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Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Double Flip Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Double Flip Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. We now have Victoria on the ice and she is
going to demonstrate a Double Flip Jump. She’s going to take off from a back inside edge
of one foot and she’s going to jump off of the toe on other foot simultaneously. She’s
going to make 2 rotations in the air and the landing is going to be on the back outside
edge of the foot whose toe was used in the actual take off. She’s going to try that right
now. She’s building up and there she goes. She holds her landing. When she jumped in
the air, she pulls her arms in nice and tight again to get the rotation that she needs.
That is the Double Flip Jump.


If you watch any toe jump in slow motion you will see that tha actual take-off is done from the toe of the free leg and not from the edge of your base leg. The key to this resides in the way you transfer your weight from the base leg to the free leg and start the rotation.

Because both of those start forward while jumps like flip and lutz start backwards, and you always end on a backwards outside edege. To answer your question =)

they arn'y supposed to be one and a half, they're supposed to be two, andthing less then one and four fifths is concidered underrotated.

that would be weird, so a single axel would be 540 and all the double jumps be 720 but a double axel be 900, and how would you show an underroteated jump? Mapbe get the technical specialists to use a protractor and measure the ice? that's just weird, it's better to keep thing simple, figure skating is complicated enough.

What would it be called if someone did an actual flip then? "And oh my god, she just landed a backfli- wait, that can't be a flip! Flips stay vertical!" "Well what is it Joe?" "I guess we'll call it a turn along the y axis"
Come on.

I'd be pretty pissed if I was in a competition and didn't get any points for doing an actual flip. What about horizontal twists? Those aren't moves either? Imagine the things skaters could do if they just explored the limits of the human body without staying vertical. If you can do it on land, skating makes it 10 times easier, just maybe not the landing part.

what the ef? So you get disqualified for having more skill than others, turns are flips and flips are twists, and they punish you for doing acrobatic feats. Figure skating sounds pretty backwards to me.

well there are some moves where you get to go vertical like death drops and flying camels. Also in pair skating you can do upsidedown lifts and in synchro you can do vaults which is petty much a backlip

As you take off, imagine that you are jumping over your left shoulder. It sounds weird but it worked for me.

i must be god I'm 12 and i do double axles…….. you guys act like its soooooooo hard its not advanced triples are advanced

everyone needs to stop comparing her to them or their 10 year old friends. Its not like she asked to make these videos to show everyone how good she is, they asked her so she did it and it was a nice double flip. And doubles take years to land so they are advanced just. chill.

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