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Alexandra Trusova / Skate Canada 2019 Interview

Alexandra Trusova / Skate Canada 2019 Interview

Congratulations to you Sasha, you won your first stage of the Grand Prix. You said that you have long wanted to perform at the senior level. How it was? Thank you for your congratulations. I really enjoyed performing here. Yes, I waited a very long time and all my expectations were . The audience was very supportive and the atmosphere is different from the junior competitions. You began to compete with Rika Kihira who jumps 3A, with Zhenya Medvedeva. What struck you and who were you looking at? The girls are great, some of them in the short program jumped the triple axel and I will try to learn and put this element too How do you get this jump? Now it’s better, there is progress. Hope to jump it soon What is the difference, you learned quadruples quickly, and you learn axel for a long time? This jump is different from the rest, it is performed face-up and for some reason it is more difficult for me to learn it How do you rate your performances? In the short program, I dealt with all the elements and due to the fact that there are no quads, it is easier for me to do it. In the free skate, I fell from salchow, I will work and try to do everything cleanly You scored 100 points for the technique. What does this mean for you? I have long wanted to do this, since the first junior worlds and I am happy that I did it. What does this victory mean to you? I became one step closer to the finals and I will try to perform well at Rostelecom to get to the finals. What will you like in competitions? In competitions I like everything – from the moment we fly out to the tournament, to training, performances and a gala concert. What about the interview? No!))) Yesterday at a press conference I asked the men what they think about Sasha Trusova, who makes 4 quads in the program. They said they were very amazed. Yuzuru said that he looks at you and he really likes how you jumps and he wants to learn from you. What do you think about it? When I learned quads, I always watched how men jumped. I studied not only on practice, but also watched a video to jump correctly. Which of the men do you like most in jumping technique? Nathan Chen – he has the most quads, he knows how to do them all, I think only loop he does not put into the program Do you look at the girls? Yes, I look at the girls. For example, how Rika jumps an axel and try to learn What is your character? I do not know. I cannot describe myself, only someone else can do it The next stage is Rostelecom. What is the difference between performing at home and abroad? At home everyone speaks Russian. I have not performed at the home Grand Prix yet, so it’s hard for me to compare Perhaps the family will be there? Well yes, Tina will be there. Tina didn’t come here? No, very far away. Did you miss her? Very much, I can’t wait to meet her. (Subscribe to avtrusova.tina on Instagram, the best page about Tina) In Moscow, probably dad will come to the competition? He does not go to competitions, but only watches the video after my performance. Is he worried? most likely. What about the brothers? Brothers … Well, they are not very interested) Egor is watching a little, but Vanya still does not understand. Do you think it’s easier or harder to perform at home? It should be easier because it is its own country and its own city, there is no need to fly anywhere. This is your second time in Canada, what do you like? Very cozy city, beautiful mountains, many flowers and trees. We have not walked around the city so far, but there will still be time to walk. Thank you, Sasha.


Всё – СУПЕР !
Не расслабляться ! 😁😁😁
Ждём новых рекордов !

Hmm, she somehow seemed to feel very uncomfortable doing this interview. Why is that? Haven't noticed something like that before.

Хорошее интервью , но всё равно ни общество ни журналисты не понимают, что не так называемый "мужской характер" , а подростковый интерес к новому двигает Сашу и других Хрусталят к новым рекордам и достижениям. В спорте и вообще в истории немало девушек, которые выглядят или ведут себя грубее мужиков (и уж точно никак не сравнимы с Сашей), только их это не приблизило ни к золоту, ни к славе.
Этери и её команда – самые настоящие исследователи и первопроходцы. В науке, в космосе, в культуре или спорте – не жажда первенства, а познание неизведанного движет русским человеком.
Это скорее для нас, околочемпионской тусовки, это всё похоже на соперничество или схватку между сверхлюдьми. Игра на самых низших стимулах первенства и превосходства над другими ; для тех, кто в своей голове способен уместить лишь А и В .

The scary thing is she is so young she's skating because she loves it – what happens when she gets her poodle and she gets a bad injury ? Which is inevitable with skaters – she's just a kid when she develops a bit and grows and maybe has a collision like yuzuru on the ice or a bad fall or a repetitive strain injury will she have the brutal grit to fight back to the top? Yes she's at the top of her game but it's lovely at the top — she'll win an olympics get a big house and a load of dogs then god forbid an injury I hope mentally they're training her to be resilient and to expect falls and knocks and injuries and her first setback the day it isn't fun anymore the day she resents getting on the ice she doesn't throw in the towel. And her Fear of plane crashes scares me. I pray she will still win medals when she hates it when she's battling and injury when it isn't fun and puppies any more because it will happen I just don't want her to fall to pieces the first massive setback she gets. She has to prove unfortunately she has the fire and determination in her before she becomes the legend everyone is thinking she is going to be. She has. A long road ahead of her I just worry she's had it too easy she seems just to hAve landed on her feet only starting in 2014???? Come on. It's too good to be true. I love her I'm not trolling I just don't like the feeling I'm watching a car drive off a cliff.

удовольствие получает от жизни от катания) интервью не любит) наш человек

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