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Alexandra Trusova / Skate Canada 2019 Behind the scenes

Alexandra Trusova / Skate Canada 2019 Behind the scenes

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, I like everything here.Even in training, I feel support. No matter how these competitions end, I am glad to be here. I love competition when there are many strong athletes. I just need to make my program clean, and the judges will decide who to give the victory to I am pleased that I skated clean my short program. I will try to do such with my long program. I was not upset, the Korean skater made a triple axel and therefore now leads. Why should I be upset? Of course, this motivates me to learn 3A. This is the hardest jump for me, but I try to make it. I am so happy. I will try to get a mark for the technique even more. and of course for the components. I am not a robot, I do not always succeed but I try to improve. It happens that I fall from the first element, but then I do the rest of the program. That’s why we are training I like a lot more in seniors than in juniors. There is a more serious atmosphere, a lot of fans in the stands. Stroller for a dog. Take it? Oh! Another dog Mom, look what a beautiful color. I think this is from the Avengers We have already seen this, and this, and this, and this … I will buy this toy when I have a poodle This is for Chloe, she will climb into it and spin.


если бы не Александра то про фигурное катание никто бы не знал

Дудаков так мило за неё переживает, чуть сам не подпрыгивает, что то подсказывает, подбадривает!!! Саша самая лучшая!!! Естественная, не рисуется, не жеманная, открытая и приятная девушка, красавица :))) 💕💕💕
мне показалось или у неё даже слезки в глазах были в одном эпизоде интервью?


Мне кажется, Саше по плечу 3А, а там и глядишь 4А. После чего, весь мир сойдёт с ума.

Trusova is a dream girl, she dream of many things to be the next Olympic champion and all her effort are valuable. She's will be one of the best of all time.

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