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Anti-Gravity Gallium Fidget Toy From Toys R Us (Feel Flux)

Anti-Gravity Gallium Fidget Toy From Toys R Us (Feel Flux)

FIRE HELP PIT IT OUT YO FIRE Fire, what’s up you do today I am going to be showing you this one gadget called the field looks gbfdkm fbvbkmgkffbg’It’s kind of like a fidget spinner, but it’s not a physics bitter the business spinner, but it uses magnets instead of using spinners So it’s kind of like a magnet fidget toy or fidget toy mack So it looks like that these two container things fgbrdfbr,dflbergb,t;fg,nt,b;lb,grbgdfbl,gfdb;r, And it has one ball you put the ball inside these container things and the ball is very metal but inside these little containers are a whole bunch of ergergdfbrvrgelectromagnetic Fields that create this magnetic rfrferfvergerfv Force to become very addictive let me show you let’s unbox this really quick there we go Here we go. It comes in these little This little container here, so you open it there you go? You goes into things and then this is the ball the thing is as soon as you put the ball in here It gives this very Very tingly feeling because the ball doesn’t really touch the wall because the wall is Kind of like a Magnet force that repels the ball away, so the ball is always Perfectly in the center see the ball never really touches the wall because it’s always going to be Magnetic I’d I don’t know if that’s a word But it’s really addicting to play with so the reason why we have two is because you can you know do trick shots put? Put into one another. I’m not really good at kind of got this dings ah But if you’re wondering how this thing works it uses a thing called the legs law EPsilon equals Delta Pi Beta negative Pi over Delta theta can gain I so calculus 3. What’s up kids really simple. I guess we’re just going to play with this and see What it can do our first objective is to try to get this into the other container? So here we go all there you go look at that That is straight up amazing and the thing is you’re not supposed to put your cell phone next to these Magnets because your cell phone and whatever magnetic and like four devices will be destroyed is that true? We’re gonna find out right now. So I have my cell phone. Okay. Let’s see what happens we put this next to it Nothing happened really, did it break? Hello some wait a second hold on guys It’s not working Oh my God it came up to this so for some reason it brought up the number system and whatever maybe we’ll do this again Yeah, you guys do not look what it types That’s not nice okay. Uh should I call it? I’m going to call it guys all right guys. I’m calling it. I’m calling it Yeah, I did. Are you serious? Okay, this thing is very Demonic, but I don’t think it’s this thing small I think just cuz my phone and frequencies in this house created that thing so let you play with this feel fluttering There you go So it’s not bad you can just keep playing with this thing is to keep doing this thing So let’s try to trick shots out Maybe I could try to put this all the way down and then at the very last minute I’ll go upwards the ball will go up, and I’ll catch it with the other one Let’s see if I could do it here we go great three two one Dang it is so difficult. I got this guys. I got this this is called trick shots for days If I work it, how are you dude? Let’s try one more time y’all oh Whoa, just calling me What are you kidding me right now? How do I reverse it hi? Crystal okay now. My phone is cursed, and I’m probably gonna die today. Just cus that happens that is not cool man like just Stop it. Stop o’neill Now maybe you want the volume of the ball, huh? Cool. What do you do? Okay Okay, now there’s some weird stuff is happening see the ball Straight up moving by itself what oh My gosh, yo And just so working that is weird dude that is so weird Feeling is really calming the ball straight up metal and then you have it Okay, maybe I could you tricks on to the ball Maybe no reverse everything so let’s try doing this and then dropping in the phone and then catching it with it here. We go woo Oh, it’s not working. I got this guy’s Yeah, I don’t recommend doing down the phone cuz you just saw what happened, right? I’m just telling you the danger assisity of Using magnets on balls. It’s gonna break it like it. You just saw it just broke it I’m going to block that number really quick I don’t want no more calls from this number block this color that way it won’t call again You go, please cameraman hold this I’m going to see if I could get this into that cup right there here we go I guess this is a giant magnet itself and then here I kind of get that backwards and here’s this metal so it’s kind of just like doing this