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Why? Whyyyyyy? Alright my microphone is not in right now So this probably sounds bad and I have the same shirt on I did in my last video. I’ll go change soon I promise but what is going on guys today? We are back and today We keep getting boxes from victory packaging something they’re from Kansas. I don’t know if they just want to be generous I mean, I think we might be doing merch out of our house soon, so thank you I guess but yeah I’m taking a quick picture with my mom. I got to take a new YouTube profile picture. I’m wearing his jacket Yeah, and then we’re going to go up on the balcony. [so] we’ll see you guys in a little bit, okay guys We are back downstairs real quick. I got to show you guys the pictures I took for the new profile picture [and] the banner. They are pretty sweet There’s me hanging on the Balcony And then boom me, and my daggos those pictures were edited by Michael ste on instagram. You guys know him I’ve taking pictures with him before he lives in California. [he’s] probably one of the best photographers I know and he’s really good at editing. So of course. I went to him. So if you guys don’t follow him you should go follow him and yeah, I’m kind of just hanging out and chilling waiting for Dylan to get back I think it’s just dylan maybe quentin’s coming, but I’ve had an idea for a while now I want to do an overnight challenge on the pool on like floaties, or air mattresses. Whatever it is I’m pretty sure everybody’s wanted to do this I’ve actually done this before for like a picture, and it was really fun. So I was like why not just do it You know all night. We’ve got a lot of floaties in fan mail and stuff so it’s time We’re going to make it happen today millin ditchal. How you doin guess what dylan: don’t dip me in the cold pool again No guys. I left my video that. I posted yesterday on Unlisted for three hours after I posted it which means only people with a link can see it so only people that followed me on Twitter could watch the video. That’s why it never [hit] sub boxes, so if you didn’t see the video yesterday You can go watch it now, but yeah, I just thought I’d let you know Oh, yeah, Dylan’s here gonna finish his mcdonalds real quick, and we’re going to go start the challenge hi Paris Do you want to show me a new swimsuit? Yeah, okay looks great. [you] [look] naked would your father approve of this yeah? Well your daddy wouldn’t (akward) I’m kidding that I don’t that’s weird (yea it is) so I went to Walmart and I got this it is a full size air mattress That’s for us. [haha], and then you can sit on your twin and watch Kidding (obviously), we’re going to blow these up here We’ll bring them outside And I just thought we blow it up on here because I never film in the downstairs living room or any room besides my room This one’s small. Oh, we also have a pizza. Oh this pizza is ugly-looking. Why is it green haha our pizza is green thanks mom. You always have our back when we don’t know how to do stuff. This was so difficult I know, I didn’t have the right batteries, okay, never gonna air up or the ???? (tanner the doge) 😉 oh They have a new interest it’s the poop the pizza one is taking forever the green ugly pizza quentin’s not gonna be here till nine o’clock sadly. It’s like five now so a long long time So he’s not really doing the challenge, and quentin’s twin does not want to participate He’s actually just kind of chilling a wall there for a while pffffffff ha ha ha ho ho (akward again) (why is the pool open ?) wait i thought were doing ???? [no] WHATT He wants to do this on the pool cover what the….(keep it PG) alright so the pools open What time is right now Taylor I need confirmation that we’re doing 6:45 I’m not going to i am I’m not doing this 24 hours. We’re doing it over night You know what i am saying? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yeah 24 hours. That’s too long and boring okay, okay, so take off your clothes i am not Swimming you can swim in my shorts downstairs (sweet) since I might get bored later I’m gonna keep this just just in case right there we also got a blanket right you getting in first which one do you want Do you want [green] green what are you cold paris: yeah I think this one’s honestly too small even use you have to belly flop that from there i am Just gonna get water on there. No, you’re not ah GO GO GO GO GO *instant regret* AHHHHHHH NOOO the water is not cold tho Yeah but Dang it.alright Let’s go see if I have any other big air mattresses because that one’s soaked now So I go to get a new air mattress and look what I find him doing [yee] dude you just lost the challenge It is 24-hour haunted challenges We would probably die so yeah, lets do it. you can sit on the green one here i need that blanket. Thank you I’m cold. probably not even bad the water is actually pretty nice is cooler than the water really cold. You gonna freakin trick my characters not flat [oh] Okay, I’m not wet guys this is going to be easy for [me]. How are you going to add it Henry my computer good Yeah, I’m going to toss it. Thank you, please do not If you’re going under just throw it up, okay, let’s please take this and remember actually going use it. Thank you Yep, actually so funny comfy though if you guys have a pool and air mattress or have access either Go do this [hey] push him down with the water get this head yeah All remember whenever we went on the lake or that coordinate. I know that was me. You couldn’t play You see it differently to do This sort of question [to] the defense looking backwards. I’ll back with honors and land back on a stick like [that] ready. Yeah You got it. [he’s] so captivated. It is really warm in here. Yes Yeah, when you get out breathing this out to go hold cold day better get out. What want to get out? Oh go go [go]. Yeah If I doing off the hoverboard it moves whenever you go up Little encouragement [you] got it one more time, sir. I’ll push off then I’ll do