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– [Narrator] The was
not harm done to anyone in the making of this video, this video was made for
experimental purpose only and is not intended to be replicated. – I’ve got lawyers, I’ve been to jail. – Are you crazy? – Ah ah! Ah ah! Ah! – You got medication or something? Yo, what’s up you guys, hope you’re all having a fantastic day. In this video I’m gonna
be dropping Apple AirPods in front of people with
itching powder on them. So if anybody in their right mind decides to pick up the
AirPods and put them on, they’re literally gonna be going nuts. – Nice. – To make things worse
I’m gonna run up to them and tell them that I have an infection that can never be cured. If you guys want me to do
more of these types of pranks lets get this video to 10000 likes. So slap that like button
if you haven’t already. And make sure to leave a
comment down below saying more bait pranks and I
will definitely do more. Let’s just see what happens. (hip hop beats) – [Announcer] Let’s get ready to rumble! – I’m waiting right here in
front of the ticket office. I’m so tired, I just got done with my jog. You’re in your car? Wait where did you (mumbles) Oh my god where? – Oh, shit! Alright. Damn. I could use this here. Woo Wee. Come on. Sync, sync, sync. Come on. Sync, sync, sync. Come on. Ah. Yeah! Woohoo! Yeah, buddy. Yeah. That new Drake. Yeah that’s how we do it. That’s how we do it. – Okay. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Narrator] It was at
this moment that he knew. – [Crowd] Aw! – What’s going on here, ah! Ah! Ah! Yeah. We got it, we got it. Ah man, what the hell? What is this? What’s going on here? God dammit! Ah! Shit! Ah! Ah! (yelling) Oh, God! Oh! Ah! Where the hell is that guy? Shit. Oh! – Yo my AirPods. What’s going on? Oh my god! Oh my god! Dude. Dude, oh no! Oh my, I’m gonna have to
record this for my legal sake. Dude Dude, why’d you put them on? Dude, I have an infection in my ear. – [Woman] They ask you how you are and just have to say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. – You have a what? – I have an infection in my ear, that’s why they are itching. It starts with itching and
then your hearing goes away, then blood just starts coming
out of your ears at night. (woman yelling) – Are you, crazy? – No, I’m not. – Are you then insane? – [Younger Man] You’re
the one that’s crazy, you’re the one that did it. – I’m getting the hell out of here man. – [Younger Man] Sorry, oh my god, Jesus. At least give me the AirPods bro. Give me the AirPods. – Yeah I’m right in
front of the bank dude. Yeah, what do you mean? What do you mean, you got a new car? What you’re in your car? Where are you at? This mother, forgot this. – What is this? Oh shit. Sure, I’m wanna keep this. They’re wireless too. – (Crowd) Aw! – It is starting to itch. Man this had some dirty ears or something. Damn, why is my ear itching so much. What the, what’s is going on? Damn, my shit is itching. Damn, what the fuck is going on? Why is this shit itching so much? God! (dolphin squeak) Ah! (dolphin squeak) Ah, my ears are itching so God damn much. Damn it itches, ah. Ah, what the hells going on, I can’t. Ah, oh my ears. Ah! Ah! What the hell is this? – Yo did I forget my AirPods? – Yo these yours? – Oh my God, dude did you put those on. Why would you put those on. – Yeah well you left them right there. Bro I have an infection dude. ♪ Oh hell no ♪ – What kind of infection, my shit is itching. – It first starts with itching and then you start to go deaf. – Ah man!
– And then you start to bleed. – Hell no, that shit… Are you serious. – You start to bleed. – Do you got medication or something? – Huh? – Do you have medication for this? – No, I bleed every night. – Why would you leave them
there if you have an infection? – Why did you pick them
up and put them on? – Because you left them
and… (dolphin squeak) My shit is burning, is
it supposed to burn? – Yes, It starts burning
– What the! and then you go deaf and
then you start to bleed. – What the am I supposed to do? – I don’t know dude, you’re
the one who put them on. – Oh, my shit is itching! – That’s why you don’t touch
strangers things, dude. – Oh.
– What are you doing? – Oh, what the hell, take this shit back. – I can’t touch those. – Oh! – What am I supposed to do? – I don’t know, go to
a doctor or something. – Ugh, man. – It’s your fault dude. – Ah, this, I’ve gotta get out of here. – Yeah, are you in your car? – Oh my god, where is
your car? Where is it? – Valentines day baby, Valentines day. Oh keep up, Keep up. Shit. Man this the shit. Check this out man. Aint this some shit, oh shit. What’s on these things? Shit man. Alright, right, right. I hope this dude don’t come back. (dolphin squeak) Wait a second. What’s going on here. (mumbles) – (Crowd) Aw! What is wrong, god. What is up with this shit, man. Ah, shit. Ah! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! It burns. (wailing) Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! What the fuck is wrong with this. It’s like hot sauce in my ear. Ah! Ah! God damn. What is all of this? Ah! Ah! Ah! God damn. Oh shit my ears are on fire. Ah! – Yo have you seen my AirPods? What’s going on? You good? Have you seen my AirPods around here? – They’re right here. – Ah. – Oh my God. You put them on? – Oh my God. Dude, I have an infection bro. – What? What? – I have an infection. Dead ass. – Like gonorrhea or something? – No, like it starts itching and then slowly your ear starts to bleed. – Give me some medicine mother. – There’s no medicine. – You’re not gonna go get it? – [Man] 12 seconds later. – How much money you got right now? Don’t try shit, I want your money man. – Are you freaking kidding? – I want, my shits burning. – You’re the one that put the shit on. – If this is like gonorrhea and shit. – It’s not gonorrhea! – Gonorrhea in the ears are, up man. – It wasn’t my fault, you put my thing on. – You’ve got me fucked up
man. Where’s your money. I’m gonna get a license plate number. I want your money. You look like your parents got money. – Well I mean I don’t
live with my parents. – Oh, what you’re some rich kid? – No I’m not, why? – I want the money man. – How much money you go right now? – Well you’re not going
to get any money from me. – I’ve got lawyers, I’ve
been to jail more than once. I got good ass lawyers. (laughing) – Tell your lawyers to give me a call. (upbeat music)


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When the white adults sag and think there rich because they Stole air pods when they also have a bald spot😂😂😂

These guys are so retarded I would never put anything in my ears that someone else just left behind without wiping them down with some sanitary rag/wipe or something like that if I were to take them which I wouldn’t but still

I love how they say its his fault when their the one taking them besides trying to tell his he dropped his thing! I love these videos!

Такой дебильной актерской игры ещё не видел , столько постановы в одном видео , потом говорят что америкосы годный контент снимают …

Lol I think its too far cus its not good to always scratch your ear and when they Try to pour something liquid and there Will be liquid in His ear plus How can you take the itchy powder out?

I love how johal is like first itchy then goes deaf but they are still talking to each other and the thief doesn’t realize he’s talking to a “deaf man” how does a deaf man hear what they are saying if they r deaf

“I been to jail more then one and i got good lawyers” if he had good lawyers he would of never been to jail

Try a hot lady walking by and drops her panties out of her gym bag. Lace it with itching powder or something, then watch to see if they take a good whiff, lol.

I kind of get it if someone left EarPods and you thought the person wasn’t coming back I now you would take them

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