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April Fool’s Day 2016: iPhone Deals, Real Sales ► The Deal Guy

April Fool’s Day 2016: iPhone Deals, Real Sales ► The Deal Guy

Today’s deals are so good that they’re foolish.
Sad news to report everyone. Matt Granite has decided to retire at the age of 31. So
moving forward, I will be your deal girl, keeping you updated on the latest deals. If
you would like to be updated on our daily deals and find out about all of our huge freebies,
be sure to click the subscribe button on your screen. April Fools! I’m still here if that
was not already the most predictable vlog ever but I will tell you all of these deals
I have right now 100% real, located right under this video screen. Here’s what I have
starting first with a 100% freebie, free original glazed doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are free
on April 1st at participating locations. On the tech front, the Jabra Bluetooth wireless
headsets that are hugely well-rated… look at all of these reviews… $50 down to $28
or $29 depending on what color your choose. The links are under this video screen and
the prices will fluctuate over the course of today but this is a fantastic grab and
if you don’t have prime, I have a link to a free 30 day trial to score the shipping.
On the vacuum front, one of the most popular Black & Decker vacuums ever built is 69% off
today with all of the accessories down from a $128 MSRP. I would never pay that but at
$39 for a limited time, again hugely well-rated and something you can use around your home,
it tested very well for us on some of the tests I did on vac deals last year, still
a great grab. The Apple iPad Mini 2’s with retina display, $199 down from $400, this
is part of a major Apple sale going on right now where accessories including these over-priced
Michael Kors sleeves are $70 down from $160, I still wouldn’t pay that but I know many
of you are interested in these as well as iPhone 5, 5c, 5s even the 6’s at some of their
lowest recorded prices where you can score an additional $10 off with a coupon under
this video screen. Some of the Apple Earpods also at crazy low prices of $13 but I do want
to remind you that if you simply want a pair of bluetooth earbuds that you can use with
your phone, I have a crazy deal on magnetic bluetooth earbuds. This is 80% off, right
around the corner and a price drop I can’t wait to bring you. So again every link you
need for these deals which just dropped located right under this video screen and I will stress
these deals are real. They’re available for a limited time. Now Rosely, although this
was our attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke, even though all the deals are very real, will
you cover for me the next time I’m on vacation and join us for future segments because our
subscribers love you girl! Oh I love you guys too. Yep. Matt, I’ll take over if you want
me to. (Matt laughs off camera). We’ll see. We’ll share the spotlight maybe since none
of us gets paid for this! True. For free stuff, click the “Subscribe” button you see on your
screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To
turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel beside the “Subscribe” button. On a mobile
device and it looks like this. Click the box, turn on your channel alerts. That will ensure
you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, if you wanna buy any item
I feature, there’s a link right under this video window. Click the “Show More” tab and
every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank
you so much for watching.


Wow perfect !! My headphone went through the wash the other day so in need of another pair !!! 😀😀😀

Can't wait to hear about the bluetooth deal. I've been wanting one for a long time but it is just too confusing reading all of those reviews to figure out which one to get!
I like the Black & Decker vac but I have terrible luck with their kitchen appliances.
I'm not getting paid to say this: I bought this little Shark baby a few years back. Best investment in a hand held ever. It has a cleanable/changeable heppa filter… $39 and still working after three years.

That had to be the worst April Fool's joke ever played on me. I cannot imagine the Deal Guy without Matt Granite. Don't ever do that to me again you scared me half to death.

I just loaded up on those Apple deals. You always have the best savings Matt. I have ordered so many of your recommendations and been so pleased.

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