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Beleuchtung/Light für/for Airwheel und Rockwheel

Beleuchtung/Light für/for Airwheel und Rockwheel

I show you how to put some lights in your Rockwheel and Airwheel X3, in two different ways first we take the Airwheel X3 this is a 3D-printed part the glue is not really beautiful, but you can do better 🙂 we have white 3,2 volt leds left and right in a chain configuration including a resistor its made for the battery with 67,2 volts direct connected to battery we use almost the whole voltage, without loosing much power backlight needs more leds, because red LEDs have only 2,0 volts its mounted from outside power is taken from charging port only two pins of three are connected left ist positive and right negative pole here you can switch it on and off the trick is, that one LED has a build in flashing, so it interrupts all LEDs in the chain you dont need an extra circuit switch the wire is going through two pin holes to open the handle a little bit, loose all 6 screws 3 screw on each site under that glue is one of the pin hols for the wire I drive the wheel in a absolutely dark basement you can see the lights very good the more professional work you can see here I put this cool switch in it easy to switch power is connected from inside the rest is the same but Rockwheel uses only 57,2 volts, means less LEDs It’s easy to open Rockwheel, under the rubber pads take out 3 screws left and 3 screws right you put the wire through pin holes under the LEDs in the shell in the shell, you can easily put the wires from one half to the other. on the mainboard you can connect your switch and LEDs to neg./pos. pole, ATTENTION! you will work on voltage, any short circuit can cause a terrible reaction Light is also very bright same for the back light Believe me, its really dark here, I will switch the lights of everythging dark! of course, there are a lot of accessories on the market, but my experience is, that everything will break now or later or you forget to take it with you my solution is very fix and nothing should break you will have your light always with you and you can carry your wheel without any problems you can order the 3D-parts on Shapeways (for Rockwheel or Airwheel) red LEDs: usual components, 2V, 20mA you need only one flashing LED White LEDs: ~3,2 V / 20mA, depends on type Socket is a 3-PIN microphone socket you can find them online, I tooked an angled type but I cut my socket and filled hot glue in it dont forget to use a resistor and calculate it (see my text) use as voltage the maximum voltage of battery this switch is expensive, but water proof and tough cheap and simple are those black switches, fitting in my 3D-model Good luck!


hello "great850" en anglais étape par étape comment installer les leds sur le rockwheel 16 V2 et ou les acheter s'il te plait ! merci d'avance

Hast du echt cool gemacht bald werde ich mir ein tolles Gerät bei dir bestellen du machst es echt prima danke dir 😈✌👍👍👍

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