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Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Approach Banks on a Skateboard

Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Approach Banks on a Skateboard

We’re going to talk about how to street skate
known as bank skating. Banks are like ramps but without curb transition. They are simply
at a straight angles usually about 45 degrees. In this trick we’re going to talk about approaching
a bank fakie which means approaching a bank while rolling backward. You want to push as
if you would normally but instead of standing on the board like you normally would, pivot
your right foot to where you are standing in normal skate position but rolling backwards.
As you approach the bank, bend your knees slightly at the bottom, straighten them back
out when you get to the flat part. The key to this is focal point. When approaching the
bank, make sure your eyes are on the back itself once you feel your weight has stop.
Shift your focal point to the front to where your skateboard is headed, roll away bend
your knees at the bottom of the transition, let’s watch it. Push shift weight and roll
back in. The key to this trick is making sure your weight is distributed evenly and making
sure that you focus on the bank when approaching fakie and the flat ground when reentering
the bank. Let’s see it one more time, approach fakie bend your knees straighten up bend the
knees roll away. With a little practice, approaching bank fakie can prepare you for doing tricks
on banks in which you setup while rolling backwards.


If anything, these tutorials are too helpful. And the guy is the sickest skater i have ever seen in my life. Although, both of those statements are lies.

I wouldn't mind this video if it were called 'Basic Street Skateboarding: …', but advanced?

And I would appreciate some humor or energy from the teachers (not only this guy but others from expertvillage). It would make the video that much better.

@kikipeti incase you didnt realise, hes never going to notice that comment because this was uploaded by expertvillage. look how many vidios they have

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