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♪ (rock music) ♪ ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – ♪ I’ve been waiting all night
for you to tell me… ♪ – “There is no such thing as impossible. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.” – This is the Hoverboard, right? – ♪ Oh, oh, tell me what you want ♪
– Oh, what? – (excitedly) Oh! It’s the Hoverboard. – (gasps) The Hoverboard! – Back to the Future. I like it. – Oh, that is not a Hoverboard.
That’s not. That’s fake. – This is fake. This isn’t real.
What? Are you s– – ♪ Tell me that you need me ♪
– Wow. – ♪ Tell me that you want me ♪
– Oh my gosh! – ♪ I’ve been waiting all night… ♪
– No! – (thrilled) It’s even going over water! It’s like from the movie. – Oh my god, it’s a Jesus board. – ♪ …that you need me ♪
– (aghast) What? – I would fall off of that
thing so fast though. – ♪ Tell me that you want me ♪ – Is that real? – That’s not real, is it? – It’s cool and all, but it’s– it’s fake. It’s, like, magnets
hovering over the metal. – Cool! – Oh, is that Lexus? – Is he gonna race the car?
What was the car there for? – Oh, it’s an ad. – This is a car commercial. This has nothing to do
with the Hoverboard. – The first to fly over a car in
a Hoverboard and wipe out. – ♪ …that you need me ♪ – No safety– no helmets. No, no, that’s bad. – How does that– of the Tesla vehicle? – Oh my gosh. This is
seriously such a dream. – I thought those were
impossible, but they’re not. – That’s totally cool. Was that real? ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (Finebros) Okay, so what technology
did this video show off? – Like, a hover skateboard
surfboard thing. – A skateboard without actual wheels. – (chuckling) It was a Hoverboard. – Dude, the Hoverboard, man. – A Hoverboard!
(Finebros laugh) Like, Back to the Future II Hoverboard. – It’s such a great scene that you see him riding off on that Hoverboard.
And people want it. I mean, they want that Hoverboard
and they want the shoes. They’re iconic. – (Finebros) This showed
a mostly working version of a hovering skateboard
often called a “Hoverboard.” – Oh. – Never heard of a Hoverboard. – (Finebros) So back in 1989…
– Okay, that’s when I was born. – (Finebros) Back to the Future
Part II came out, the movie. – Oh yes. Yes. – (Finebros) And in
Back to the Future Part II, Marty was on a Hoverboard in the future.
– I remember, yes. I remember back in the ’80s, man. I probably had a flattop at the time. – (Finebros) Do you remember the year
he was in in the future? – Oh my god, I know this. 2012, right? – 2014? – It was 2015, wasn’t it? – 2015. – (Finebros) So in Back to the Future II, Marty McFly goes all the way
in the future to the year 2015. – No, he doesn’t. – No! They did? (gasps) That’s crazy! – Dude, it’s 2015 right now
and we got Hoverboards. – (Finebros) How does it make you feel that there’s a movie in the ’80s
that talked about “the future” being so far away yet you live
in the same year today? – Man, it’s just weird. – It’s a little bit depressing. You just don’t think the future’s
gonna be your present ever. – I remember watching it
at my grandparents’ place and going, “Oh my god,
that is so far away.” And I was like,
“I’ll be 26 then.” Here I am. – (sighs) I’m kinda
disappointed a little bit ’cause it’s not nearly as cool
as I thought it would be. – Now that it is actually 2015,
when he went to the future, it makes me feel, like, ancient. I’m old. – (Finebros) So the video
we just showed you has over 10 million views so far.
– Really? – (Finebros) Why are people so excited to see a working Hoverboard? – Because, man, we can
finally be Marty McFly. – Well, I guess because we were
all waiting for it, aren’t we? It’s 2015. Come on, guys.
Get with the program. – To think that you could have one
and ride it yourself and be Marty– (singsong) awesome! – Because people want the future. – They want to be a part
of that generation that it was actually predicted. – It’s something that they’ve seen
as being the future, you know? You have the flying cars,
you have the jet packs, and you have the Hoverboard. – It’s that one thing. Like,
who doesn’t want a Hoverboard? Like, I want one of those e-boards like I’ve seen all the Viners have. – (Finebros) How big of a fan
are you of Back to the Future? – Oh, I’m gonna get slack.
I am not that big of a fan. – I get it. I respect it.
But I don’t think it was for me. – I was only down with the first one. – I thought the first two were awesome. The third one kinda lost me a little bit. – When I was a kid, the Back to the Future ride
is what made me really into it. – When I was little,
I would watch it all the time. And I’d go to my friend’s
house down the street, and I’d bring Back to the Future. I’d be like, “Can we watch
Back to the Future?” And he’d be like,
“(sigh) All right, man, let’s do it.” – I can talk about
Back to the Future all day. At the time, I was really
into skateboarding. I loved Huey Lewis and the News too. Christopher Lloyd. A DeLorean. Like, it was a rad car. It was just like this perfect
storm of awesomeness. – (Finebros) Did Back to the Future
get anything right? – No. – There’s so many things. We’re supposed to be having flying cars. We should just invest all the money into little tiny pizzas