it got it dude Run on your head. I felt that hey you lose the challenge Loser, [Kara] think you’re the only one who’s Gonna win Yeah, I might not say overnight. It’s [tough] but I will for you guys is my neck heels, okay? I already think a hot air [brake] that counts is [the] pool Yeah, that’s the [other] room of the pool [through] the blood room I mean, what’s just [putting] air mattress on it call go get the poop emoji ah yeah? That’s way better oh I forgot where were these pink ones [inside], just don’t Okay, where’s the guy to break we sing? I love it now. [it’s] currently [9] o’clock. It’s already starting to get dark But my hair looks like guy Fieri’s. Oh, gosh here. You’re bad at lighting couldn’t – go – ok guys it is 1055 right now apparently It’s literally about to rain. It’s like Sprinkling. I’m not going to lie We did sit in the hot tub and then we went I [are] so I’m yeah, we definitely both [your] challenge who cares We’re still out here. We’re going we’re staying the night. I don’t care the pool is warm We might go to the hot tub again. I’m with my Mother in the hot tub [ok] we’ll do that a second, but yeah, we’re on the green one together [uh] no blanket anymore I’m holding my camera, and I’m actually pretty scared like the waters right there cleaner. I’m pretty good guy fine fine Go, just get off [flow] so I don’t drop my camera I had a dream that I like tried to record a clip underwater with this camera. Drop it okay I’m not go Cuckoo clock letters. Yeah, all I have is my phone for entertainment I had dealt with my macbook Backhand side. Yeah speaking of Dylan. I don’t even know where he is right now I think he left yeah, [I’m] quitting [discus] – I mean. He said he’s gonna be here. He’s not here. You’re both horrible friends Oh, God, my arm hurts um since I gave up my camera. Oh, it’s all better Yeah, you can see the ring. Can you see it? Well? Yeah? Yeah, you can see it is Frickin raining I [think] that yeah [like] okay? Yeah, all [I] have is my phone it is at 11% haha, we’ll just watch some Netflix listen to some music. We’re having fun though, right? Yeah Guys, we’re back in the pool. Oh my gosh. Gosh. Gosh. Gosh. Okay. It’s been like maybe 30 45 minutes We’ll listen to Miley Cyrus’s new song Malibu is actually really good apparently she’s normal again. So that’s good. Look at that She’s hot again. I mean no. She’s not hey oh Yeah, and also my camera’s freaking microphone battery is on red I’m gonna have to get out my have to go down [to] my room. I have to get new batteries So yeah that kind of sucks. I guess we’re breaking the rules. I don’t know all right guys it is well I don’t know. What time it is. It’s dark. My phone’s dead I’m in my blanket, and I guess I’m just gonna go to sleep I don’t know. I might just chill here for a little bit my parents even though they can’t see you. Hi, okay Guys it is morning now. [oh] Everything is dry. I mean. This is basically warm a little bit cold where I slept yeah It stopped raining right after I started sprinkling. Oh, you’d only Sprinkle for a little bit I went and got a new battery for my microphone my phone died and I just said it over there, so yeah I got really really bored and then I just you know laid down on here got in my blanket and [just] eventually fell asleep and I bet you’re wondering where’s Paris the thing is I don’t know either. She hasn’t taken her test to drive. Yes. I don’t think she left I thought she fell asleep out [here] with me, but apparently not I bet she’s inside probably in my bedroom my beanbag [I’ll] going in a second, but yeah, this is probably one of the most fun challenges. I’ve done. I mean after it warmed up It’s just fun to like float around on this. It’s like bringing back my water bed Now some of you guys might know I used to have a [waterbed] and then I got popped at the meet up There’s a guy over there walking my [neighbor’s] been getting construction done on their house forever. [that’s] actually What woke me out was them banging on stuff? [yeah]? I have no idea. What time it is like I said my [phone’s] [dead] so yeah, let’s go inside. Oh, no, oh Oh, here’s Luna. Hi Luna. Help, okay very slowly Why didn’t you want to sleep with me on your last night? I tried to get you on and then you just ran away you failed the challenge too, though Wake up wake up. Hey, guess what what you cheated? You came inside last night, and you left me you were there when I went to [my] senses Right okay. I’m sorry hon. Let me get on an actual life So, how was it sleeping in the Taco bed while I shout out there I bet it was well guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I mean, I don’t really know [if] it counts [I] fell asleep on an air mattress on the water That’s all that matters right and I tend to do some flus I land on my head and that was fun too. [so] yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching you’re definitely sleeping outside the [Monon] Oh leave a comment down below of whatever challenges you guys want to see you like fun stuff We could like do a [tint] on air masters like build a raft and then a TV in it and like place of guitar hero That actually be a lot of work and very scary. I don’t know about that don’t forget leave like and share especially enjoyed subscribing, and I’ll see you guys [the] [next] one ah Hey, what? My site you came in looking like that. You just made


Tanner: *buys pizza and poop float and a air mattress*
Store employee: tf is wrong with this kid

Tanner: you’re bad at lighting
Also Tanner: shines light on everything but his face

My fav people are
1.tanner braunghardt
2.quentin McCartney
3.mylan ditchell
4.tanner fox just because he does collabs with tanner braunghardt

The funniest part about the video is when tanner is yelling about the rain and Paris is so calm about telling him to calm down 🙂

It’s fake because at the end he said his phone was dead and at the end he flash Paris with his phone

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