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Annoying Orange Plays – Roblox: ICEBREAKER! #1

Annoying Orange Plays – Roblox: ICEBREAKER! #1

(upbeat video game music) (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Hey you, it’s A to the O, back again with another game video. We are in Roblox. We’re gonna play some Icebreaker! Ice to meet ya, ya know? (laughs) Okay, I’m holding a breaker. Red icon equals enemy. Freeze this guy! Oh, missed him. (laughs) How do you miss somebody
that’s not even moving? (laughs) My bad. Okay, I see, and then people
with this icon can be freed. Those are your friends. Okay, that’s easy enough. And then these box have coins. Nice! I’m gonna buy a walrus with a top hat. (laughs) Okay, enemies with a large icon and red particles cannot be frozen. (makes noises of mock exertion) Okay. (laughs) T to emote. Oh, GG. Grumpy goldfish, right? That’s what it stands for, right? (laughs) Okay. I wanna play! I wanna play! Ugh, I’m frozen! (electronic theme music)
What the magic? I haven’t even done anything yet! Help! (ice shatters)
Ay! Okay, that’s one way to break the ice. Oh, it’s the intro screen! I was so confused. (laughs) Okay, Hide and Seek. You are a hider. You cannot freeze the Seekers. Win by surviving until the timer runs out. Hide your breaker by pressing V. Wow, okay, okay, talk
about ice to meet ya. We’re on an ice rink. I don’t even know how I
got down here! (laughs) Okay, I’m a hider. I’m just hiding in plain sight. (laughs) Hey, there’s one of my buddies. How you doing, bud? Oh, that’s an, that’s definitely an enemy. He looks mad. Hey, you’re my buddy, Deceptive_evilman. Hey, don’t give me the
cold shoulder. (laughs) Running away from your feelings! (laughs) Hiding in plain sight is easy. Goal! Oh no, oh no, he captured
one of my friends! You chase him, and I’m
gonna go free my friend. Come back, come back, freedom! (ice shatters)
(laughs) Oh, no. Help! Help! Hey, I helped you, come back! Oh no, all is lost. (ice shatters)
Yay! (laughs) Okay, this game rules. Okay, it looks like somebody-
(ice shatters in distance) Oh, okay, well I was
gonna go free that guy, but somebody else already
freed him, so that’s good. Okay, looks like there’s
someone else over there to unfreeze, so let’s go give some help. I don’t know where they are. I can’t find ’em anywhere. Uh-oh, I hear … Oh no, there’s somebody behind me! No! No!
(ice forms) Ice to meet you too! Did you know it was my first game? You got to take it easy on me. (laughs) Oh, you guys are hiding in the vents. I like that. Good idea. Hey, are you guys farting up there? You farting in the air ducts? That’s a good idea. That’s what I like to do. Share the wealth, every time. (laughs) Just running around. (ice forms)
Whoa, hey, what the? He was angry. He’s angry ’cause he can’t
find the other people. (laughs) Zero!
(ice shatters) Yeah! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Victory, first time! Not too shabby, don’t call me Abby. ‘Cause that’s not my name! Ice to meet you!
(upbeat pop ballad) (fireworks explode)
(Orange laughs) Whoo-hoo! All right, I got one thaw. It was my first time. Just getting the lay of the land. Okay, Team Deathmatch. Uh-oh, is that everyone on everyone? Oh no, we’re on teams. Okay, that makes more sense. Hop to … Oh, am I farting in the snow? (laughs) Okay, diegoalex2. (timer beeps)
Wow, did I get a text message? What’s going on? Oh okay, that was just a (laughs) It was just a timer starting. We’re all good, we’re all good. I’m gonna follow you, Diego. Lead the way! Oh, I see an enemy. I see an enemy! I’m gonna let you go
first, I’ll come in behind, and that way if you get frozen then I’ll unfreeze you, okay?
(crate breaks) Whoo-hoo, 30 coins!
(coins jingle) Where’d you go, Diego? Diego, wait for me! Diego, you went too fast, come back! Oh, he got frozen. Unfreeze!
(ice forms) Yes! (ice shatters)
Oh! Frozen and unfrozen! Cool beans! (laughs) Get it? Cool? ‘Cause they’re on ice. (laughs) We’re going into the
