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Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Do a Powerslide on a Bank: Skateboarding Tricks

Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Do a Powerslide on a Bank: Skateboarding Tricks

We’re going to talk about another street skating
technique which is how to do a hands free power slide on the bank. Doing the slides
an easy way to turn around and get yourself setup to roll back down on the bank. This
maneuver while it’s not that advanced of a trick, it’s still a maneuver that is important
to learn in order to navigate skate park successful. You are going to roll up to the bank with
your body already beginning to twist around in a 180 degrees. Feel the tension in your
hips and on the bottom of your legs. Then you want to use your back foot to scoop the
back wheels to slide across the concrete while the front one is also pivot. Your weight will
then carry you back down the ramp, let’s see it in action. Notice that my body was already
twisted before approaching the ramp this gives the tension of your legs setup. When you get
to the top of the ramp, you can easily shift your back foot, squeak your wheels and roll
away smooth, let’s see it again.
Remember the key to this trick is sliding your back wheels not sliding in front. Approach
twist back wheel slide and roll away.


lol i learned how to revert and powerslide by myself, umm, its like fakie pivot. regular pivot is harder

its so effing fun to powerslide and revert 😀

@sk8ter4life246 Practice, i tried looking at vids to but nothing will get you to be able to do one but practice.

@MrHalfricanamerican Actually it is fully a trick. It is MORE of a trick than any of the fancy board flipping which is popular nowadays. This is truly a classic.

@NintendoDSVampire he isn't even doing a power slide he is doing a revert. i skate with an old school style i respect power slide, bonelesses, and no comply based tricks, but a revert isn't rlly a trick unless ur skating a mini ramp or a half pipe

This kid is pretty good. I'm new to skateboarding and I'm 31. It is so frustrating some times. This videos really help. The only people that skateboard in like 38 miles of my area are like 9 years old. it sucks having a blast falling down though lol

i could see how this would greatly help beginners, but its dumb how they say "advanced street sketeboarding". this is beginner stuff.

Id love it if that board completely took him out at the end and hit him in the face or shins haha

a 32 sec ad and i can't skip just to watch expert village which most of there videos suck! wtf is this.

Why are you hating on expertvillage? Expertvillage is just trying to help people. I am not a fan of expertvillage,but a fan of peace. 😀

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