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Back to the Future (1/10) Movie CLIP – The DeLorean (1985) HD

Back to the Future (1/10) Movie CLIP – The DeLorean (1985) HD

Einstein! Where’s the doc, boy? [Einstein whining] [Machine humming] [Gate unlocking] [Mysterious instrumental music] [Engine revving] [Dramatic instrumental music] [Steam rushing] Doc! – Marty! You made it!
– Yeah. Welcome to my latest experiment. This is
the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. Well, it’s a DeLorean… All your questions will be answered.
Roll tape and we’ll proceed. – Is that a Devo suit?
– Never mind that now. DOC: Not now.
MARTY: I’m ready.



Back to the Future FullMovie

Enjoy Full movie Streming (y)


Back to the Future FullMovie


Back to the Future FullMovie

Such a magical moment right when you see the DeLorean for the first time!!! 🙂 <3 Can't wait for my friend to watch this for the first time this weekend!!!

you… you… brapppp made it morty dhe dhe dhe you made it man

oh geez i dont know rick i think some one could.. see us.. you know.. is this entirely safe?

The director's attention to detail is remarkable. Note how Marty nonchalantly uses his foot to flip the skateboard onto its side (so it won't roll away) while staring intently at the vehicle moving towards him.

Think about the doc sitting in that truck, smoke machine going, waiting for Marty to turn up just so he could roll out at the right time and look dramatic, LOL

The Making of Back To The Future: The Ride, as well as several very rare photos. Check it out here:

0:01 Twin Pines… the logo of those trees could be viewed as 2 smoking Twin Towers.. and the time is 1:16, guess what that is upside-down..

Wait so is the air mags popular cause he wore them, or are the air mags popular because their expensive shoes?

Listen to Doc say "You made it!" at 1:07. He's said that louder on the VHS copies. I read a rumor that the edit was done because they wanted Doc to sound more excited.

The BTTF DeLorean has probably one of, if not the most memorable and iconic intro in film history. I'd put it right up there with Darth Vader coming aboard the rebel ship in A New Hope. As a kid growing up with this franchise, I truly believed that car was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen. When you hear that engine growl as it rolls off the ramps, you just couldn't help but want one…actual performance aside of course, but I didn't care about such things at the age of 6.

Doc is clearly suicidal and was willing to take Marty with him.

If you pay attention to some of the small details of the movie, Doc had a family fortune which he depleted in order to pay for his time experimentation. In the opening scene there are "Past Due" bills laying around Doc's garage. He is out of money. Look even closer at the opening scene and there's a newspaper article about how his mansion from 1955 burned down and he sold his land shortly after. It's suspect that Doc burned down his own mansion for the insurance money to fund his research. It's pretty clear that Doc is taking extreme measure's to fuel his obsession with his time machine, even going so far as to work with Libyan terrorist.

Now with this is mind, think about Doc's other inventions. They're crap. His mind reading machine doesn't work, the trinkets in the garage are shoddy, and even his clock tower model in 1955 nearly burns his house down. He has no money. No family. And his only friend is a naive young kid and a shaggy dog. The DeLorean Time Machine is all he really has to live for.

This scene is his moment of truth. Look at his reaction when it works. He is just as shocked and surprised as Marty. He was NOT 100% sure the DeLorean would work. So why the hell did he have the car drive right towards him? It's because he was in the mindset that "This is it. It comes down to this. If my life's work fails me now, I don't want to live anymore." And the fact that he didn't let Marty move out of the way means he was willing to take the poor kid with him to the dark abyss. This scene was one miscalculation away from a murder suicide, proving that Doc was just as crazy and dangerous as everyone kept telling Marty he was.

On the surface, Doc just seems like a cooky one dimensional cartoon of a character, but this incredible movie contains all the hints and details that really show he's a person with secrets, struggles, triumphs and defeats.

Fuckin' love Back to the Future

How did he manage to open the doors to get into the Delorean? The trailer is pretty small and the doors open up sideways, does that mean he drove it into the trailer and just waited til Marty showed up?

0:03 Dipper and Mabel? (Twin Pines Mall)
Dipper and Mabel PINES?
Dipper and Mabel Pines are TWINS, and this is TWIN PINES Mall
Does anyone see what I'm getting at here? lol

How come in my 1994 VHS, at 1:06 Doc screams "Marty, YOU MADE IT!!!!!" while on the DVD (which I assume is truer to the theatrical cut), his 'you made it' is way more subdued and reflects surprise more than excessive enthusiasm?

Almost seems like when they reprinted in 1994, they modeled off of how wacky '85 Doc is in Part II and '55 Doc in Part III.

Was it supposed to have rained that night, or was the wet parking lot just visually pleasing?

It gives everything a shine. Sort of a melted plastic look. I love it!

I still dont understand why he could have just said "yes it's a DeLorean but we will talk nore about it later." But i suppose the line he said "never mind that now not now not now." Makes the movie i suppose.

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