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ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and im a wheel addict at work with lunch what’s large blew my face I’m eating we
got all this here and we need to use a pair but it’s none
of those basically those are the skates to sell these are supposed to be the
skates to rent but I wanna use just these so let’s do this let’s do this
let’s do it yeah get yours which one they want laughs all right okay left now
first you need to try this Kate try to skate with us can you did you ever
roller skating so the toe stops go with the shoes you know I’d never needed to skate let’s
try to skate at least I dunno if we point our feet out they’re supposed to
go somewhere right there must be a way if I use just one yeah try try try try
I’ll give you a hand okay let’s do this okay open and open and
close I got this okay let me try to do a proper stop I
got one trick okay so now let’s see we got yes check this dude you gotta do the backwards but I
got an idea I can’t go backwards but I can go forward no that was good heimo try to wheelie yeah God good I
don’t man I guess the best is if you go like this barefoot wheelies the nozzle is scary
cause look the nails are going down check yeah do something else okay you need to
lift the back wheels and turn if you want to do that when you want to turn
you do the movement of like I’m actually getting used to do that think I’ll start
using without boots sorry parsley I didn’t need boots
anymore I’m gonna skate just perfect do you guys make nails like think with my work or not you need
to film your hand mo because otherwise you don’t see what you’re doing three
two one three two one I’m doing and that was it for today I hope you guys enjoyed
these lunch break fun I’m sweating a lot and I’m gonna go back in the computer
tomorrow which is the day that you guys I’m gonna watch these I’m gonna be in
holidays so I’m always getting it yeah if you guys enjoyed this one don’t
forget to give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs down but let me
know what I didn’t like about it I know I got big nails but I don’t think that’s
a reason now if you’re not subscribe to the channel okay now might be the time
to do it and if you’re already subscribing and if you already give me
thumbs up or thumbs down just don’t forget why we all started skating you
want to say why mo


Actually, Japanese do it better with their freeline skates or whatever they call it 😀 – – >

reminds me of freeskates saw these last month at a skatepark in Denver Colorado

How to tell if your friend is to far gone to save from their wheel addiction, before this stage they constantly talk about finding wheels for great prices and are new or mint condition, lucky at that stage they can get therapy, but lino and moe have gone so far they can't get help and every five seconds they think of wheels, its wheel flashbacks and ptwd post traumatic wheel disorder, they get flashbacks of the worlds worst wheels, please tell friends and family to seek help for one they know who is a wheel addict, call 554-5555-WHEELS to help loved ones in rough times with wheel addictions, go online and look up the many stages and types of wheel addictions before its to late

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