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Alienboard Batwings Hoverboard Test Video

Alienboard Batwings Hoverboard Test Video

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Today we are not testing a motherboard on OCinside, but we have something very special in summer special. An Alienboard Hoverboard, which has been
supplied in this cardboard box. Included is also this bag. However, the bag is not high-quality. Because the zippers were already
Defective after a short time. But better than carrying it without a bag. The Hoverboard is switched on via this button. And then you can step on it. When step on the Hoverboard, you have to
take care that the feet are not slanted on it. It’s not that easy for the first time. You use the weight shift to move the Hoverboard. It’s just huge fun! As you can see, there is no brake on it
and it also has no road registration in Germany. But there are also Hoverboards with a road registration. They have also a holding rod, light and bell. But this board is a pure Funboard,
That means you just go on with it and have fun. Only the sheep are still wondering. Just step on the hoverboard like you would on stairs. As you have to try to keep your feet not slanted that the Hoverboard does not start to roll directly. You drive by slightly tilting a foot. And a turnaround in one place succeeds by
both feet are tilted opposed. But once you’re on the board,
you can do it all by yourself. Such mound are quite nasty, because it already
gets pretty shaky. The small wheels are designed for plain roads. Soon, we will show you the full Hoverboard
review on Thanks for watching and continue enjoying #ocinside Bye and see you next time.

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