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Backfire Board G2S – Updated Backfire Galaxy II Electric Skateboard

Backfire Board G2S – Updated Backfire Galaxy II Electric Skateboard

This message is sponsored by Backfire. I have something special here. This is
the Backfire G2S, an update to the very popular Backfire G2. As you can see here
the Backfire G2S and the G2 are visually almost identical, but the G2S
comes with some significant performance upgrades. Let me show you. By the way, did you know that Backfire also makes regular skateboards? Apparently they’ve
been doing that since 2009 and the founder himself is a skateboarder.
Anyway, back to the G2S. In front, the G2S uses a Caliber truck designed for high
speed longboarding. Caliber makes some of the strongest longboard trucks on the
market. Google them. The G2S uses an improved battery pack giving it about
45% more range than the G2. Backfire recently released 96 millimeter wheels
as an optional replacement for the default 80 millimeter wheels. With the
new G2S, you get both. 80 millimeter wheels for doing tricks, faster
acceleration, and high speed stability. 96 millimeter wheels for added comfort,
rough terrain, and a slightly higher top speed. Check out these lights. At just 6.5 kilograms, the G2S is one of the lightest electric longboards with
this level of performance. Things like top speed and range provide nice numbers for marketing, but what really matters is the skateboarding experience. And
that’s something you can’t explain with just numbers. The quality trucks, the
flexy deck, the very low ground clearance. These design decisions were made
specifically to give the rider precise control over the board when carving and
sliding and traveling at high speeds. Backfire G2S is already available right
now. Just go to Backfire has a few t-shirts available
inspired by the book The Art of War. Each one has a different meaning in
Chinese. Fast as the wind. Quiet as a forest. Raid like fire. And stable as a
mountain. I’m gonna choose the mountain.


Great video as always. But I don't personally like the Galaxy griptape and white wheels on Backfires. I'd rather have black on black and then I can put on new tape myself

Daniel, I LOVE your videos dude. So well done and so informative, (you are the reason why I just brought the Ranger). Top notch content. Keep it coming! P.S. Do you work for backfire?

The most significant upgrade wasn't mentioned in this video: new ESC and remote! Same excellent ESC with the precise remote used on the Ranger X1 and several other electric skateboards, but tuned specifically for the G2S's motors.

Tell them they’d sell a lot more boards if they gave customers the option of not having that ridiculous grip tape on there.

I know you can change it out yourself but there are plenty of people that just don’t want to deal with that. I’ve changed the wheels, bearings, pivot cups, bushings, etc on my Meepo V2 but guess what? If it had that grip tape I would have never bought it. My $.02 …

Some may like it. And to each their own. That’s totally cool. But I’m sure that there are those out there that eliminated the Backfire as a possibility because of that grip tape.

Did they fix the weird vibration and noise with the rear hub motors everyone has been talking about? In the past that was the only reason that has stopped me from buying the backfire. If the boast is silent like the wowgo I will for sure be buying. Thanks!

Hey Daniel. So im getting a long board to go along with the wowgo mini. What do u suggest in the same pricerange.

Whowhoehoeewweewoooo!!! I want raptor 2 i want meepo awd and now i want this also 😖😖😖

Edit: omg poor shen chen!! 😱

What do you think the best choice would be between backfire g2s, wowgo 2s or teamgee h9? Looking to buy something soon

On their website it says that the G2 has a 25km range and the G2s says it knot has a 20km range. Which has a better battery life? You said in the video that it has improved range but the website says differently.

I hope backfire solved the terrible wheel vibration and wobbling problems, the urethane still isnt cored.. But maybe it will be alright. Cool video. RANGE TEST??

Still don’t know how u aren’t the most loves electric skateboard reviewer yet! I love ur vids man, keep up the good work. Side note, would u recommend the g2s over the g2, it’s over a $100 more

The one clip that has me mind blown is the board riding on top of all those rocks! I gotta buy those big wheels! I’m impressed. Nice vid!

Your videos are getting more amazing each time you post. Love the energy and excitement in this one. 👍 Quick question, where was the remote when you were doing your big slide? 🤔

Hi – any results on real world range? The stated range says 12 but I would be happy with 10 on eco mode.

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your great research and videos! I am looking for my first board. I was doing the Pomelo indiegogo but am switching to either the backfire or wowgo 2s with LG or sanyo battery. Do you have any suggestions?

Daniel i'm looking for TeameeH9 and this new Backfire 2S ,whay do you think about those two models please …wich one !

Amazing video Daniel! I have a question i been wanting to put bigger wheels on my Wowgo 2s but wasn’t sure if they would fit the same i was thinking of buying the 96 MM from Back Fire my Wowgo wheels right now are 90 MM you think the 96 will work ?

Hey Backfire has a discount for the G2S right now. Use this link: You'll see the discount applied in the shopping cart. Enjoy!

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