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Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Split Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Split Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. That is Victoria on the ice, and she will
be demonstrating a split jump. With the split jump, she’ll be taking off from a backwards
inside edge or the outside edge of one foot and to the toe of the other foot. The jump
is going to be in 1/2 rotation in the air in the direction of the opposite of the jumping
toe. Her 2 legs are going to be no less than 90 degrees apart. She’s going to demonstrate
that and we’ll see how it’s done. That is the split jump.


UM…her legs could be in more of a spilt position your legs should be at a 180 degree if your going Sasha Cohen on them….like i do haha

well i thought it was a good jump. don't know what that woman was on about though. "no less than 90 degrees". isnt the whole idea of a "split" that it's in splits, which is 180 degrees. what an idiot.

We just learned this jump…it's basically a 1/2 flip and after you pick in the first time, you rotate and kick into the split position before you pick in facing forward…hope this helps!

why, it is a split, isnt it? stop at 0:53 and you will see it.. and the landing is quite nice as well… i learned it like that but of course i am not a professional

@binweeviltycoon if you're only 7 then why are you online and already leaving nasty comments… and if you're so good, where's your video??

I've been practicing this and I've got amazing height, the splitz but.. my legs are bent a bit so its a split jump but.. NOT a split jump.

That so cool dude.. I would see my future
jumps if I were to take its training in maybe
years. lol.Anyway, what I liked about it is
that it gives all the training software providing
me techniques to achieve maximum vertical
jump and quickness in less than short weeks.
PS= You forgot to mention its site.Its
JumpHigher [d0t] info

A falling leaf has a similar landing. It's a half rotation jump. You start from a backward outside edge, you jump and then land slightly on your other toe (not the one you used for the jump) and switch to a foward inside edge like in the video. At least that's how I was tought.
I hope it's clear enough, sorry if it's not. (english is not my native language)

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