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Amazon Hall of Shame – Christmas/Hanukkah Scalping

Amazon Hall of Shame – Christmas/Hanukkah Scalping

Amazon like any platform that allows third
party selling often leads to various failures, awkward situation, jerks and amateur mistakes…
just like I’d like to occasionally scour the internet for these moments and review
and critique them here. If one day, you think you may take up third party selling, be sure
to pay attention and learn from the mistakes of others.
Today we’ll be looking at the chaos and mistakes of Christmas/Hanukkah/boxing day/festivus
scalping and anything related. Let’s kick this off with perhaps not a fail,
but a flaming WTF item. Have you ever been madly boxing in Wii Sports and been too exhausted
to walk to the kitchen and get a snack and had a bout of hypoglycemia and died? Well
this item has you covered, this allegedly official ‘Nintendo’ Wii remote add-on rewards
you with candy every time you press B. What? Something in me is calling bull on several
fronts. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t
collectible imply you never drug it across the asphalt tied to the back of your car?
Wouldn’t the scratches pretty much contradict it being collectible? How do consoles get
many scratches though? Mine have occasionally gotten dusty or smudgy but never scratched.
Did you actually drag this behind your car after you lost at Barbie Dream-House Party(which
simple the existence of is a fail in itself)? Also on related games, look at this buying
pattern for Disney Princess: The Enchanted Journey, apart from buying two wheels with
Just Dance instead of Mario Kart or Just Dance without wheels, one of those games in not
like the other, one of these games includes head-shots and conversation with 10 yearolds
who are more of a man to your mother than your father could ever be. Your little princess
will love sniping and exchanging profanity with your buddies. How about another confusing one. This is just
an android app you can download through the most absurdly roundabout way by using Amazon.
It essentially summarizes news from media outlets you could navigate using a PC or Android
browser like IGN (Plauge Knight Strikes),, or Gamexplain (Plague Knight
Returns) no, I’ll give the shout out to Gamexplain, not that it’ll turn anybody onto them probably.
(Plague Knight Defeated) So I really don’t see the point, but then again, Link, the Hero
of… whichever Link he is, bought the premium version and this is what he said.
Then you have this by Mr. Shafi Chowd… chode… chodury. 5 pages long, Published in September
telling you how to unlock everything in the 3DS AND Wii U version. I’m not sure, but this
sounds totally legit and not a scam. This is just a nice man going to and
copy pasting the cheats section of the 3DS version, hoping the Wii U doesn’t change a
thing, and charging you to see it. I love starter kits and by love I mean I love
making fun at the bad ones. Let’s see, ooh a second HDMI cable, oh boy… I don’t even
know what I’d do with 2 HDMI cables, especially if I have a TV from the 90’s. Oh an extra
wrist strap; you have no idea how many of those I snap like paper during a hard play
session, and by hard play session I mean thrusting with my girlfriend and… oh, an HDMI extension
cable, glad you finally clarified that. Still I don’t use protection… when I game… ummmm… I like this seller’s description for a ZombiU
Deluxe Wii U. Works great, space, partial ellipses. Does it actually? What does that
mean, you don’t just put ellipses; it makes it sound like your withholding something Here’s a guy selling the Smash Bros Bundle
for over 100% markup, responding quite insolently to a customer who just wanted to know why
people were selling at over 100% markups. Seller dude, 100% markup scalping is suspicious.
It’s very suspicious actually, anyone would have reason to suspect someone seeking over
100 dollars of profit per item is not exactly honest and might try to scam you. He may just
be a scalper, but I wouldn’t place bets on his integrity being honest. If he was seeking
10-30 profit on a 100 dollar item, that’s not totally outrageous and I’d probably trust
him to just be a scalper, a reasonable scalper. Unfortunately, the rumors going around from
certain retailers who probably have thousands in stock they are selling online, is that
Nintendo underestimated demand, that’d be an understatement, and the adaptors released
so far are all they had and are going to release anytime soon. Perhaps the largest fail comes from early
in my search where Amazon has taken a more active role in scalping. You remember when
Wii U’s cost over 500 dollars right? That solid gold casing and all. Neither do I, but
Nintendo should make like 5 special edition consoles to bundle the next Zelda with and
let chaos ensue. Paying nearly 40 dollars over what Walmart would ask, sounds like a
good deal since I’m saving 170 dollars… and 25 cents. Scalping is very specific. Amazon
should be ashamed to have their name associated with this bargain; I can see them turning
the other way for full 3rd parties, but you don’t enable scalpers; especially when the
scalped item isn’t that hard to get. I know it was a lot of Wii U, but seriously
that is being scalped shamelessly because people think the console is as rare as the
GameCube Adapter and it really isn’t.

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