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Alexandra Trusova exclusive TV report and interview October 26 2019 with English subtitles

Alexandra Trusova exclusive TV report and interview October 26 2019 with English subtitles

I think I started watching figure skating on TV quite late I believe it was 2014 Olympics. Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova. I remembered them most From that time Iunderstood that I will be doing this professionally, and for a long time My holidays last for three weeks. And towards the end it gets unbearable without figure skating. And you want to start as soon as possible. First the training, and then once you’ve trained for some time you want to perform. I think I am much more fortunate than other children, because in my 14 I travelled half of the world. The most memorable was one was when we traveled to Australia for my first junior Grande Prix. I liked the country a lot. I performed there 4-salto for the first time, but with an under-rotation. And I touched koala! We also flew to Vienna in the middle of my vacation, because they chose me for the best junior athlete from Europe award. This of course was quite new for me. I didn’t have to skate there, but had to talk. I prefer skating. I only remember the athletics world championships when it was in Moscow I was quite surprised by Usein Bolt, with his speed. I enjoyed it a lot For how long do you train? Every day. Twice a day. Usually with Sergei Viktorovich, and quite rarely Daniil Markovich. And with whom is it more fun? With Eteri Georgievna. We compete in who can jump more 1-axels. My record is either 42 or 52… The last time I won I think the girls (other) can, but the boys don’t play with us 🙂 I am not in general scared, but on the floor everything is different. Here you do everything in your trainers, but there you have to land on the arc, then transition. And here it is simply finish as you can Axel, salto, touloop are easier than on ice, But lutz, ritberger, and flip are almost impossible on the floor. -Do you jump better than your coaches? This is for rotating faster, so that your hands are trained to move faster. Jumping does not seems scary. Roller coaster seems more scary to me. Sometimes nothing works, sometimes everything works well. I get disappointed of course, but next day, it is fine I like Nathan Chen a lot, because he learns new 4s, and performs them a lot in one program. On every exhibition, we performed 4s in the end. On every. On the show in Krasnodar, I did with Sonia 3s, Ijumped with Lyosha in parallel. I also jumped in parallel with someone on the world championships, So, I want one with Nathan Chen. Not sure, some 4-x, either lutz or touloop. -When should we expect 5s? One needs to first know all 4s and be physically prepared, They wouldn’t allow me for now 🙂 -Would you like to try yourself? Myself not, but to learn yes. You jump axel looking forward and you rotate differently. The edge jumps are easier for me. You place you foot, and it pushed you upwards. I love ballet a lot. But it isn’t sport. I tried to dance on ballet pumps., and I enjoyed it. I was coached by Lyudmila Borisovna. In ballet, there are many jumps as well. When we train with Lyudmila Bisorsovna, if I ask her, she gives me many jumps. Even different variations of the jumps from when she was ballerina. I have been wanting to go to Bolsoi Theatre for long now. My free program is from Game of Trones. In three weeks I watched everything, from the first season till the eighth. The ending is, of course, horrible. Daeneris should’ve become a queen. I like the dress to be lovely and comfortable. Of course, I see approximate sketches, and I say which one I prefer. There can be several options, and then I choose my favourite one. We are generally quite different. With Anna we are almost same age, and Alyona is slightly older. And otherwise we are very different. Different personalities, we looks different, I don’t know, simply different people. It is more interesting when there is some diversity. -Do you compete in who has more subscribers? Yes, there was a bit in past, but now, we all have our own pages, so not. Before, I was competing with Daniil Markovich in who has more 🙂 Then my instagram got deleted, since I was not 13. Although by the time my instagram was created I was 13. And although we tried to restore it, they wouldn’t. The number of subscribers grew very fast. -Do you read comments? No, almost not. I just post . I read probably the first couple of just out of interest. -Do you watch your performances on youtube? Yes, I do. I especially like watching my exhibitions., and the FS from my first worlds. -Do you pay attention to how many times they were watched? Yes, my FS on the worlds had a million. Whom did you support at the worlds? From men, Nathan Chen. And from women, I couldn’t:) And in pair and dance skating, Ijust supported our athletes. -Do you have friends outside ice? No, just family and food, everything is on ice. -What do you do in your free time? With my brothers we go for a movie, shopping malls, where they like to play games. Aquapark, pandapark Sometimes some quest. I like my electric scooter, with my dad, with my brothers. There are sometimes days when you just want to lie down, when you are tired. Not even tired physically, but tired of going somewhere and you just want to stay at home. I want to have a big home, so that everyonr would live there, and a lot of dogs. I’ve always been liking dogs. Dad promised me a poodle for the worlds And mom for 3-axel. In general, I have ticked the dad’s box My mom is always with me. I just look at her sometimes while skating. She is sitting there, and I feel secure. When she is sometimes leaving with dad for a vacation, rarely, I feel bad. I can’t without her. She told me that if I asked her to stay at home and leave by myself , she would stay. But as long as I am needed, I will go with you. I pack my suitcases myself, because I am scared my mom will forget something. I just like being with my mom. And she makes my braids really well:) My biggest fear is the airplane crash. But I nevertheless like flying far away. No, I do not like the flight itself, but I love everything before and after When we get ready, when there is a lot of us. We flew to Australia for 24 hours, and back for 26. I loved it most. Although during one of the flights we nearly crashed because of turbulence. I think, the first place is the best one because when you get the second or third, you feel that you lost insome way. This is why it is important to try to skate as clean as possible and strive to be the first But this is interesting to try something no one ever did before. I want to skate my programs clean and with 4s. What do I want more than that? Probably to win the Olympics one day -If you were asked to remember childhood, what would you say? That I skated all my childhood:)

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