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Australia’s first Be The Influence Boarder X – Extreme Skateboarding

Australia’s first Be The Influence Boarder X – Extreme Skateboarding

Instrumental music playing. Rob McWhinnie, Pro Skater: ‘Hey guys, we are in Sydney today for the first Boarder X. We have rocked up this morning and the road is chunderous, it rough, it is sketchy” Ben Perry, Event Organiser, Newtons Nation: ‘No-one is really sure how this is going to
play out today. It’s scaring a lot of riders. There are a lot people going, whoa too big. While others are frothing to get themselves on it. We are just pumped to be able to try and put something on like this and for a world first, like, just let’s let it rip! Instrumental Music Playing Crowd: whoa Instrumental Music Playing Commentator: “And there away people, lets hear it as they come flying down the hill, their arms are flailing, their eyes are burning and you can feel the power as they fly past.” Instrumental Music Playing Riders Celebrate: Yeah (with crowd applauding) Tyler Howell, Pro Skater: Yeah Australia (yelling) with crowd aplauding Commentator: Congratulate him on his stylish and his technically advanced run down the hill, put your hands together for our winner Tyler Howell. Tyler Howell, Pro Skater: I would really like to thank the Australian Government and Be the Influence for throwing down the money for this next level course. It’s beyond amazing and it wouldn’t be possible without them. It’s a great cause and a great fit for this event, because you can’t be a maggot and ride this level of event. Yeah, really stoked to be a part of this – thank you guys for having me. Instrumental Music Playing

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