Hi guys, welcome to this new video I’m michele today in the company of the other sm1 the best alternative to naimi bot s2 is the jolie while 65 these electric scooters were a small revolution used in the city very comfortable and many are asking me to recommend you some models so here is the souyz m1 obviously it is a folding and resealable model that we are now going to put on very easily that’s it, the frame is made entirely of aluminum so it’s a very strong structure internal battery obviously produced by 7.8 amp lg which guarantees about 30 km of autonomy against 5.2 a about 20 km of autonomy of its direct competitor on s cost about 500 euros instead I paid 300 euros front wheel inflatable and full rear without air both equipped with a cushioning system that absorbs the disc brake holes rear with a stopping distance at maximum speed The four-foot engine power the wheel of 280 brushless vats like the competitors so also the performances are more or less the same we are at 25 km per hour of maximum speed Don’t pay too much attention to the nominal speeds that are often stated in the product data sheets those make little text the important thing is the real power at the wheel but what really makes the difference is that its weight 14 kg against the 15 kg of the nine but as 218 kg of the show 35 mm it’s really a feather the wheels are from 8.5 inches is this scooter and waterproof this does not mean you can soak it in the sea but the puddles hold it up well there is a small oled display that tells us the speed reached and it is also possible to peel from energy saving mode with maximum speed around 18 20 graffiti and maximum power speed up to 25 27 kilometers per hour, the engine is decidedly powerful and blends very well on the flat course it is also on the most difficult climbs does not make any effort as you see in this situation it is also on the dirt road we say that it is not its natural habitat but it makes it from acceleration is controlled by a simple lever that replaces the classic accelerator Finally, an old-style doorbell is also very convenient, but let’s face it is clearly not the best the only negative aspect if we can defining it is the absence of a dedicated application that makes it much more immediate when not needed then configure it even in less geeky will be able to use it in an instant therefore a perfect gift also for people a bit bigger, he didn’t have the technology or who you understood, but on the other side they are missing those smart qualities that at the same time the more geeks can like let’s say this is a plug and play electric scooter load it meters from the ground and immediately run up to 25 km per hour, good guys, what to say in conclusion this alpha wise m1 in my opinion is the best alternative to the nyse mot s2 is at the show mm35 some market leaders performance is superior to the two models even the build quality of the competitors is really good but the price is lower I repeat that very often you find it on a harvest at 300 euros also sent from European warehouses is precisely for this and I leave you the link to buy this nice product below in video descriptions along with coupons that if they expire because guys don’t last forever you can also find them in our offer’s the gun channel and you will also find links below in video descriptions together with other models I recommend the link for our channel instaglam our facebook group drones and technology italy numerous states if you have any questions about this product feel free to ask leaving it was a nice comment below I am as always in place all the dispositions are finally friends if you want support us we do not ask for any donation, no subscription but a simple and free like share a comment sign up if you have not already done so and share this video to all your friends this is all we see each other video always here its says hello students guys and good pedaling no no no no I’m saying hello

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