magnetically thing if they’re very strong it’s Oh, it’s a really strong magnet. All you are do is Put that here, and then it’s good like that. It’s a strong magnet. Oh, I have something really cool I want to try just cover half of it I have it of your bed, right? So this is what I wanted to try I have here federal fluid barrel fluid works really well with magnets it grades really cool abstract shapes and forms because they used it as rocket fuel so um Let me just show you the properties of these ferrofluids though I’m going to pour a little bit here. Good enough and since our magnet is really strong It should have a really really strong effect with this Ferrofluid Zone Keep a close eye on this barrel food real quick here we go I’m just going to put this here and then put the ferrofluid right here. You can see some oh gosh You see that you see that shape forming. That’s how strong The Magnet is it can create shapes and forms as crazy shapes and fluid like that as you can see the magnet It’s stuck. It’s because this thing is very magnetic and that is amazing look at that. This is a strong magnet alright I’m going to take it out now. I will put it back. Did you see that? See a slowly forming right here Wow, that is some cool shapes isn’t our right guys look at that woo Me see if I can put it in the wall I can oh I can like oh I can move it next to the wall look at that That is straight up science and as soon as I let it go and she’s just going to go back to its liquid Property back to the bottom one two three that is amazing the suit again So oh oh, I got something here okay. How were you? I’ll be right back I got to clean this this is not going to swipe wearing gloves because this thing is very toxic No, not really. It’s just going to entertain your skin. Let me clean it root beer me alright Y’all so I clean it all up I’m just going to get rid of this barrel fluid because this video is not about fair fluid is about these field flux Catching Device. Don’t have moves right here So let’s just keep messing with this. Oh, God rex I can do for real there you go I Really want to try to throw it to the other one right here, so I’m not try my best to do that I Got this seriously the Matter of Life Maybe leave the Magnet oh Hello Hello This is a prank Who’s this Voila? Is this a prank? You’re probably messing with me this is a prank nah Someone’s messing with me see I’m going to use this magnet and call them back, so let’s do that wait do Call me again. I got you from the power of Magnets. I know the prank dude I Know it’s a prank What? His message would be now man. I’m like it’s not even 3 a.m. I’m calling right now what you want, definitely messing with me right now oh You’re doing a really bad job of being scary. You’re doing a really horrible job of beep Hello, I hear myself. Hello Yo Hello, that’s kind of weird, dude. Oh Yeah, I Want Frankie me all right man cole you’re cool. Don’t worry about see people are trying to mess with you all the time I’m just trying to chill here and try to do some trick shots All right, yo, uh see if I could do a trick shot where I can do it I’ll play down and then catch it with the others being facing up. Let’s try that really cut off Oh there you go izzy. This code of like the the entering point isn’t as crazy and deep as this one I think it should be okay. There you go nice I really want to get that thing down where I just throw it up in the air and just like oh oh, I Saw that right Trevor. What’s up? Oh? easy easy Yeah, so that’s what’s up Go and check that out y’all Check that out Good Good boy. What good boy all right? Let’s see if I can do it sideways. Maybe I can do a good sideways shot Dang it Sideways Shot Boy, I Saw a little trick shot where the dude got it out, and then like hit it right here And then get it in maybe that works, too. Oh shoot Wizard fire, why is our fire. Yo, yo fire? What? And definitely that guy was Mowin trying to prank me again putting random fires in my house. That’s not cool, bro. That’s not cool Don’t set fires in the house prank callers are just so so Stupid well, that’s kind of bad It’s climbing it hello I Can’t breathe. I can’t breathe oh Yeah, I think good now all right. I don’t want to thank you all for watching today’s video. Hope you enjoyed today’s feels like I’m gonna try my best to block that number because that I was very very inconvenient Something killed watching until then I’ll see y’all next time stay tuned and subscribe to Samantha Worley with the hearts on her logo!


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Rather get your phone fixed or buy a new one because blocking the number might not work because it will not enter the contacts

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