would like too then let me know, I don’t have SnapChat or Instagram to communicate, I could maybe make a Facebook account but I’m not sure. If you are interested in it then reply to this comment I guess.

Shonduras, fan-girling hardcore over gaming. It's fun seeing a Creator show how a lot of us subscribers feel when a new video pops up on our alerts…

Adley is going to be the cutest little skater girl. I just imagine her wearing a dark, hot pink and black hat backwards, ripped jeans, and a lealther jacket riding her skateboard to school.

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