that make big pizzas. I’ll be fine with that. And we don’t dress like them,
but that’s maybe a good thing. – Well, they don’t have the
3-D movie posters that come out and actually pretend to bite you. But 3-D, that technology
has advanced a ton. – In some cases, we’re behind
what they’ve projected. But a lot of cases we’re way ahead of it. – (Finebros) So back to
the video: here’s the reveal. – Oh crud, no. – (Finebros) This is not
exactly what it seems. – (gasps) No, is it fake? – What do you mean? (gasps) So the future is not coming? – (Finebros) It does really hover,
but the only way it works is with a magnetic field on a track.
– Ohhh. These guys were actually on
that thing and that was a real thing. – (Finebros) They buried a whole
track underneath the skate park everywhere they wanted it to go.
– Wow. – Gosh dang it. Breaking my heart. – (Finebros) Does this take away
from the cool factor? – Most definitely. – It takes away a little bit ’cause you can’t use it
anywhere on the street. – You know how they did it,
then it’s like, “Aw, okay.” That means I can’t just go
take it out at work in the parking lot and ride it there. – Does it take away from that? No, I think, if anything, it adds to that. – The cool factor for me was
it’s a step in the right direction. We’re getting there, and then
I think it’ll be even better. – It’s still a Hoverboard.
Like, there’s no wheels or anything. You’re still hovering. – That would still be rad. If you can’t see the track
like you couldn’t in that video, it would feel like you were,
you know, Marty McFly. – (Finebros) So this was made by Lexus.
– The car company? – (Finebros) Do you think
this is good advertising for the rest of their company, even though you can’t buy this Hoverboard? – Oh yeah. – Lexus is showing themselves as being a cutting-edge technology company and not just a car company. So when you think Lexus,
you think high-end technology, you think high-end cars. – Lexus is trying something new
or trying to be hip and cool and, “Hey look, there’s a GSF.” Hoverboard, if you kinda connect the two, maybe it’s like, “Oh,
now I want an S-board.” – It’s one of those things that takes your attention
actually off the car. But at the end, you still have the Lexus. They still want you to jump
into the petro-eating vehicle. If you’re asking your mom
to get you a hoverwheel, you say, “Mom, can you
get me that Lexus too?” – No, I don’t think anyone
looking at that Hoverboard is like, “You know what?
I like that Hoverboard. Let me buy a Lexus.”
Like, no one’s thinking that. – It’s like, you’ve got my attention, but I’m not gonna go out
and buy what you’re selling. Would you watch that ad
and then go, “I need a Lexus”? No. – (Finebros) So last question: if the Hoverboard did become
a real functioning thing, would you want one?
– No. I’m not like a skateboard-
Hoverboard person. – It’s one of those things
I think I would get and be like, “Oh my god,” for, like, a day,
and then I wouldn’t use it. – Not me. I would kill myself on it. – Oh, definitely. – I will totally eat [bleep] big time. (laughing) But I still want one. – Yes! I would ask for one for Christmas. – It’d be so cool to try. – I’d love to say yes. But probably by that time,
my kids are gonna be in college. So (laughs) money may be
going towards college tuition. – Are you serious?
What kinda question is that? Yes. Future companies, if you’re
watching this in the future and I’m in the past right now, please give me a Hoverboard. Please? – (Finebros) Can I be geeky
with you for a moment? – Please. – (Finebros) Would Clarke
want a Hoverboard, or would she not really
be interested in a Hoverboard? – She would definitely want a Hoverboard. She’d be badass on a Hoverboard. Just riding around,
taking names. It’d be great. – Thanks for watching
another episode of Adults React. – In the comments, let us know what video we should react to next. – You guys better subscribe or…
you’re gonna get floated. – Goodbye! – Marty! We have to go back!
Back to the future! ♪ (Back to the Future theme) ♪ ♪ (industrial music) ♪


The Hoverboards in the Uglies series were magnetism based – there were metal grids under cities and the electro magnets in the boards were strong enough to propell the person about a hundred feet up (with magnetized safety gear that slowed your fall if you fell off/wiped out

Can anyone even begin to fathom how much power it would take to power a Hoverboard with a 150 to 200 male riding it??Or even could someday power it??

floating technology isn't accualy impossible. there are rollercoaster engineers trying to make a rollercoaster that actually floats off the track using a all silver metal track and dry ice compartment

instead of using a magnetic track, they need to set it up to react with the earth's magnetic field using fancy mancy science stuff

lexus is just toyotas luxury brand same as cadillac is GM'S luxury brand. Under every lexus hood lies the same engine as your avg Camry.. sad makes me that avg consumer knows this not…


They did make a working hover board but it's still under development and only currently hovers on metal substances.

IT'S ELIZA FROM THE 100πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

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