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Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Official Music Video)

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Official Music Video)


only just noticed now that when he says "Green" at 2:24 they cut out the effects and show the actual green screen for a split second.

The worst part about 90s music. The damn lyrics. Everything else is always pretty good, but then they have to nineties rap or be culturally relevant to the 90s. Yes, let us make songs about the decade we are in even if it has no real firm culture or value sets, just sing about everything and nothing.

"We have a great idea for this video!"
"We'll run through the streets of Tokyo!"
"Yes, and we'll be wearing those cool street construction worker uniforms."
"Wait, that doesn't make any sen-"
"We'll be wearing goggles too, so it'll work out!"
"Yeah. We'll also startle innocent bystanders by acting like idiots in random train stations!"
"You think that will be okay?"
"Sure. Japanese people are polite. They won't hassle us. It'll be great!"
"But what about permission to film?"
"Permission? Permission? We don't need no stinkin' permission!"

But of course.

Why do I keep seeing LEGO Movie 2 comments on this music video? It just really drive me nuts like WHAT THE FUCK.

GALAXIAS salutes the Beastie boys for this masterpiece that we adopted as our anthem. All hail the BB for being so awesome in any Galaxy of any Universe. 🙏

Am I the only person who genuinely dislikes this song(and most of the beastie boys as a whole) and speaks up about it? I really don’t like the part where he says “the beat drops”, lol.

It's almost 2020, an era where huge battle bots are a reality… I'm still bumpin' this jam with a big ol' grin! Beasty will forever be fresh!

Beastie Boys one of a kind still one of my favorite rap groups sad the one passed away may he rest in peace God bless the rest of the Beastie Boys he was actually one of my first all-time favorite rap groups in 80s and 90s hey been around for quite a long time and they're still around my book I hope to God they stick together I hope they make another album would be nice but usually after somebody passes they usually don't make anymore music they going to some other career love the rap song😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

How come nobody in teh comments realizes that this whole video is a fun tip of the hat to campy Japanese 1960s television? Specifically Ultraman. When this vid fist came out I was just laughing. I wathed Ultraman as a kid and this song came out somtime in my 20s

I remember watching this on mtv music channel, when i was a child and alone, i was so scared. Now i watch this years after, I feel anxious when i hear the radio voice 😀

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