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Beastie Boys – Root Down

Beastie Boys – Root Down


This cut is one of hip-hops true GOAT'S. It easily stands level with the likes of Peter Piper and CREAM etc…🔥

RIP Jimmy Smith , RIP Adam Yauch
love ya all 🙂
days where music was made just cause of music it self…. nothin else… miss those days…

I'm proud to say that this is one of my favorite Beastie's song, but I have never watched this sell out music video. Ah, censorship. Nah 👎…

Uns maluco ainda vem fala de Eminem pra mim vê se pode nem gosto de compara mais foi foda ….vixe vouxe…

This one's censored too! Whoever you are, you're not the actual Beastie Boys. We can tell. If you can't publish what MCA put down the way MCA put it down, DON'T PUBLISH.

Artists of today, bring back this kind of music please or we will be forced to do a much poorer version ourselves 🙁

i just googeled why i have goosebumps all the time. Google said i have a spinal injury that could be very lethal, lol. WTF, i'm just listening to really good music!!!!!!

Holy fuck! I love Beastie Boys, but this song is more epic than their other songs. They make me travel musically to Manhattan and I'm from Buenos Aires!

same here, I'm 43 and been listening since I was 8. Myself and 2 friends lip sync sang "You got to fight for your right" in 3rd grade talent contest as Beastie Boys. I mean we dressed as close as we could and even made aluminum foil necklace like they wore! I have always loved their music…Unique…

638 can kiss Whitey's ass that trip is the trip to flo wit. I bet you listened until the end of your blunty captain country bah!

I'm 53 and used to listen to punk and post punk, I discovered the BB too late (yes I knew fight for your right, hey ladies and few more) buy Neverl listened to a full album. Then a couple of years ago, youtube suggested me to watch "sabotage live at Letterman show": pure energy!!! Now I have all their records and my 18 son often listen to them with me. Ciao MCA from Roma, Italy

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