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Behind The Designs Of Girl Skateboards

Behind The Designs Of Girl Skateboards

we have talked to Angela one of the creative minds behind pompe and girl statements this is the what I call the girl Wall of Fame and it just sort of shows the history of some of the different artists that worked here over the years here’s a series by Spike Jones from quite a while ago it was one of the founders ago yeah yeah spike Meagan Rick and Mike the four founders back in 93 and so on the graphic designer for Lakai limited were aware you know I’m the guy who drew the logo and the icon I mean this this work right here is a good example of how I work in general it seems like technology has let a lot of designers kind of dabble in other genres and me not approached before you know your ad you design a new photography an illustration it keeps the creative juices flowing if I had to guess I would say I’ve probably got about a hundred prob about a hundred boards it’s like art and skateboarding they go hand in hand it’s just there and it’s just I couldn’t see it any other way it’s creating these things I see that you use both like digital and basically through everything by hands as well right now I have a pretty good balance of I use technology when I need to I sort of view the computer in my scanner and my digital camera as another tool the same way I you know view silk-screening is appropriate for certain things or illustration or use it sort of type of pen or pencil on certain type of paper I take your picture where do you stand right here yeah it’s perfect now okay smile Wow one of my birthday’s my mom got me a Pentax k1000 it was the best manual camera of that era I was the kid with the camera shooting all my friends and roommates bands then all sudden they were can you design our 7-inch single or can you do our CD packaging and I was like yeah I can do it even though I had no idea how to do it I just knew that I wanted to know I like how things are working right now but everybody’s on email and now with aim and I chat you can the communication is amazing right now the technology has allowed me you know I could work I can I can work remotely I can work from home I can have my whole everything I do on the computer and is just in my backpack it’s really kind of hard to think about how it’s going to get better and better and better you


hey, Girl Company I notice a lot of your boards are made for pro league skaters. so I was wondering if I could give yall guys $1000 for a custom board. I can design it and can be 1 of a kind with all of your signatures. if so do contact me at [email protected] hope to hear from you soon -Bo

Hey anyone know where to find a list of the Girl /Chocolate deck shapes? They make like G50, G48, G51 etc etc. Anyone have an idea where to see the differences

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