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Attacked By A Scooter!!?

Attacked By A Scooter!!?

(bang) (people cheering) – That is so stupid. Agley, is it time to
get dressed for the day? No, that’s not the right one. This one, do you wanna wear like a skirt or something? Jenny’s at work and we’re hanging out with Agley this morning. And then this afternoon my
dad’s gonna come get her and we’re gonna with Tanner. I’m gonna show him around
to some skate parks. It should be a pretty good day. How does that look? Good morning puppies. Should we get you some breakfast puffs? Come on. We’ve got Blueberry Puffs for breakfast. Want some puffs? Good job. We’re gonna get the
rest of our stuff ready and grandpa’s gonna come pick her up and I’m going skateboarding with Tanner. I think papa’s here. Is that papa? You guys are gonna have so much fun. – It’s gonna be the best day, isn’t it? You got your sunglasses? – She definitely brought her sunglasses so you guys can even go for a walk or something, huh, Agley? – Goodbye. – So, Tanner’s gonna build the skateboard. My skateboard broke. You got this? – I think so. – And I’m gonna build this. He brought me a scooter. I’m actually really excited. Never, ever, ever ridden a scooter like in a skate park of
for reals or anything. So, I’m being extreme on this thing today. Yeah, this is actually pretty sick. Yeah, I don’t know, you should probably be
building the scooter and I should be building the skateboard. Look at Tanner. (laughing) – It’s, I’m doing it like, it’s working. Not very efficiently or well. Scoot down, Skateboard brown. That didn’t even make sense. – To my favorite sayings. – That? – Yeah, scoot down, skateboard brown. I say it every time I land a big trick. Mission accomplished. Let’s see some swag. Yeah. Today I’m gonna teach Tanner how to skate a little bit. He’s gonna teach me how
to scoot a little bit. And then we’re just gonna go shred. – Ooh freak, I went to
ollie and popped backwards. – All right, let’s go. So the plan today is as many skate parks as possible in one day. Yeah, that’s kind of like
the first stop right there. Gonna hit more skate parks. Okay. I guess technically that’s skate park one, that’s like a little quarter pipe, yeah. I crushed it. We’re gonna see how many skate parks we can do in one day. Every skate park we
have to do at least one like doubles trick. It’ll be good. (gentle gentle upbeat music) So, Steven here is gonna try dropping in on a scooter for the first time. I’ve never dropped in on
anything in a skate park. – [Tanner] Do I hum it? – Let’s go. – [Tanner] Oh, my goodness. – The skate park was a success. On to the next one, yeah? Yeah. Next stop, Cross Roads. (gentle upbeat music) – [Shaun] Yeah, dog. This skate park is named watch how many cool tricks I can do and never land any of them. (sneezes) It’s Taco Tuesday. – [Shaun] That is legit my taco. I did not ask for any extra cheese. – [Tanner] That’s not even extra cheese. That’s just the cheese (mumbles). – [Man] That’s just normal. Here’s a normal taco, here’s what Sean’s looks like. – [Tanner] That’s a taco. – [Shaun] This is what I just got. Taco number two, we’re gonna see if we have a similar amount of cheese. – [Tanner] Hey man, there’s
like no cheese in it. That sucks. – [Shaun] Dude, I should’ve
asked for extra cheese. – [Tanner] I know, they
stiffed you on that. – [Shaun] What is going on, dude? So Tanner’s telling me
about this thing called a toilet paper fort. It’s like, what is it? – [Tanner] You build a toilet paper fort, basically out of the toilet paper. Then you put stuff in it, it’s fun. – We’re doing like this
skate park day thing today but if you think we should
try this toilet paper fort thing I’ve never done, leave a comment if there’s enough comments, that’s what we’re
– I think we’ll do it. – doing tomorrow.
– I think we’ll do it. – I kind of wanna do it, leave a comment. – [Shaun] Next skate park, look it’s a giant metal skateboard. This skate park just kind of feels like one of those one-wheel
skate parks, you know, where you just shred the
skate park on one wheel. One more skate park. (gentle upbeat music) – Guess what, you see this
giant thing right here? Earlier Tanner’s like, “dude
go down the ramp thing” and I was like, “Okay”. I went down this on
Tanner’s Vlog, see that? On a one wheel. Go watch it and say good
job Shaun on his vlog, because I did that and it was scary. Oh no. Sketch city (cheers) – [Tanner] Yeah! Dude this is the ultimate
one-wheel skate park session. – Yes, this is actually super fun. This rail is really really long so we’re gonna do it really
really for you, deal. (shouts) That rail was really
slippery, then really sticky, then really slippery again. That was weird, I’ll try it again. (shouts) What? Good tricks, next part, next part. They’re leaving, they’re leaving
but guess what guess what? On Tanner’s vlog I just
landed a really tall whip like flipped the scooter
around, catch it land it, super out of breath definitely the hardest thing I’ve done all day. Nailed it. You’re gonna love it,
you’re gonna eat it up. It’s on his vlog. Last skate park we’re gonna
