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– Hey guys, welcome back! I had this mysterious
box come to our house and I don’t know what’s in it. But before we open it, make sure to thumbs up and subscribe! Welcome back to Kyle’s toys and games! Lets have some fun! Okay guys, lets open this! Whoa! No. No way! Whoa! This is a droid from Star Wars! This is a droid inventor kit and I really want to open this right now. It has stickers. It has everything! That’s crazy! It’s all clear so you can see the parts. Guys this is a actual droid. It connects to your phone
and it’s like a real droid. I wanna test this thing out. But first I gotta put it together. The first thing we need is this. This is the main piece. Yeah, this piece and it connects right … … there. It’s like a magnet! I actually really like this. So, we gotta push this in
and then get the battery. There we go, got it. Okay guys, we got the first step done. Now all we have to do is get the app, and then build the rest, and lets go! Assembly mission one. Cool, there’s missions! Control the (mumbles). There we go. (robotic sound) Hey! (robotic sound) Mission complete. Yes! Mission Two, driving circuit. It’s this one and I
believe it goes like that. So it’s already on turn. There we go. Next. Okay here’s the piece. (gasps) So this is a steering wheel. There we go. I know how this one works. Mission two complete! Mission three, internal structure. The mounting block and the wheel frame. I already got that. It’s right here. (upbeat music) That was easier than I thought! I thought it was gonna be
pretty complicated but it’s not. Let’s just turn this thing
on and see if it will work. (robot sound) Whoa! Okay. Mission complete. Yes! (upbeat music) Of course, the head. Look at my awesome droid you guys! This is cool! (robot sound) Wow! My droid works. This is awesome! Now can it move? (robot sound) (laughs) Yeah! I’m gonna play with this all day. Mission complete. Yes! (robot screams) (laughs) (upbeat music) We’re back in the inventor lab. Let’s customize this droid. (upbeat music) I have a picture of
this really cool droid, and I wanna customize
this droid for this droid. (upbeat music) Whoa, that’s actually pretty scary. Okay, since I got it now, I’m gonna stick it down. That looks way cool! Should we try it out guys? Yeah, let’s try it out. (robot sounds) That’s a pretty spooky little droid. Look! Look right up here. It’s right here. – Oh it’s right here? – Yeah, look! (gasps) (robot noise) Is that crazy? – Yeah. – Oliver you can have a try. – It’s going faster! – Yeah, it’s going faster! I’m gonna get you Oliver! I just had another great
idea for a customization. I’m gonna take this off, then I’m gonna separate this part. Because there’s two parts of the head. There’s this part and this part. This part we’re gonna use
for the customization. There we go. So this little piece right
here makes this spin. First we have to attach this
little bit right to there. You put the body on. So you actually have to unhook
it then take it through here. I’m gonna attach it through here. Then I’m gonna grab this piece. And got it in. This is super cool. It goes a little bit faster now actually. You know what should go in here. A candy bowl. (upbeat music) Then we just put it right in there. And here’s the last part. The candy. Shh. You want one? You can have one. You want that blue one? – Yeah. – Okay. Blue one. I got a red one. Shh.
– Shh. – What do you have to bring? – You got a red one and a brown one. I’ll have the brown one. Candy! – Candy! – Candy! – I really love my Little
Bits Star Wars Droid. It’s really fun to build. There’s a bunch of things to do. They’re available at I’ll leave the link down below. Also Walmart, Amazon, and Apple. Thanks for watching Kyle’s Toys and Games. Click any of these other
videos to watch more. And I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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