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Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft want AI ethics standard: NYT

Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft want AI ethics standard: NYT

With the promise that future technology will
be helpful and handy,… many people have been eagerly awaiting a time when artificial
intelligence becomes a part of our daily lives. But with rising concerns AI could end up replacing
humans in the workforce or even altogether,… five tech giants are working on establishing
a standard of ethics around the creation of AI.
Kim Hyesung has the story. The world’s five leading tech giants are
trying to create a standard of ethics around artificial intelligence. According to the New York Times, researchers
from “Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft have been
meeting to discuss issues like the impact of AI on jobs, transportation and even warfare.” These discussions are taking place after the
field of AI has made rapid progress in a range of areas, from driverless cars and voice recognition,…
to robots and weapon systems that could pose a threat to people’s jobs,… and even their
very existence. The specifics of what the five companies will
decide or do, are not yet known. But according to the New York Times, they
have shared a memorandum and plan to announce a new organization, a so-called ‘A.I Industry
group’ in two weeks. And their basic goal? To make sure that the focus of AI research
is on benefiting people, not hurting them. One of the concerns among AI researchers has
been the government making AI regulations. The general manager for IBM’s Watson artificial
intelligence division, David Kenny, said in an interview with the New York Times that
“There is a role for government and we respect that. The challenge is a lot of times policies lag
the technologies.” The importance of the industry effort can
be seen in recent projects by Stanford University and MIT that study the social and economic
impact of AI. As artificial intelligence technology advances
rapidly, academics and industry researchers are moving fast to link the technological
progress closer to socioeconomic policy issues. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.

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