tear it up, I love Laten and then um– – We’re gonna play in liquid. – (laughs) We’re gonna play in liquid. I’m gonna take em to the lake and we’re gonna jump in and have fun. It’s beautiful you’re gonna love it. And, someday when I get a million subs, we’re building a house on there. True story, okay, let’s go. Alright, favorite skate park
only shredding the scooter. Destroying the scooter. – That’s it, nothing else. Flames of (mumbles) (shouts) Oh yeah! (crowd shouts) (crowd shouts) – What the f– – I got this. What was I doing. Let me try it one more time. (shouts) Scary, That was so scary dude. Like I don’t know how to fall am like, this feels
awkward I’ll just superman. Hey I can superman my skateboard. – Yeah, watch this. (shouts) – [Cameraman] Kinda? – I don’t think I’ve
landed like anything today. Is this where you’re gonna do it? He’s gonna front-flip over me
and I’m just gonna sexy pose. Is this dangerous for me? Cause like you know about Agley and stuff? Alright he says it’s not dangerous. (crowd shouts) That is so stupid. Alright, let’s leave the
skate park and go swim. That was stupid. – Alright scooter-riders I’m sorry. I’m hoarding flips but this is like, I think they’re cool for Shaun’s viewers. That’s why I’m doing so many flips. – [Shaun] Actually no like
look how small this is. He claims, can’t confirm yet but he claims he can flip this tiny little thing. It’s like hitting a bump and
doing a back-flip flare thingy. You really think, okay go, just do it. – I’m going right there. – Wait, this one, this? I thought this one was stupid. This isn’t even a bump. What the… Is this your life that’s
like an 8-inch bump. Alright let’s go. Really fun that last skate park now we’re going to go swimming. Scootering was actually awesome. I actually did kind of a couple tricks. Oh and I flipped the scooter. I’ll pop this thing, I think we were filming it for Snapchat
it was like vertical. We’ll pop it up over here, but like (shouts) Whoa, holy. Guys scooters are so scary. Threw the scooter it was gnarly. Swimming, I’m taking Tanner to the lake. It’s beautiful you’re gonna love it. Aw yeah, so good, this
is gonna feel so good. This feels so good! – I’m kinda shaking! – This feels so good, we’re just gonna hang out and swim now. Catch you guys later. Update, I have no idea when the last time we vlogged anything was, but we ended up back at my dad’s house, on the trampoline. And uh, yeah we just came back to jump on the trampoline pretty much. And what the heck Steven
of all people can do like.. (talking over each other) We’re trying to do this thing
where you go back to back. Do it Tanner, see if
you can do it first try. Back. – I go crooked! – Yeah and then I’ll try it
back to back we can do it. And Steven who can’t do
any trampoline tricks is like, “oh I bet I can do it.” – [Steven] Oh I can do
every trampoline trick. (shouting) – That was kinda, that was kinda. I’m motivated cause I want to
be better than Steven in life. – [Steven] Nice try! – Steven come show us, come show us. What do you got for us? – Once I do it, once
I’ll do it every time. I just can’t figure it out. – [Shaun] Steven’s just
like this hyper little kid who has no skills he’s just
flying through the air. This is what happens when
Steven has one thing of sugar. He had half a bag of
Skittles and look at him. (heavy breathing) – [Steven] Nice! – [Shaun] You’re turn! – Ooh yah! (laughing) – [Shaun] Easy tutorial
on how to backflip. Wherever your head goes,
that’s where you are going. So, if you commit and
throw your head back, pull your knees to your
chest and touch em. – [Tanner] And when you jump, throw your arms back for leverage. – Yeah. – Okay, you just have
to commit all the way. – You’re gonna hurt me. – [Tanner] Just put your weight back and he’ll flip you around. Put all your weight back
and don’t stop looking back. Wherever you look that’s where you’ll go. – 3, 2, – [Tanner] Back-flip, first try. – Ready? 3, 2, – [Tanner] Alright now do it a little less and a little more. – I didn’t really push him at all, I just kinda like guided him. – [Tanner] Okay use your
arms, use your weight, go. Use all your weight back,
don’t stop looking back. (shouts) – All you. – [Shaun] The last one
was I didn’t touch him. – [Tanner] At all? – [Shaun] No I didn’t touch him at all. – No I just committed, I listened to bro! – [Shaun] 3,2,1 – [Steven] Backflip! (shouts) – I think I feel so nervous
I was like, “Oh my gosh” I think he jumped out of the (mumbles) But dude, Steven, so good. Now we’re playing some
pool at my dad’s house. – We were playing pool
and then I lost twice. (gentle upbeat music) – This is the end of today. Pretty good day so far, best day ever? We did something unique.
50% of my day is on my vlog. The other 50% is on his. Go watch it, subscribe, we got this. Leave him some high fives
in the comment section. See ya tomorrow. – [Tanner] Scoot down, skateboard brown.


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Skatepark days are the best!! Aidan just got an amazing new BMX bike – obsessed! Scooter tricks all day long – even Andrew…

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