Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Roll Away from Banks on a Skateboard

We’re going to talk about another part of
skating banks which is rolling away fakie or rolling away from bank backwards. The key
to this trick is always keeping your focal point on the bank at all times. Don’t bother
to look back where you are rolling cause this will cause you to shift your weight to your
back leg and throw you off balance. Simply ride up bend your knees at the bottom of the
transition, straighten your legs on the flat bend your knees upon reentry and roll away
smooth. Remember always keeping your focal point at the top of the bank, let’s see it
in action.
Notice my legs bent at the bottom of the transition straighten out on the flat and then bent as
I reentered. This causes my weight to be distributed evenly and prevents the board from flying
out from underneath your feet, let’s see it again. This time let’s focus on the bend of
the knee.
Learning how to roll away a fakie is key and learning how to do tricks and roll away backwards
without getting hurt.

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