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Apple Airpods vs Apple Lightning Headphones

Apple Airpods vs Apple Lightning Headphones

I have in front of me a brand new pair of
Apple Airpods. I also have the remains of What’s Inside’s
Airpods that they demolished on their own channel. And I don’t know about you guys, but I would
much rather analyze what’s left of the What’s Inside’s Airpods, and giveaway my brand
new set to one of you. So stick around to the end of the video to
see how to win. Let’s get started. [Intro] The unfortunate thing about the Apple Airpods
is that once they’ve been taken apart they can never be put back together again. So I’m glad I don’t have to destroy another
pair; that would be unnecessary. This is the left over Airpod that What’s
Inside did not destroy and I can see a faint seam around the head of the speaker, and that’s
where I’ll start my attack. While the Airpods might look like a glorified
Q-Tip in a dental floss container, there’s actually some interesting technology inside. Remember that water resistant screen that
covers the ports on the iPhone 7? That same type of screen is found here, inside
the Airpods. It lets sound and air pass through, but not
liquid. It helps the Airpods stay water resistant. The proximity sensor ribbon did get torn completely
in half when I ripped off that outer shell. See what I mean by non-repairable? And now for the good stuff. This is the actual speaker inside of the Airpods. The first thing that stands out to me is the
clear speaker cone made out of smooth, flexible, rubber-like material. Let’s compare it to the speaker inside the
regular corded headphones that are included inside every new iPhone 7 box. I would recommend against applying pressure
with a razor blade in such close proximity to your finger tips, but just remember, I
am a professional. The wired ear phones are definitely easier
to get inside and I can already see the difference with the speaker cone, instead of the smooth
rubber cone of the Airpods. This has more of a plastic feel to it. The textured ripples are noticeably different. The cone material doesn’t matter a whole
lot though. For a speaker this size, the sound difference
between materials would be minimal. Both materials are water resistant, unlike
a paper or cardboard cone found in some car audio speakers. For a speaker this size, the sound difference
between materials would be minimal. Underneath that cone though lies something
more important: the magnets. The regular corded Apple headphones have a
copper coil diameter of 7 millimeters, while the coil of the Apple wireless Airpods have
7.5 in diameter. This means that the electromagnet inside the
Airpod is slightly larger than the magnet inside the corded headphones. A larger magnet means a more powerful speaker. Obviously the .5 millimeter difference is
extremely small and the average person won’t notice any major differences…but it’s
still interesting to see. The copper coil from the regular iPhone 7
headphones can fit inside the coil from the Airpods. So if you’re the type of person that needs
every half millimeter you can get, Airpods are probably the headphones for you. Just for kicks and giggles I’ll open up
the shaft of the Airpods. This allows the metal charging tip on the
bottom to come loose and the inner battery can be exposed. Most everyone I know who owns these Airpods
and uses them says good things about them. So whoever wins the brand new set of Airpods
is going to be lucky indeed. I’ll include a Gleam link in the description
of this video where you can enter into the contest. I’ve included What’s Inside social media
in the giveaway, since without them this free pair of Airpods wouldn’t be possible. The Airpods do work with Android phones as
well so everyone can enter into the giveaway. Hit that thumbs up if you like seeing tech
reviewed from the inside, and I’ll continue to make videos like this in the future. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around. And if you’ve made it this far in the video,
hit me up with your favorite color in the comments. Lately my favorite color is red.


Wow, look at those airpods with their single full range dynamic driver. Listen, if your earbuds don't have at least 2 balanced amateur drivers than don't talk to me.

I want to buy one so much but i have low sallary job and iam student in college in iraq, hope i can have one, love from iraq❤️

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