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Baboomi Kickstarter

Baboomi Kickstarter

Introducing Baboomi Baboomi is a fully
customizable alarm system that is extremely easy to
use. It will wake you up every morning exactly to your specifications.
Just place it under your pillow before you sleep
and Baboomi will gently wake you up in the morning using comfortable subsonic
waves with no noise waking up only you and not
your partner after you wake up, place it on the base
and induction charging will make sure its ready for you the next
time you need it. It took several months and many
hard hours to develop the perfect alarm system.
We consulted several parts suppliers and engineers and went through several
prototypes until we came with an elegant pre-production unit. Most phones
use mechanical vibration and are designed to be felt in pockets
and were never designed to be used as an alarm while being placed under a pillow.
Alarm apps running on the phone have no control over the vibration beyond
turning it on or off. Smartphones are designed to vibrate the
entire device which radiates throughout the bed and
is usually enough to wake up you and your partner. Baboomi however
uses custom designed linear actuators instead of a traditional
vibration motor found in most smartphones. Baboomi is a uniquely designed
alert system that allows for wide range of control over the wake up experience.
Baboomi can be programmed to provide a very soft alert for those who prefer
not to be jarred awake in the morning or can also be programmed to provide a
very powerful alert to those heavy sleepers out there.
Baboomi is also completely self-contained which means no phone or smart device is
required after it’s been programed with your custom alarm settings.
Thanks to the wire free induction charging you won’t have to worry about
overheating wires or a mishap from a charging battery
like you would with putting a phone or smart device under your pillow.
Baboomi is equipped with a sensitive accelerometer which is used for user
control using a combination of taps or shakes
the user can control such things such as snooze
or various alarm settings and is fully customizable.
Using the Baboomi’s open API the accelerometer can also be used for such
applications as monitored sleeping patterns or sending alerts when someone wakes up
or goes to bed. Baboomi is simply the best way to wake
up in the morning! Hey Kickstarter, my name is Ethan Byrd,
and I’m a designer of a device called Baboomi. We have been working extremely
hard on Baboomi for around the last six months We now have a fully functional prototype
but there is still work to be done and we need your help to make
Baboomi a reality. We know its an ambitious project but with your support
we’ll be able to finish Baboomi and bring it to your night stand
and change the way you think about waking up in the morning. All of the funding
we receive will go towards completing Baboomi and if we are funded
we promise to be completely open with the production process
and make sure you are with us every step of the way. Thanks so much for watching
and please check out the project for all the details for a complete feature list
all specifications and to meet our team. Also please be sure to let us know if you
have any questions
thanks. [music ends]

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