heart of the beast here. There’s lots of fightin’ goin’ on. Come on, come on! I must save my friends! Ooh, ooh, Dog Face! No, no, Dog Face! Just time it just right, just right. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I’m hitting …
(ice forms) Aw, no, I hit the wrong
button! (laughs miserably) (ice rattles)
Help me! (ice rattles)
Help me! (ice rattles)
Help me! (laughs) Oh, did I win? Oh no, we lost! Ooh, defeat. Wait, I don’t have any feet! (laughs) (upbeat pop ballad)
Just you wait, guys. I will have my revenge! (bomb explodes)
One freeze and one thaw. That’s pretty good,
pretty good, not too bad. (coins rattle)
Give me all your coins! Gimme gimme always gets! (laughs) Okay, Hide and Seek. You are a hider. Again? Ugh, I want to be a seeker. Every time I play hide and seek
games, I’m always the hider. Do you guys have any tips and tricks on how to become the seeker? I really wanna do it. Hop to it! (laughs) Yeah! What happened? Oh. Hiders have 15 seconds to head start. Whoo-hoo! This’ll be the one time
in life where I say it’s okay to run away from your feelings! Run away! (laughs) Oh, man. I got to find a good hiding spot. I don’t know this map. I don’t know any of these maps. I’m at a disadvantage! Seekers have been released. (crate breaks)
Ooh, give me coins. (coins jingle)
(Orange laughs) I’m gonna pick up one of those pairs of pantsless pants. (laughs) Ooh, can I get up top? Can I get up top? Oh, I was hoping I could get up there. Oh man, how’d you get on the roof? I just got to stay–
(ice forms in distance) Oh no, somebody got hit! Aw, I just got to stay on
the move, stay on the move. Yo, what’s up, elsalove232? I’m just gonna hang out right here. Right here. Just gonna chill, just
gonna chill. (laughs) Aw man, some of my friends need help! Aw, I can’t leave ’em frozen right there. If I leave them frozen, then
they’re gonna freeze us, and it’s just gonna be the
tip of the iceberg. (laughs) Boom! Set it up and knocked it down. Gonna come right, gonna come right … (mutters)
(ice shatters) That’s probably the only time
that guy’s gonna be okay with me hitting him in the butt
with a giant block of ice. (laughs) Uh-oh, crap, crap, crap! I think he saw me, I think he saw me! Oh, no, I don’t wanna go
in there, I’ll get caught. Ooh, go this way, go this way. He’s not gonna catch me,
he’s not gonna catch me. Oh, he’s coming for me! Ooh, elsalove, run away, run away! (ice forms)
Oh god, no! It’s a cold day to be sure. (ice rattles)
(Orange laughs) (ice rattles)
Help! (ice rattles)
Help! (ice rattles)
Help! (ice rattles)
Help! (ice rattles)
Help! (laughs) (ice rattles)
Is this working? (laughs) Aw, man. Hey!
(ice shatters) All right, thank you, zombiedude! Or zombiedie, whatever your name is. ♫ I believe I’m alive (box breaks)
(coins jingle) ♫ I believe I can hit the coin bucket ♫ Gonna get all those awesome coins ♫ Gonna buy a bowling
ball made from spaghetti ♫ Yeah (laughs) You like my song? It’s a pretty good song. Number one on the charts. (laughs) Okay, I’m gonna follow you. We’re gonna break all our friends free! All right, we have! (laughs) Good job, buddies! You’re kickin’ some booties! Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, whoa! (nervous giggle) Run away, run away! No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (ice forms)
No, no, no, oh! ♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman! Where are you when I need you? Ooh, only one second. Yes! We won! Oh, there was one person left
and they couldn’t find him. Thank you! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! (upbeat pop ballad) Yeah!
(fireworks explode) (Bomb explodes) Third place with one thaw Man, I got to pick my
game up here. (laughs) Okay, Team Deathmatch.
(trampoline bounces) I like it, I like it. (trampoline bounces)
Look at me, I’m bouncy! (laughs) Okay, we’re gonna hit some people in the butts with our ice sticks. Let’s do this!
