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advice for inline skater upper body position (pascal briand vlog 206)

advice for inline skater upper body position (pascal briand vlog 206)


Thanks for the video! My abs get very sore after skating 3000m or so. What are some good exercises for strengthening this area? I was thinking maybe leg lifts and bicycle kicks would be good.

Thanks, i've learned a lot with you about speed skating, always watching your videos, there's a video teaching some kids that you say the same here "push to the back, then to the side" but i just can understand how to properly do this, can u help me?

bien bien, j'aimerais bien voir la même chose en analyse vidéo sur des images de patineur justement, pour mieux se rendre compte ; personnellement car j'aime bien visualiser directement ; ah et nous ne sommes toujours pas d'accord sur les groupes musculaires à mettre en oeuvre et à travailler, bio dynamiquement parlant bien sur, mais tu as l'habitude haha

Comme d habitude de très bon conseils merci Pascal, justement je travaille les abdos et les lombaires ces temps ci en renforcement musculaire

Excelent video. I have been working on my position and the first thing I experienced was pain in the lower back, so I guess I have to work on those muscles. Thanks a lot

Le sugiero que vaya mostrando la imagen y narrando. Me canso de verlo hablar y no ver la demostración al mismo tiempo.

Amazed by the quality of these videos, nowadays the most complete and advanced tutorials for speedskaters in the World. Essential to be subscribed to this channel. Congratulations Pascal 🙂

Good stuff. Thanks to your G-meter on the GoPro video overlay – I could see how your body weight transfers from left to right, while drawing a ∞ figure. I was able to try the things you showed here (lowering the back) and I could feel the speed going up with less effort, when my weight transfer was correct. Thank you!

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