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Back to the Future Part 2 (6/12) Movie CLIP – Future Marty Is Terminated (1989) HD

Back to the Future Part 2 (6/12) Movie CLIP – Future Marty Is Terminated (1989) HD

Hey! The big M!
How’s it hangin’, McFly? – Hey, Needles.
– Needles? Did you take a look
at that little business
proposal of mine?I don’t know, Needles.
What are you afraid of?
If this thing works,It’ll solve all
your financial problems. And if it doesn’t work,
Needles, I could get fired. It’s Illegal. I mean, what if
theJits is monitoring, huh? TheJits
will never find out.
Oh. Uh-huh. Come on.
Stick your card in the slot…and I’ll handle it,
unless you want everyone
in the division…to think you’re…
chicken. Nobody calls me
chicken, Needles.
Nobody!All right. Prove it.All right.All right, Needles.Ha! Here’s my card. Scan it. I’m in. Thanks, McFly.
I’ll see you
at the plant tomorrow. McFly! Fujitsu-san!
Konnichiwa.McFly. I was monitoring
that scan you just interfaced. – You are terminated!
– Terminated? No! No!
It wasn’t my fault, sir. It was Needles.
Needles was behind
the whole thing. – And you cooperated.
– No, I didn’t sir.
It was a sting operation.It was illegal,
and you knew, McFly.
Read my fax.No! Please, no!
I cannot be fired. I’m fired. Ahh!Oh, this is heavy.What am I gonna
tell Jennifer?


NO, PLEASE, NO, I CANNOT BE FIRED!! I'M FIRED!! (Exclaims in Disappointment)

This scene was based on an old superstition back in the 80's where people thought that in the future, the Japanese would dominate the world (thus, future Marty getting terminated by his Japanese boss).

0:12 What's that shadow that passes over Marty's face? Is that from like a boom mic or something? It happens so fast, I don't even know how I spotted it, I never see stuff like that.

I was watching his face and the light extra close because I was trying to remember if they did the Shatner eyes in this scene or not.

They got the Skype/Facetime prediction right in this clip. They got the wall-hung plasma TV prediction correct in this clip (my brother-in-law has one).

I remember seeing video call in that movie as a kid and thinking it's so unbelievable and futuristic.. WOW!! a call where you magically see someone you talk to, that will never happen.. it literally didn't occur to me all it takes is a camera. it's so silly looking back now

If we accept everything in the story as true, there's something I find hard to swallow. Apparently, this Marty would know that it was Needles who called him chicken and baited him (unintentionally obviously) into racing and causing the accident that made him unable to play the guitar anymore. So, wouldn't Marty have known that with this lasting injury, that maybe Needles wasn't someone to be listened to? (All the more so, since he was using the same baiting process.)

In the future 🔮 no more fax 📠 machine's and also ofcorse no more writing and sending letter's too. Since Email's 📧 are the future 🔮. And in the future 🔮 I want to be a Mathematics, author, Arkyolgest, Palintoligiest and Scientists. So that I can do many thing's.

I never liked this "chicken" element in Part II or III – it felt so tacked-on for the sake of the plot, especially since the first film didn't allude to it even a tad!

Interesting that despite his father having changed, Marty still has the same emotional problems as in the original timeline.

MUCFLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

I've seen this movie countless times and I'm literally just now noticing that Marty is wearing 2 ties🤦‍♂️

Marty must have been the easiest classmate ever. Hey mcfly: you better do this or else your chicken….. if you dont do my homework your chicken

how is nobody in this comment section not mentioning that Needles is played by FLEA , the greatest bass player of all time

“Nobody calls me Chicken” thing was very annoying in 2 and 3, it didn’t make sense, it didn’t fit the Marty McFly character we knew from the original movie..oh and by the way he never said it once in the first movie either, but it became a catchphrase in 2 and 3?

It's easy to see Needles set him up. That look off to the side right before his phone call ended says it all

Marty is so dumb idk how he fell for that it was a very obvious set up needles didn’t even try to hide it when he smirked in the end while they were still on the call!

It seems like future Marty had a job in a company called "Cusco" since if you pause at 1:52, the top of the fax paper says "Cusco." Even when Marty was holding the fax paper, it says "Cusco" at the top but, I learned that "Cusco" is a place in Peru.

I love the look on Needles's face after he said "thanks McFly, I'll see you at the plant tomorrow" and before he hung up like he was saying "now I'm going to get McFly fired having him framed for opening the doors during closing time."

In 80's. Japan was doing really well. That's why his boss is Japanese. They didn't predict China success. Also. They use a kind of fax in this video. They also didnt predict that.

This is so cool.
They predicted FaceTime.
They got the fact wrong that AT&T uses FaceTime.
They also got the fact wrong that FaceTime was used on TV.

Me in 2011: I really don’t see how Marty is a chicken.
Me in 2019: With that suit, I think Marty is a chicken.

1:10 you can see needles looking over at something as though he's working with Mcflys boss to get him fired.

He is supposed to be 47 here but he looks so much older! he looks like Archie Bunker without the beer belly 😉

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