(timer beeps) Feel the wrath of ice stick! Yeah! Oh, okay, are we waiting for the elevator? Is this the cool elevator? As opposed to the normal elevator, get it? The cool elevator? (laughs) Are you guys coming or what? Okay, well apparently we’re
just hanging out in here. Guys, you don’t have to
wait for the elevator. The elevator isn’t coming. Wait. Wait, what the poopsicles? I think they’re all away
from their keyboards! Oh no, this is not fair! Okay, I’m gonna go around this side. We can still do this, guys! We can still do it. Oh no, he got frozen. I’m gonna wait, I’m gonna wait. Uh-oh, uh-oh, here comes
somebody, here comes somebody! Oh, you gonna get it. Hi! Argh, no, swing it! Ah, I pressed the wrong button again. I keep doing that! I’ll save you! Here I go, buddy!
(breaker swishes) Uh, what the? How’d I miss? This is not a good round for the Orange. This is not a good–
(ice shatters) Okay, now you’re free. You’re free! (laughs) (ice forms)
No, you got captured again! Oh no, I’m the last alive. Ooh, friends, friends, I will save you! Here we go! (ice shatters)
Okay, you’re free. (ice shatters)
Run free, my friends! (ice forms)
Oh no, you guys are all away from your keyboards! (ice forms)
(Orange laughs triumphantly) You like it, don’t ya?
(ice shatters) Unfrozen. (ice forms)
Ooh, frozen. (laughs) Unfrozen,
unfrozen, frozen, frozen! (laughs) Yeah! (laughs) This is the best game ever! (ice forms)
Oh no! Help me! You guys! You’re away from the keyboard! What’re you doing? You can’t just leave us hanging like that! (upbeat pop music)
Whoa! I got 4 freezes and 8 thaws! All in the span of like,
five seconds. (laughs) Okay, could you guys please
stay at your computers now? Don’t help very much. I’m holding up the whole
thing here. (laughs) 750, that’s pretty good. Need to have more rounds like that. Aw, Deathmatch again? (groans) Okay, we got this. We got this, guys, we got this. Guys, stop arguing in
the chat and let’s play! Geez! Here we go, here we go! Gonna make you eat yellow snow! (laughs) Just kiddin’, I wouldn’t do that, I was just jokin’. Okay, guys, I’ll lead ’em this way. I’ll lead ’em this way, and
then you hit ’em in the booty. Here they come. Hit ’em in the booty,
hit ’em in the booty! (ice forms)
You got ’em! You got ’em, hit ’em in the booty! Ow! They froze you all? (ice shatters)
Oh wait, no, yes, alive! (Orange laughs triumphantly) (ice shatters)
Yeah! All thawing out! (laughs) That was good, that was good. See, my plan worked, it worked. Listen to the Orange, he
knows what he’s talking about. No, elsalove, I got this one. I got this one! (ice forms)
Yeah! (laughs) I did get that one! (laughs) Sorry, I didn’t mean to
steal it from you, Elsa. Yeah, I did. (laughs) Oh no, Elsa, you got frozen! Ooh, you got it!
(ice forms) Oh! Whoa, we froze each
other at the same time! Nice!
(ice rattles) Can someone help me?
(ice rattles) I need some help please.
(ice rattles) No, nothing? (groans) Did we win? Oh no. we lost Ooh. Defeat. (upbeat pop ballad)
All right, who’s the MVP? (Bomb expodes)
I’m on the edge of my seat. look at that….MVP,LOL gaming 999 freezes and 999,000,0000,0000 Thaws Loser Spot, TootieFruity, with
no freezes and no thaws. Well, I think we’re just gonna
have to do one more round, ’cause that’s not good stuff! (sound effects drown out speaker) Until next time, ice to meet you! (uptempo guitar music)
(laughter) Thingy..
(Girl eats orange)


It's ice to meet you will you mari me ???🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Hello Orange I like you you’re making fun of me on your videos my favorite character is you marshmallow that’s all my favorite characters and you Siano by the way thank you for making this video I like it oh I forgot to mention I forgot to mention my name is Diego this is your metrics for you

it’s ICE to meet you I like farting in vents💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 😂🤪🤪🤪🤪😂🤣

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